Of the myriad athletic competitions held each year across the world, the Crossfit Games separate themselves from the pack with one unique rule: the athletes do not know the exact nature of the events they’ll be participating in until days or even hours prior to their start. This makes the Crossfit Games a delight for fans and participants, alike.

CBS Sports is the U.S. broadcast partner of the Crossfit Games. On television, coverage will be divided between regular old CBS and CBS Sports Network, available through most cable and satellite providers, as well as Hulu and Youtube TV.

Where to stream the Crossfit Games online in the U.S.

Those that have sworn off traditional means of watching television are in luck, as end-to-end coverage of every event of the Crossfit Games Championships will be streamed live online at CBSSports.com and the official Crossfit Games webpage.

In 2017, start-to-finish coverage of all of the events was also streamed live on the Crossfit Games Facebook page. Due to the success of this venture, more games will be streamed on the site, as well.

Sports fans that prefer to catch the games on-the-go can also find equally comprehensive coverage of the competition on the CBS Sports app available for Android and iOS (and Roku, Apple TV, etc). The app allows you to stream CBS Sports events live, play fantasy sports, and check up-to-date scores and standings of every sport.

How to stream the Crossfit Games from around the world

A list of overseas television broadcast partners for the Championships has yet to be released, however, you can check this extensive 2019 list of networks by country on the official Crossfit Games website for a hint on which network will be airing events on tv in your country.

Luckily for cord cutters around the world, the official Crossfit Games website and Facebook online streams are to be made available across the globe.

While the official Crossfit and Facebook streams are supposedly accessible to fans around the world–in theory–the reality can be much different, depending on where you live.

Streaming on CBS Sports is geo-blocked in certain countries, so for many, it isn’t an option.

As far as Facebook goes, many fans across the globe have trouble streaming video from the website, finding it spotty and prone to glitches and freezing. Additionally, the site is completely blocked in China and Iran, while other countries partially restrict access.

Further still, bandwidth throttling by an internet service provider can affect everybody’s streaming speed, limiting your ability to live stream coverage of the Crossfit Games or render you unable to view it, entirely.

To bypass this problem, or for those in Iran or China hoping to view the events on Facebook, the solution is to acquire a VPN (virtual private network).

A VPN allows you to:

  • Shield your web browsing, gaming, and streaming from your ISP, inhibiting their ability to throttle your bandwidth.
  • Circumvent censoring and blocking of websites, whether the blocking is being done by the government, your place of employment, your school, or otherwise.
  • Log on to public WiFi networks without the fear of your private information and data being hacked due to advanced data encryption.
  1. Purchase a subscription from a reliable VPN provider.
  2. Download and install their client on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.
  3. Connect to a server (If you are in Iran or China, and wish to unblock Facebook, choose any out-of-country server. If you need to bypass a work/school firewall or avoid bandwidth throttling, any server will do.)
  4. Clear your browser’s cache.
  5. Head over to the Crossfit Games website or their Facebook page, and stream the events live without issue

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