Eerste Divisie, aka Keuken Kampioen Divisie (for sponsorship reasons), was founded in 1956 and has a massive fan base in the Netherlands and across Europe.

You are going to need a subscription with Fox Sports Eredivisie. The broadcasting giant is licensed to transmit all Eerste Divisie matches on LIVE 1 (channel 421 at Ziggo). Airing Jupiler League matches on Fridays (20.00) and Mondays (20.00), Fox Sports Eredivisie also offers pay-per-view matches so that you can catch up on the missed games any time.

You can also stream Eerste Divisie with your Fox Sports Eredivisie subscription via streaming platform. Alternatively, highlights are available via a Dutch commercial channel Veronica, which you can also stream via ZiggoGo online.

The problem is you need to be in the Netherlands to be able to use your Fox Sports Eredivisie subscription and stream Eerste Divisie matches.

All sports events are subject to stringent copyright licensing when it comes to broadcasting. So each broadcasting company – Fox Sports Eredivisie in this case – must purchase a standalone license for each country where it wants to air Eerste Divisie matches. Since Eerste Divisie is the second-highest league in Holland, Fox Sports Eredivisie considered it feasible to buy the broadcasting rights only to stream the Jupiler League domestically.

This creates an aggravating conundrum for any Fox Sports Eredivisie subscriber traveling outside the Netherlands. You see, even if you have your premium subscription paid upfront, you still get locked out of your Eerste Divisie streaming the moment you set foot on foreign land, even within the EU.Fox Sports Eredivisie knows you are abroad because you visit it from a foreign Internet protocol (IP) address. You can only access bare-bones score tables and news, but streaming matches is a no-go with a foreign IP address.

The good news is you can easily switch your IP address with a Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a service that routes your Internet traffic through its servers. When you connect to a VPN server based in the Netherlands, you obtain a Dutch IP address and unblock that Eerste Divisie streaming service. Voilá.VPNs offer additional cybersecurity benefits:

  • Privacy: Being a part of the EU, the Netherlands has to abide by the EU Data Retention Directive (DRD), which is extremely invasive, making online privacy a far-fetched dream for Dutch netizens. Top that off with the NSA’s international surveillance program, The Fourteen Eyes, and you get why Edward Snowden dubbed the nation as “the Surveillance Kings of Europe.” If you want some privacy online when accessing Dutch streaming services, consider using a VPN. By encrypting your traffic, a VPN hides it from your snooping Internet Service Providers and spy agencies.
  • Cybersecurity: Since a VPN encrypts your traffic, you get an additional layer of protection for your confidential files and financial credentials – all that treasure trove of data targeted by hackers, especially on public WiFi networks.
  • Access: With a VPN, you can browse the Internet with any IP address – Dutch, American, British, French, you name it. Consider the benefits of such flexibility – you can access the U.S. repositories of Steam, iTunes, or Netflix, stream BBC iPlayer, and all your favorite sports events.

Entertainment aside, a VPN allows you to browse the Internet freely, bypassing your school or office firewalls.

  1. Provided you have a subscription to Fox Sports Eredivisie, all you need is a VPN connection
  2. Subscribe to a VPN service (see the list of providers below for highlights)
  3. Download and install VPN software on your device. It can be a Windows or Mac computer, Android or iOS mobile device, or even a Windows Phone or a Linux desktop computer. Just make sure you choose a VPN that supports your operating system.
  4. Use your VPN user credentials to log in to your VPN program
  5. Choose a VPN server based in the Netherlands and connect
  6. Launch a clean version of your browser, with DNS and cache cleared
  7. Go to Fox Sports Eredivisie or Ziggo Go streaming platform – you should be able to stream Eerste Divisie now

When vetting VPNs, it’s a good idea to run a few security checks for DNS leaks. Also, bear in mind that long-term subscriptions are temptingly cheaper than monthly, but your best bet would be to try a short-term plan first and make sure the VPN works for you and provides all the necessary bells and whistles.


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