Bundesliga 2 may only be the second-tier division of pro football in Germany, but in such a competitive football playing country, there’s still a high level of skill and athletic prowess at play in the league’s matches.

Formed in 1974, Bundesliga 2 is made up of 18 clubs in a single division. The high stakes for success or failure during the season–the top two teams at the end of the playoffs are promoted into the top tier of German football, while the bottom two teams are relegated to the 3rd division, 3. Liga–keeps the competition between clubs stiff and exciting. Finding a means to watch Bundesliga 2 matches outside of Germany can be difficult, but there are several means. For tips on how to stream or watch the league’s matches in your country, follow my advice below.

In the U.S.

Americans have two options for catching Bundesliga 2 matches in the US: Bwin and Fox Soccer Match Pass. Bwin is a popular website primarily specializing in sports betting and online gambling. The betting and gambling aspects of the site–while the main draw for visitors and members–have attracted scores of legal problems over the years, with many areas of the site being shut down, yet Bwin still offers live streaming of football games without any downloads or fees, including the odd Bundesliga 2 match. The legality of all of it is questionable, but its one means of streaming matches online.

The more reliable means of viewing Bundesliga 2 matches is signing up for Fox Soccer Match Pass, a standalone service that does not necessitate any sort of cable or satellite package. After the first free seven days, a membership costs either 19.99 a month or 139.99 annually. Matchpass allows you to livestream or watch on demand a number of Bundesliga 2 matches each season along with every Bundesliga 1 match, as well as matches from other top leagues from around the world.

In Canada

Sportsnet has exclusive rights to broadcast Bundesliga 2 matches in Canada on the channel Sportsnet World, which is available through a number of cable and satellite providers.

Canadian cord cutters can subscribe to the Sportsnet Now service for 24.99 a month in order to live stream matches on any device, or watch them on demand.

In the UK

BT Sport has exclusive rights to stream and broadcasts Bundesliga 2 matches in the UK. BT Sport is available through a number of cable or satellite providers, such as Sky TV and TalkTalk TV, or you can order BT Sport Online & On the Go in order to stream Bundesliga 2 content and a lot more on your laptop or mobile device. There is currently a promotion that allows you to get BT Sport online for 12 months free if you sign up for BT Broadband.

In Europe

In Germany and Austria, Bundesliga 2 matches are broadcast on Sky Deutschland and Eurosport. Just about every other country on the European continent has different networking broadcasting the league’s games, including beIN SPORTS in France and Movistar in Spain.

In Australia

Aussies looking to watch Bundesliga 2 matches live on television can find them exclusively on beIN SPORTS or through the mobile app, beIN SPORTS CONNECT. Unfortunately, compared to first division Bundesliga matches, not many of the second division games are broadcast each season

Due to its secondary status in the German football system, it can be difficult to catch Bundesliga 2 matches in many countries, and you’ll often be reduced to scouring the tv schedule of the one network in your region that broadcasts the occasional match.

One solution (if you are outside of the US or Germany) that will at least grant you access to more Bundesliga 2 content is to use a VPN (virtual private network) to anchor your connection to a United States server in order to bypass geoblocking (a term describing the laws that cut off those outside of a certain region or country from using a certain streaming service) and subscribe to Fox Soccer Match Pass which has a larger share of Bundesliga 2 matches and coverage.

Here are some quick steps for acquiring and installing a VPN client in order to complete this process:

  1. Decide on a decent VPN provider with unlimited bandwidth and reliable customer support. BulletVPN and ExpressVPN are good bets.
  2. Sign up through the site, download the VPN client on your chosen device, login, and choose a good server located in the US.
  3. Clear your browser’s cookies and history.
  4. While connected through your VPN, sign up for Fox Soccer Match Pass and you’ll be able to view Bundesliga 2 matches as they come.


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