In the U.S., the national coverage of the Stanley Cup Finals is available on Versus, NBCSN, Telemundo Deportes, and NHL.TV as well as with a wealth of local broadcasters.

Additionally, subscription-based DirecTV Now, FuboTV, SlingTV, YouTubeTV, PlayStation Vue, and Hulu Live TV offer NBC Sports coverage.

In Canada, Rogers Media and its subscription-based service Rogers NHL GameCenter stream the games online. CBC Television, City, FX Canada, Sportsnet channels, and TVA Sports (with French commentary) have split rights to air the matches. Sportsnet Now offers live streams and doesn’t require a TV subscription – you can sign up for a streaming-only package. But your best shot at watching the games for free online would be the CBC Live Streaming web portal.

In the UK, Premier Sports and FreeSports show NHL ice hockey. But Premier Sports airs the Stanley Cup Finals with a 24-hour delay. FreeSports is a UK-only free streaming service and its coverage of the league is limited.

NHL.TV offers full game archives from the previous season’s playoffs and the regular season to U.S. viewers. International viewers can stream select out-of-market games live and on-demand replays, but blackouts apply.


If you intend to stream the Stanley Cup Finals via NHL TV or NHL Premium, it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with its Blackout Detector.

NHL.TV blackouts mostly affect cities where the current game is available on television. A full-length replay will be available in the NHL.TV game archive with a 48-hours delay. When you travel, blackouts apply based on where you are according to your IP address instead of where you initially subscribed.

In the US, all Stanley Cup Final games will be televised nationally so NHL.TV blackouts apply heavily. If you are an international subscriber, blackouts apply to games broadcast by NHL partners in your area.

NHL is the world’s biggest ice hockey league with an immense fan base outside the US and Canada. China, Russia, Scandinavia, and Europe have a keen interest in the sport. Moreover, many US and Canadian expats all over the world are on the search for high-quality live coverage of the NHL games, especially the Stanley Cup Finals. Although some of these countries offer partial coverage, it’s often limited to a handful of games.

So the US and Canadian broadcasters offer the best coverage. But the catch with NHL – as with all major sports leagues – is it sells the broadcasting rights to companies by country or region. All licensed broadcasters must geo-restrict access to their streams.

This means you need to be in Canada to stream with CBC Live or in the U.S. to use your NBC subscription. And with blackouts, many NHL.TV Premium subscribers have to wait for the replays.

A Virtual Private Network helps you evade this geo-block by changing your IP address and emulating your location in the US or Canada. With a Canadian IP address, you can stream the Stanley Cup Finals live. The good news is you don’t need a TV license.

Likewise, if you are an NHL.TV subscriber in a blacked-out region, connect to a VPN server in one of the approved areas, and watch your NHL games live.VPNs bundle significant benefits aside from unblocking sports streaming sites:

  • Privacy – a VPN encrypts your data, so your Internet Service Provider can not see what you’re up to online. Also, websites you visit only identify your VPN IP address, and not your real location or identity.
  • Security – due to the VPN encryption, your data is undecipherable to hackers setting up honeypots on public WiFi.
  • Firewall and censorship evasion – geo-block evasion goes beyond unblocking sports streaming sites and Netflix. A VPN lets you bypass your school and office firewalls as well as censorship blocks imposed by your government.
  1. First, decide on the streaming service you’re going to use to watch the Stanley Cup Finals online.
  2. Based on your streamer’s region, choose a VPN with ample server coverage of that area.
  3. Subscribe to the VPN and install its program on your device. Log in using your account credentials.
  4. Find the list of servers and connect to a server hosted in the area where your live stream is available.
  5. Delete your browser’s cache and launch a clean instance of it.
  6. Go to your streaming service and watch the Stanley Cup Finals live.

If you have a cable subscription with one of the official broadcasters but are currently abroad, just choose a VPN server in your home country. Don’t forget to check for the blackouts if you are an NHL.TV subscriber.

Tip: if you have no subscription whatsoever and are outside of the regions where national and local broadcasters air the games, just connect to any Canadian VPN server and stream the Stanley Cup Finals with CBC.

Tip: if you plan to use a VPN only during the period covered by its money-back guarantee, make sure you read your provider’s refund policy carefully – it could come with data limitations.


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