Rick and Morty airs on Adult Swim, the evening incarnation of Cartoon Network. Adult Swim has its own website and streams its output live in a simulcast with its TV service. This should be great news for those who don’t have a TV package at home or want to watch Rick and Morty while away from home. However, there is a catch. You can only watch the Adult Swim stream if you have Adult Swim on your home cable package and you are in the United States.

The Rick and Morty cartoon show was developed from an aminated short that parodied the 80s hit movie, Back to the Future. The concept of the sitcom is a domestic family drama and an interdimensional (mis)adventures of a grandfather and grandson.

Where to watch Rick and Morty

Adult Swim is available on all basic cable packages and Rick and Morty is one of the channel’s star attractions. So, you can watch Rick and Morty at home on your TV if you have cable. If you don’t subscribe to cable you have a problem. As stated above, you can only watch Rick and Morty online in the USA if you have a home cable TV package. The Adult Swim website only shows Rick and Morty as part of its live streaming service. So, if you missed an episode, you can’t catch up at the official Adult Swim website.

YouTubeTV does show Rick and Morty online in the USA even if you don’t have a cable TV subscription.

The availability of Rick and Morty outside the USA presents other streaming opportunities that enable you to watch any episode.

The French video streaming service Molotov TV has an Adults Swim and Toonami package for €2.99 per month. However, Molotov TV blocks access from the USA and you would have to watch Rick and Morty in French there. The German TV channel TNT Comedy shows Rick and Morty in German. Comedy Central shows Rick and Morty throughout Central and Eastern Europe, but it doesn’t show the series on its national websites in those regions.

In Russia, two streaming services have the rights to broadcast Rick and Morty. 2×2 has the first showing rights, so that is where you would go to watch the latest episodes. The show is accessed as part of a subscription service. For the Rick and Morty back catalog in Russia, you would need to go to KinoPoisk. This also charges a fee to view content.

TBS shows Rick and Morty in Spanish throughout Latin America, except for Brazil where it is broadcast in Portuguese.

Why use a VPN to watch Rick and Morty?

All of the streaming services that show Rick and Morty run access restrictions. Apart from the subscription requirement that most of these streaming services charge, they also impose location access restrictions. These blocks prevent anyone from outside of the country from accessing videos on that site. While most streaming services only cover one country, Netflix is a little different because it will buy the rights to broadcast a show in many countries. However, that does not mean that you can watch Rick and Morty in any country through Netflix.

A VPN includes you in a remote network. While the VPN is active on your device, all internet requests will go out from that network’s gateway. That means they arrive at the destination with the VPN network’s home address on them and not yours. Subscribers to VPN services get a choice of location servers in many countries, so it is possible to fool the location checks on video streaming services by picking the right country. So, if you are blocked from watching a video on a US streaming service because you are not in the USA, you just connect to a VPN network in the USA first. Then you will be allowed to access videos.

How to stream Rick and Morty from outside the US with a VPN

  1. Subscribe to a VPN provider with US servers (such as ExpressVPN)
  2. Download and install the VPN app onto your chosen devices
  3. Connect to a server inside the USA (or the country of the other Rick and Morty broadcaster of your choice)
  4. Surf to the video streaming service
  5. Log in to your account
  6. Use the site’s search facility to locate Rick and Morty
  7. Skim through the season and episodes list to find the installment that you want to watch
  8.  Click on your preferred episode. Watch the video.

VPNs for Rick and Morty

You have lots of options to watch Rick and Morty because it is shown in many different countries. However, in most cases, you need a subscription in order to watch the show. A VPN can get around the location blocks on video streaming sites, but it can’t break you into a subscription service without paying.

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