Categoría Primera A–also known as Liga Águila due to its sponsorship deal with the beer of the same name–should be near the top of any diehard football fan’s watchlist. The league is considered the third best in South America, and one of the strongest around the world. In a nation as football-crazed as Colombia, a lot is on the line.

Domestically, Categoría Primera A is broadcast on two networks: two matches a round are shown on RCN Televisión, a broadcast network available to nearly everyone in the country, while eight matches each round are televised on Win Sports, a 24-hour sports channel available through most satellite and cable TV providers throughout Colombia.

Cord cutters are able to livestream Categoría Primera A matches on iOS and Android devices with the Win Sports Online app usable with a subscription to Win Sports Online for the price of $14.99 a month.

However, this service is only to those within Colombia; those outside of the country are geo-blocked…unless you utilize a VPN to sidestep this pesky annoyance (stay tuned for more on that later!).

Primera A fans in the US  have lucked out with the recent debut of iGOL, a subscription streaming service with support for iOS, Android, and multiple TV streaming platforms. For just $9.99 a month, users are able to live stream Primera A matches, as well as matches from a slew of the world’s best football leagues.

FuboTV ($19.99 for the first month, $44.99 a month thereafter) and beIN SPORTS CONNECT  ($18 a month) are also viable streaming options for US fans, however, their prices aren’t really competitive with iGOL.

In the UK, Europe, Australia, and Asia it can be much harder to find a streaming option for Colombia Categoría Primera A matches due to a focus on European and/or local football league coverage.

If you live in any of these places, your best bet is probably to use a VPN to anchor your internet connection to a US server in order to watch live Primera A matches through iGOL.

While US and Colombian football fans have it made in the shade with the wealth of streaming options available to them to watch Primera A matches, Colombian football enthusiasts on distant shores aren’t so lucky.

It isn’t as easy as signing up for iGOL from a remote location, as use of the service is restricted to those within US borders. Instead, people in this category must first obtain a VPN (virtual private network), a handy tool that will make it SEEM to streaming services (and everyone else) that you are surfing from a US-based connection (or whichever country you choose, based on the servers the provider has available).

As long as you have access to the internet, this solution will work anywhere on the globe.

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service (providers usually offer a considerable discount if you pay for a year in advance)
  2. Install the VPN client on your chosen streaming device.
  3. Using the client, connect to a server in the US (luckily, VPN providers typically have dozens of US-based servers to choose from)
  4. Clear your browser’s cache.
  5. Go to and register an account.
  6. Watch Colombia Categoría Primera A football to your heart’s content from anywhere in the world.

​In order to optimally stream live football matches, it’s best to choose a VPN known for high speeds (not all are!). Here are three with excellent reputations for speediness along with some of their notable features:


Our top pick!
  • Always evades internet control in the PRC
  • Keeps ahead of the Netflix VPN detection algorithm
  • Benchmark tests show excellent speed


  • More US city locations than its rivals
  • Includes malware protection
  • No-logs policy


  • Excellent client with pre-configured modes for streaming, P2P, privacy
  • Kill switch
  • Support for wide range of protocols, including OpenVPN