With a long tradition of professional football, it’s no wonder that Austrians are passionate fans. Sometimes they get carried away, though, landing their favorite team in for a hefty fine (I’m looking at you, Rapid Vienna hotheads). But that only proves that self-poised, opera-loving, and ever-neutral Austrians aren’t as cold-blooded as they seem and genuinely love football in all its glory – and occasional gore.

 Österreichische Fußball-Bundesliga is currently running its 106th season, bringing into the spotlight Red Bull Salzburg, Sturm Graz, Admira Wacker Modling, and Rapid Vienna – some of the oldest European clubs with a massive fan base all over Europe. There are always fierce, exciting, and spectacular matches for the Über-popular domestic title, and you don’t want to miss any of them.

The catch with streaming Austrian Bundesliga, aka Tipico Bundesliga, and any other sports for that matter, is only a select few providers have the license to stream it.

Each broadcasting company must buy a license to stream each specific sports event for every country where it wants to broadcast it. As far as the Austrian Football Bundesliga is concerned, most broadcasters buy a license to stream it in Austria and Germany.

It means you can only stream Austrian Football Bundesliga with a licensed broadcaster while being in Austria or Germany. Even if you have a paid subscription, you lose your rights to stream Tipico Bundesliga the moment you step on a foreign soil, even within the EU borders.

Streaming services recognize your physical location based on your IP address. In this case, it doesn’t matter if you have an Austrian subscription. You still can’t stream Tipica Bundesliga from outside Austria.

A Virtual Private Network allows you to fake your IP address and appear as if coming from Austria. That way, your streaming service sees you as coming from Austria and opens the geo-locked content repositories for you to stream.

Also, since a VPN encrypts your traffic, it is the simplest way of protecting your Internet activities from surveillance of your Internet Service Provider (ISP), hackers, governments, and snooping data brokers.

A VPN is also necessary from the perspective of the legality of some of your online activities. Streaming Premier League with Kodi, for example, is considered illegal in the UK. In general, the EU is cracking down on sports streaming that involves bypassing geo-blocks. In the UK, ISPs can be compelled to report Kodi box users to authorities. So if you are an avid sports fan, you need a VPN to protect yourself from the snooping ISPs more than anything else.

The easiest way to live stream the Austrian Football Bundesliga online is via LaOla1.TV. You need an account with them, but you can stream your favorite sports for free. If you want HD streaming options and other perks, you can switch to a paid subscription. 

The bad news is Austrian Football Bundesliga via LaOla1.TV is only available in Austria and Germany. The good news is you can use a VPN to switch your IP address, spoof into Austria, and stream Tipico Bundesliga from anywhere in the world.

Besides the Austrian Football Bundesliga, LaOla1 streams the Austrian Erste Liga and Ice Hockey League (Erste Bank Eishockey Liga), Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Copa del Rey and Copa Italiana, Russian Super League and Super Cup, and a laundry list of other European tournaments.

Sky is also licensed to broadcast the Austrian Football Bundesliga Season 2018/19 and four seasons after it. Sky acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to broadcast the Austrian Football Bundesliga and is planning on showing all matches live on satellite, cable, mobile, IPTV, and OTT starting next season.

  1. Get a VPN subscription with one of the providers listed below.
  2. Install a VPN client on your device and log in.
  3. Choose a server in Austria or Germany and hit “Connect.”
  4. Open a clean version of your browser (clean means with cleared cache and flushed DNS).
  5. Open your streaming service (LaOla1, Bwin, Sky, or other) in a new tab and begin streaming.
  • You can stream the Austrian Bundesliga from pretty much any device – Windows PC, Mac, Android smartphones and tablets, as well as iPhones and iPads.
  • You can also set up your Kodi to stream the Austrian Bundesliga with the help of the LaOla1 add-on.

The providers on my list of VPNs for unblocking Austrian Football Bundesliga have a great to decent server coverage of Austria and Germany while offering fast speeds apt for HD streaming. Most are compatible with Kodi, too.

Note that monthly subscriptions tend to be significantly more expensive than biannual or annual plans with most VPNs. Your best bet would be to try a one-month subscription covered by a refund policy to ensure your VPN grants you unfettered access to Austrian Football Bundesliga streams.

It’s also a good idea to run tests for DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leaks in your browser with VPN enabled before committing to a long-term subscription to make sure your VPN does not leak your real location details.


  • More US city locations than its rivals
  • Includes malware protection
  • No-logs policy

CyberGhost VPN

  • Precise locations
  • Very large VPN server network
  • Offers a 45-day money-back guarantee


  • Excellent client with pre-configured modes for streaming, P2P, privacy
  • Kill switch
  • Support for wide range of protocols, including OpenVPN


  • No limit on the number of devices you can connect at the same time
  • SOCKS5 proxy, which its main rivals don’t have
  • More VPN servers in more US cities to dodge blackouts


  • Golden Frog, the business behind VyprVPN also runs a gaming platform
  • VyprVPN pioneered obfuscation techniques and they have always worked well
  • VyprVPN’s no logs policy is confirmed by an independent audit