How to Watch the J3 League from Anywhere in the World

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The sixth season of J3, or the Meiji Yasuda J3 League, has recently revved up. Being the third division of the J League, J3 is a relatively new tournament. Its winners get the Emperor’s Cup and promotion to J2. Last season, Tochigi SC were promoted to J2 despite ranking second. The champion Blaubitz Akita became the first club to not gain promotion to L2 after winning the championship due to their lacking license to play upper-tier football. While J3 consistently delivers quality football, licensing issues are its major predicament – for some football clubs and fans looking to live-stream J3 outside of Japan.

Screenshot: JLeague

Where to Stream the J3 League Online

With games full of suspense, J3 has a massive following in and outside of Japan. However, streaming J3 is easier said than done if you are abroad.

The sole usurper of J3 streaming coverage is DAZN. It may be dubbed as the “Netflix of sports,” but DAZN can be aggravating when it comes to J3.

DAZN is available in Austria, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and Canada. According to its Wiki page, the J3 live streams and on-demand replays should be available across its network in all of these countries. But numerous DAZN users report otherwise. Some say J3 is only available via DAZN Japan while others say it’s accessible from Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

Either way, if you have a DAZN account in one of those countries, it’s worth a try. If you don’t, take advantage of DAZN’s one-month free trial to see how it goes for you. It’s $15/mo afterward.

The only reasonable alternative to stream J3 live without a DAZN account is via Bet365. It streams all the J League matches. You are going to need a deposited account with them, but streaming per se is free for registered users. Also, you are not required to spend your deposit on betting. It’s a UK-based provider offering services in 200 countries if Wikipedia is anything to go by. But, if you want to place a bet, remember that Bet365 can deny payment to winning players (when super-hefty amounts are involved). You’ve been warned.

Finally, there are several unofficial Vaughnlive.TV channels that stream J League matches, including J3 – DAN-MITSU, A-BLOOMER, and IN-FIGHT.

Screenshot: DAZN Wikipedia Page

Why Use a VPN to Stream the J3 League ​

Remember when I said DAZN could be aggravating? Here is why. First of all, local blackouts apply for J3 matches. Even a premium subscription does not guarantee you can live-stream the entirety of the championship with DAZN.

The next bad news is DAZN is only available in a handful of countries and its European editions may – or may not – stream J3. User feedback suggests DAZN support is clueless about which regional DAZN editions are supposed to cover J3.

As a result, thousands of Japanese expats, exchange students, vacationers, and digital nomads are locked out of their premium streams.

Enter VPN. A Virtual Private Network is an online service that hosts VPN servers across the world. When you connect to a VPN server in, say, Japan, it assigns you a Japanese IP address. From now on, you browse the Internet as a regular user based in Japan. As a result:

  • You can access your DAZN J3 live streams with a Japanese IP address – from anywhere in the world.
  • If you are in Japan, you can spoof into your neighboring city unaffected by the J3 streaming blackouts, and watch all the matches live.
  • You can travel the world, enjoy your vacation, work or study abroad and still use your Japanese DAZN subscription.

Another issue with DAZN is it has put in place draconian VPN blocks. It blacklists whole ranges of IPs when it identifies them as coming from VPN servers. So you are going to need a VPN provider that keeps a low profile and bypasses DAZN’s VPN police.

As if the above doesn’t sound complicated enough, DAZN won’t let you subscribe to its paid plan unless your payment method is tied into one of the Japanese banks. You can pay via PayPal, but only if your associated credit card is of a Japanese origin. Unless you have a friend in the country of the Rising Sun willing to lend you a helping hand, you are locked out.

Bet365 is not as grumpy about VPNs as DAZN. You can connect to it from different IPs and check its region-locked repositories to see which countries get better J3 coverage.

Since a VPN is a security tool, it encrypts all your traffic and sends it via its protected tunnel. This architecture grants VPNs tangible benefits:

  • Your snooping Internet Service Provider can’t eavesdrop on your activities
  • ISP throttling does not kick in when you stream or play via a VPN
  • Your data is encrypted and secured against Man-in-the-Middle attacks and honeypots on public WiFi networks
  • You can circumvent your school, college, campus, or office firewalls preventing you from streaming J3 or playing online games
  • It lets you browse below the radar and bypass state-imposed censorship
  • You gain access to international repositories of Steam, Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, you name it
  • Sites you visit only see your VPN IP address, not your real location

How to Stream the J3 League Live with a VPN

  • Buy a VPN subscription. It makes sense to try a short-term plan covered by a money-back guarantee because you need rock-solid proof your VPN can unlock DAZN consistently.
  • Download and install your VPN program. Launch it and log in.
  • Connect to a VPN server in Japan.
  • You are highly recommended to clear your browser’s cache and cookies now.
  • Open a new instance of your browser and go to DAZN (or Bet365 if that’s your thing).
  • You are all set to stream the J3 games now.

Image: FC Tokyo J3

The Best 4 VPNs to Live-Stream the J3 League

As of this writing, many tier-1 VPN providers are blacklisted by DAZN, including ExpressVPN, NordVPN, VyprVPN, Private Internet Access, Windscribe, Hola, and PureVPN. Hope this helps. Feel free to post your questions and comments in the section below.


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