Drawing some of the best football talent from within the UK and around the globe to play in its clubs, it’s no surprise that the Premier League is the most watched sports league in the world, and with just a few match days left, competition is ramping up, making it a great time to stream the climactic season-enders.

Owing to its worldwide popularity, there are many places online to stream the Premier League, depending on your location.

In the U.S.

In the US, NBC Sports has the exclusive rights to broadcast Premier League matches on television. For the most recent season, they introduced a paid subscription service called Premier League Pass as a part of their NBC Sports Gold Streaming Package. The 130 matches available to watch this season through the service are only 34% of the total matches played during the season, yet each club is guaranteed to have three of its games broadcast during the season, so for Americans–or anyone living in the US–Premier League Pass is your best bet. Due to the season being nearly over, NBC is offering a 60% off deal on PLP, which is available now for $19.99.

In addition to NBC Sports’ PLP, there are four other streaming options in the U.S. that, unlike that service, do not require a cable or satellite TV subscription: fuboTV, DIRECTV NOW, Playstation Vue, and Sling Blue.

In Canada

Canadians have great options for streaming EPL games or watching them on television, either live or on demand. TSN & Sportsnet are the two networks in Canada that share online & TV rights to Premier League matches. 

Sportsnet NOW is $24.99 a month and allows you to stream EPL matches (along with many other sports) without signing up for the network through a cable or satellite TV provider. With TSN, you must sign up through a service provider, yet their TSN GO app allows you to stream matches live from anywhere via your computer or mobile device.

In Latin America

Premier League matches are broadcast in a limited fashion in South America, and coverage is split up via several networks, including DIRECTV Sports, ESPN, and SKY Sports depending on the country.

In the UK

Unfortunately, no full Premier League matches are shown on UK television for free, you’ll always need to pay for something. The top option is Sky Sports, which broadcasts 126 matches during the season. To sign up for Sky Sports, you’ll need to buy the Sky channel for £20 monthly, and then you’ll have the option to shill out the extra £18 to tack Sky Sports onto your package.

Further options for UK denizens include Now TV, which allows customers to purchase a day pass or a week pass for those looking forward to a single match or without the budget to commit to a long-term contract, and BT Sport, which has rights to broadcast 42 live matches per season.

In Europe

European countries mostly have national networks with exclusive rights to broadcast Premier League games. In France, SFR Sport has the rights, while in Germany, DAZN broadcasts Premier League Games.

In Australia

The rights to the Premier League in Australia are owned by Optus Sport. Optus Sport can be expensive, at $80 a month for the home broadband package and $45 a month for the cheapest available mobile plan, yet they offer a 14-day free trial, as well as the option to stream every single match live.

Due to its worldwide popularity, it’s likely that you have decent in-country options for streaming your fill of Premier League matches no matter where you live. Yet, if you happen to find yourself in some far-flung part of the globe without a decent service available for streaming EPL matches, you may be able to sign up for a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service in order to remedy the issue.

A VPN will allow you to anchor your internet connection to a country of your choice that will allow you to subscribe to and access their streaming options while at the same time providing security by encrypting your traffic. For example, if you are in Mexico, a VPN will allow you a US-based IP address in order to sign up for Sling Blue or FuboTV.

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