RoboForm Review - 2022

Last Updated on May 18th, 2022

Today's technology can be complicated. That is particularly true for people on numerous social media sites, who have several business sites, emails, and different banking accounts. Even those with just four or five online accounts may find it difficult to remember a password. 

That's where RoboForm works for online users. This 20-year-old Virgina company provides customers with a password manager that keeps your passwords protected and easily retrievable - all in one place. 

Customers using RoboForm log into any of their secured accounts with one tap. Besides being super convenient, this saves time because online users no longer need to enter billing or personal information thanks to auto form filling options.

Why Choose RoboForm

RoboForm can be used on virtually any device as it's available for Mac, Windows, Android and Apple iOS. It has support for all the different larger web browsers too, which includes Microsoft Edge. 

No one wants to forget a password. Most websites have such tight security protocols that it becomes nearly impossible to get to an account or retrieve a lost password. Retrieving a password or calling customer service to gain access to an account takes time. Time lost could be money or productivity lost.

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  • The price. It is one of the most affordable companies with these services on the market.
  • The reliability of RoboForm is unmatched, which is why people stay with this company for decades. 
  • Ease of use. This product is incredibly easy to use and requires no special training. 
  • Total security. Features like creating a strong, unique password and the encryption for all data make RoboForm a trustworthy company. 


  • It is difficult to move between two separate RoboForm accounts on the same computer or single device.
  • The RoboForm free version doesn't offer much in customer service. 

How is RoboForm different from other sites?

There are other password managers out there, like 1Password, KeePass, LastPass, and Dashlane, but RoboForm is distinctive from other password security companies in three ways. 

Those include:

  • The ability to create passwords that are unique and strong.

  • The ability to share logins through a security center.

  • Implementation of two-factor authentication access to accounts along with AES-256 bit encryption joined with PBKDF2 SHA-256.

Using RoboForm is much similar to how other similar sites operate. There are three steps to creating fast, secure password use. 

  1. Customers create an account by adding an email address and creating a master password. This is the password that is responsible for securing all data. This is the only password customers will ever need to remember once they sign up. 

  2.  Customers then add all their other passwords from all accounts. This can be done manually or by importing them. Passwords can be transferred from another password managing product, a CSV file or a browser. Now, passwords will be saved by RoboForm to each online account every time an account is accessed.

  3. A single tap gets RoboForm customers into any of their accounts at any time on the phone or computer. Customers may need major browser extensions, but that is all that may need to be added in order to never lose another password ever again.

Who is RoboForm best for?

RoboForm works well for anyone who has multiple online accounts with various passwords. However, it is especially helpful to those who manage multiple websites, bank accounts, and online media sites. This can be used for both personal and business use. 

It would be particularly useful to social media managers who must work on multiple customers' accounts daily. 

RoboForm users say affordability makes the service accessible to everyone, no matter how people use online accounts. One of the best things about this company that isn't always available elsewhere is it offers both individual and family accounts. This makes it the right choice for those with several people needing web access.

What features do customers enjoy?

Numerous features exist with RoboForm that customers love. One of the best features is the ability to create stronger passwords, which is incredibly beneficial to those doing financial transactions and other business online. 

RoboForm has a password generator that can create a unique, strong password for every site visited. This means customers no longer must use duplicate passwords in order to remember them or use weak passwords to make getting online easier. 

Customers can also capture passwords while browsing with RoboForm. This unique feature allows its customers to move along the web with RoboForm automatically saving passwords. There isn't any additional work required to access this feature.

One security feature that the RoboForm password manager has is to sync up passwords with all a customer's browsers and devices, from an iPhone to a desktop app. The Everywhere secure cloud backup is ideal for protecting and syncing passwords. 

Offline access is another feature customers find helpful. RoboForm data is accessible on all desktop and mobile devices while offline. There is also an option for local storage on both the mobile and desktop versions.

Two other neat features are bookmarks and contacts. RoboForm organizes bookmarks to access quickly across all of a customer's browsers and electronic devices. That means a RoboForm customer can switch computers to a different browser, like Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome, and still have access to all their passwords. 

RoboForm also maintains all contacts, along with their information, in one spot. That makes them super easy to find and access.

Business features

This company offers a series of expanded features for businesses, as businesses may have many employees and need something more than personal customers. RoboForm's features are embedded into a password cycle's critical points. It offers security on all levels because it replaces other unsafe password saving and secure sharing methods with one encrypted method.

Employees don't need extra training with RoboForm and the interface is easy to use.

There are some additional business features with RoboForm people should notice. People can place passwords in ways they find useful. Businesses can create shared folders to separate work and personal passwords, which creates a seamless password retrieval system. 

RoboForm also has an emergency access feature for businesses. This is used when an employee becomes incapacitated or loses access to their account.

How much does RoboForm cost?

As one of the best password managers available, RoboForm is also known for its low cost.  Anyone can start with a free account on RoboForm. It is not a free trial, but a totally free password manager. The free version offers:

  • Unlimited logins

  • Autofill forms

  • Conducts a password audit

  • Contains a password generator to develop strong new passwords  

This is a good account with basic functionality that serves those with a few online accounts well. It has the same encryption standards and password accessibility as the paid accounts. 

The RoboForm Everywhere Account for individuals is $1.99 a month. It includes:

  • Data backup

  • Cross access on every device

  • Secured logins

  • Password sharing

  • Round the clock customer support

The family plan offered by RoboForm is only $3.98 a month and it offers up to five Everywhere accounts with all the features listed in the individual plan. Customers can pay with a credit card.  

There is also a business trial offer that gives users access to RoboForm services for free for 14 days. Customers can cancel at any time. With the business licensing, business owners pay for only what they use. There are multi-year and volume discounts and RoboForm's business licenses are sold as an annual subscription.

Does RoboForm have customer support?

It offers customer service support for paying customers, but limited support for its free customers. Individuals and families get premium 24/7 support. Free customers have access to online chat and other web forms of limited support. 

Business customers get top-rated customer support. The same premium support goes to businesses at all levels and no one pays any more to access it. Business users, managers, and administrators can talk to RoboForm customer support over the phone, though online chat and intuitive support content. 

RoboForm has been reviewed by numerous consumer reviewers as well as tech experts. The consensus is that RoboForm is a good company with decent services. Its user interface is efficient when saving passwords on a desktop. The mobile app is a bit more challenging. 

While some say it doesn't always compare with larger password managing companies, it is effective and is one of the most affordable. That makes it well worth the time and money to do business with RoboForm. 

Alex Grant