Set in 1950s Britain, My Policeman (2022) is a brilliantly told story about breaking convention. The romance drama film follows the policeman Tom Burgess (Harry Styles) and how he deals with the laws and perceptions of the gay community during the time.

Tom must navigate a painful love triangle, including schoolteacher Marion (Emma Corrin) and museum curator Patrick (David Dawson).

Where can I stream ‘My Policeman’?

The film My Policeman will exclusively stream on Amazon Prime Video on November 4, 2022.

Prime Video works on most smart devices.

Watching My Policeman from anywhere globally is easy when using a consistent and trusted virtual private network (VPN) provider.

Benefits of using a VPN to watch My Policeman

My Policeman is only available to stream on Prime Video. Amazon uses geo-blocking to restrict access to film outside of the US. The restricted access is because of copyright licensing laws that many broadcasters must use to localize content streaming to certain countries and regions.

The country-specific restrictions limit access to only those in the US. If you see the error message ‘This title is unavailable in your location,’ the movie My Policeman has been geo-blocked.

You will need to invest in a reliable VPN to access any restricted content. Once you’ve downloaded the software, you will install the software to change the Prime Video country/region so you can enjoy the film.

A VPN is meant to hide the IP address of the person accessing the site. A virtual private network will connect you to a server in the United States with full access to Prime Video on its release date.

Adding a VPN to your home network provides an additional layer of protection and privacy so bad actors can’t intercept your data and use it for nefarious purposes.

One of the number one reasons why users invest in a competent VPN is so that they can access geo-blocked content like My Policeman.

What to look for in a VPN

The market is full of VPNs – both free and paid. It makes the process of choosing a VPN an overwhelming one.

The most vital thing you will look for in a VPN is that it is a reliable way to maintain privacy and security while browsing, shopping, and banking online.

It is common for VPN providers to disclose upfront all of the benefits but none of the drawbacks. A VPN may work fine to stream My Policeman, but what else does it offer?

Bandwidth and performance

You are in the middle of streaming content on Amazon Prime Video, and it starts to buffer mid-scene. In some cases, it is not you; it is the VPN.

Some VPNs, especially free services, will cap your internet usage, which slows down your connection significantly. Depending on your needs, you will need versatile speed options.

You want a VPN with high-quality bandwidth and performance speed, especially if fast streaming is the top priority.


The price of a VPN plays a huge factor, especially for the casual streamer. In some cases, it seems that free may be the way to go. However, many free VPNs do not have the security and privacy protections as those that require an investment.

The only real advantage of a free VPN is that you are not paying a subscription. One of the ways a free VPN provider cuts costs is by capping bandwidth and offering no features.

Additional devices

The last thing you want is to subscribe to multiple VPNs to stream Prime Video on different devices. A quality VPN will allow users to download and install software on multiple devices.

Sometimes, you aren’t the only person in your family or group using the VPN. Most providers put a cap on how many devices can use the VPN simultaneously, which is around five.

You will also want to check the list of supported devices to ensure that you can download and install them on the devices you need.

Privacy and security

The most secure virtual private networks keep your browsing history private and give you security while on your public WiFi.

VPN providers will log information and store it for a period of time. In some countries, the government can lawfully request the data be turned over.

If you are concerned about logs, you can check the privacy policy to find out what records they maintain and how long they maintain them.

You want a VPN that guarantees safety, including easy-to-understand no-logs and anonymity policies.

Ease of use

It does not require a tech degree to stream My Policeman. A reliable VPN will be intuitive and hassle-free without you having to compromise on features.

A VPN should not take more than one or two minutes to access. If it takes longer than that, you may consider a more competent VPN.

Steps on how to install a VPN to watch My Policeman

You must take specific actions when installing a VPN to enjoy the film My Policeman on Prime Video.

Step 1 – Purchase the subscription

The first step towards watching your favorite tv shows on Prime Video is researching and purchasing a subscription to a virtual private network provider.

Step 2 – Download and install the new VPN software

Next, download and install the chosen VPN software to enjoy the film, My Policeman.

Most VPN services will allow you to use the same VPN software on multiple devices.

Step 3 – Open the VPN app

Before you can open the VPN app, it will request that you set your login details.

Step 4 – Connect to a US server

Lastly, connect to a US server so you can stream My Policeman on Amazon Prime Video from anywhere in the world.

Best VPN service providers

Remember that not all VPNs offer the same safety, features, and benefits.


Our top pick!
  • Always evades internet control in the PRC
  • Keeps ahead of the Netflix VPN detection algorithm
  • Benchmark tests show excellent speed

ExpressVPN is a competent and consistent VPN service with servers in 94 countries and 3000+ US servers. It makes it easy to watch My Policeman the moment it comes out on November 4.

ExpressVPN uses Smart DNS technology to unblock content for geo-blocked countries so they can enjoy streaming their favorite shows on providers like AppleTV, Netflix, and Prime Video.


  • Smart DNS service, understands the technology
  • Comprehensive security add-on package.
  • No data throughput limits and has a no-logs policy

If you’re looking for a top-notch VPN solution, Surfshark provides quality service with over 3200 global servers in over 100 countries.

With dedicated servers in 25 US cities, Surfshark is a quality choice to watch The Policeman.

Surfshark has excellent geo-restriction capabilities and is budget-friendly even for the casual streamer. And you can use it on multiple devices simultaneously, and you have no bandwidth limits.


  • More US city locations than its rivals
  • Includes malware protection
  • No-logs policy

With 5500 servers in 59 countries, NordVPN is one of the most trusted VPN services. On top of that, the quality VPN provider has an additional 1950 servers in 15 cities in just the United States.

NordVPN is a recommended provider to stream My Policeman to Prime Video because of its seamless geo-restriction capabilities.


Who is in the film My Policeman?

Right off of the success of Don’t Worry Darling, Popstar Henry Styles beautifully portrays a gay man in the new movie My Policeman.

Leading man Styles is joined by costars David Dawson, Emma Corrin, Rupert Everett, Linus Roache, and Gina McKee.

Who directs My Policeman?

Tony Award-winning Michael Grandage directs the romance drama, My Policeman. The new film is written by Ron Nyswaner and based on a screenplay by Bethan Roberts.

Can I use a VPN on Prime Video?

You will need a VPN to unblock Amazon Prime Video with country-specific geo-restrictions. It provides a way to safely replace your IP address so it can appear in the US.

Which VPN provider is best for Prime Video?

NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN are the most trusted VPN providers. When you go with a reliable service, you can watch My Policeman from anywhere in the world.

What is the runtime of My Policeman?

My Policeman is a romantic drama that lasts 1h53m. The movie isn’t available in cinemas.

Where does My Policeman take place?

The film takes place in 1950s Britain. Brighton and Sussex are the major cities where Tom must navigate life in a love triangle.

What is Smart DNS?

Geo-blocking is how streaming services lockout viewers from certain countries. It happens especially when a film is first released.

SmartDNS technology spoofs a location that unblocks streaming services like Prime Video.

VPNs that use SmartDNS divert information to servers within the United States. It does not encrypt information for privacy, but it is the best way to fool a streaming service into letting you watch My Policeman on Prime Video.