Those who just can’t get enough league football will recognize the greatness of Allsvenskan, the top tier of Sweden’s professional football league system and the number one league in Scandinavia. Malmö FF–the most successful club in the league’s history and winners of the past two league championships–are the early favorites again this year, but with the season running until November, there’s still a lot of football left to be played in the chilliest of football seasons.

In Sweden

Swedish Allsvenskan fans have it pretty good as far as streaming options go: C More and Viaplay are two domestic-based streaming services compatible with all devices that offer live streams of all 240 Allsvenskan matches throughout the season available through packages of varying costs based on the level of content you wish to subscribe to.

The general consensus is that Viaplay offers a wider variety of leagues and cups from across Europe at a lower price point.

As for where to find Allsvenskan on TV, Eurosport just secured the broadcast rights to air league matches domestically for six years, exclusively.

Outside of Sweden

Unfortunately, as far as European soccer leagues go, it can be difficult to find a good television source or streaming service for Allsvenskan matches in the U.S., Canada, or Europe.

Due to changes in the law, subscribers to C More and Viaplay are allowed to stream matches from anywhere in the E.U. and can easily bypass regional lockouts in other areas and access the services through the use of a VPN (virtual private network).

Yet, those outside of Sweden hoping to sign up for either service will be disappointed to discover that a credit card issued by a Swedish bank is necessary for membership. The lack of a Swedish credit card will likely be a limiting factor for many individuals.

One option is the UK-based online betting site, Bet365, which live streams thousands of sporting events every year, including Allsvenskan matches. The catch is that you’ll have to place a bet in order to access event streams.

Still, for those without a Swedish credit card handy, throwing down a couple of bucks to get into the stream may be your best choice.

A VPN enables you to anchor your internet connection to servers across the world and appear as if you are logging on to the web from that particular place. This is the best way to bypass government censors and regional restrictions on streamable content.

While not all Allsvenskan fans outside of Sweden will be able to conveniently live stream matches from anywhere in the world with the use of a VPN, Swedish nationals (or anyone with Swedish relatives!) can easily do so.

Due to legal restrictions, the C More and Viaplay streaming services are geo-blocked –rendered unavailable–for subscribers outside of the European continent. That means all Swedes–or those who once lived in Sweden and have an active membership to one of the above services–currently living in North/South America, Africa, Asia, or Oceania actively jonesin’ to watch Malmo FF or IFK Goteborg must buy a VPN subscription to view matches through C More or Viaplay.

  1. Purchase a membership to a VPN service with high speeds and servers across Europe (i.e. a decent VPN)
  2. Download the VPN client on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  3. Connect to a server in Sweden, or any EU country.
  4. Clear your web browser’s cache of cookies and browsing history.
  5. Access your C More or Viaplay membership and view Allsvenskan matches live or on-demand from wherever you are.

Note: This applies only to those with a subscription to the above services, or those with access to a Swedish credit card able to sign up for the services.

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