Perimeter 81 Review - 2022

Last Updated on January 4th, 2022

Perimeter 81 is an up-and-comer in the VPN industry. It has one of the best corporate VPN offerings, with tons of features that IT administrators will find helpful.

Why Choose Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 may be new to the VPN market, but it’s quickly building a name for itself. Perimeter 81 offers a cloud-based alternative to traditional VPNs that require companies to maintain physical servers for employees and vendors to securely access intranet resources.

Best VPN for

  • Netflix, Hulu, and streaming online
  • Torrenting and downloading
  • Security and privacy

Works on








  • Global server network in 35 locations means you can connect virtually anywhere
  • Several security options and configurations, including extras like a Kill Switch and Wi-Fi Protection
  • Zero Trust Network as a Service offers higher security and more flexibility than traditional corporate VPNs
  • Annual subscription of $8/month per team member is reasonably priced
  • Speed won’t be an issue with this VPN as it is close to the Internet speed without the VPN
  • Allows for two-factor authentication for increased security
  • Integrates with identity providers such as Google Suite, Okta, OneLogin, and Microsoft Azure Active Directory for improved user authentication


  • Unlike the Windows VPN client, the Mac client doesn’t support the PPT or IKEv2 VPN protocols.
  • For regular Small Business users, support via chat is replied by email, which can take anywhere between an hour and 24 hours.
  • They have servers in only a few countries, so ensure that they have servers that are local to you.

Pricing and Plans

As you’d expect from a VPN service, Perimeter 81 offers a lower price for annual subscribers than for monthly subscriptions. Their one-year plan costs $8 per month for each team member, plus an additional $40 monthly per dedicated gateway, which falls in line with most of its competitors. Monthly subscriptions will set you back $10/month. 

Perimeter 81 also offers Enterprise plans for larger companies, which includes 24/7 VIP support, volume discounts, Activity API, and custom configuration. You can get a quote for Enterprise rates by reaching out to them via their website.

What Perimeter 81 Provides

Perimeter 81 offers a Zero Trust Network as a Service platform that is aimed at corporate customers. It utilizes the Software-Defined Parameter model, which offers greater flexibility and better network visibility than hardware-based legacy VPNs. It also allows for seamless onboarding and full integration with major cloud providers. 

In addition, Perimeter 81 offers dedicated gateways, fast and easy gateway deployment and user and role management. You can audit activity and see reports for various activities such as deploying or deleting gateways. It has several easy-to-use apps, Wi-Fi Security, Single Sign-On capabilities and two-factor authentication for additional security.

As a system administrator, Perimeter 81 allows you to create multiple gateways (called networks on the site), with 35 different location options to choose from. 

Perimeter 81 - Long Review, Image 1

Multiple servers can be created in the same location, or in various locations around the world. It is currently possible to create private servers in various US locations, Toronto, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Bangalore, Paris, Sydney, and Tokyo.

The VPN app offers almost all of the common VPN features, including two tunneling protocols (IKEv2, OpenVPN). 

Also included in the cost of service is Automatic Wi-Fi security, a VPN Kill Switch, and a built-in speed test. The VPN Kill Switch is particularly handy for online privacy as it stops all Internet traffic if the Perimeter 81 application stops unexpectedly. 

Perimeter 81 - Long Review, Image 2

Speed and Security Tests

Even if your VPN is fully loaded with features, speed is still an essential part of the user experience. Once I got Perimeter 81 set up and ready to go, I went to to do a simple before and after speed test. 

These were my results before:

Perimeter 81 - Long Review, Image 3

And after:

Perimeter 81 - Long Review, Image 4

And on, everything worked as intended:

Perimeter 81 - Long Review, Image 5

As far as security goes, our testing revealed no issues. A test on showed our IP was masked correctly:

Perimeter 81 - Long Review, Image 6

Security and Privacy Features

A lot of data is logged by Perimeter 81, which might be great for the administrators, but not-so-great for end users who are looking to conceal their online footprint. Logged information includes admin actions and team member actions.

Perimeter 81also records all admin actions such as inviting new members, deleting existing team members, and changing team permissions. These are standard logs for corporate usage and are essential for most business VPN administrators. 

Team member actions that are recorded include connections and login timestamps, login success and errors, device location, and the server that the end user is connected to. 

The main reason for using a corporate VPN is to ensure security. Perimeter 81 uses the OpenVPN encryption protocol with an AES-256 cipher and SHA256 hash authentication. Its control channel consists of an AES-256 cipher with RSA-2048 TLS handshake encryption and SHA-256 authentication.

For added security, it uses Perfect forward secrecy (PFS) enabled by DH-4096 Diffie-Hellman key exchange. PFS means the VPN automatically and frequently changes the keys it uses to encrypt and decrypt information so that if the latest key is compromised, it will only expose a small portion of the user's sensitive data.

Final Thoughts

Perimeter 81 allows administrators to assign granular access permissions to user groups and individual employees. It also allows users to be grouped easily on the basis of multiple factors like browser use and teams. Logs of administrator actions and some user actions are maintained, which is essential for maintenance and operations.

Having said that, Perimeter 81 probably isn’t the best fit for casual users who are looking for a VPN to enable torrenting or streaming. If you’re looking for a VPN to secure your entertainment or browsing, take a look at some of our other highly recommended VPNs.

Alex Grant