The Domino’s Ligue 2 can’t boast of a long list of official broadcasters, but you have just enough options to stream the games live – no matter where you are.

Domestically, beIn Sports telecasts the Ligue 2  – one match live on Sundays and eight games on Fridays simulcast by beIn Sports, beIn Sports 1 and 2, and beIn Sports MAX 8.

Canal+ airs and streams one Ligue 2 match on Mondays while the official Domino’s Ligue 2 YouTube and DailyMotion channels stream match highlights and press-conferences on Sundays and Tuesdays.

Internationally, you would need to check if Canal+ Sport is available in your region because it has several channels in Africa, such as Canal+ Sport 2 Afrique.

Alternatively, Bet365 is the only international live streamer covering the Ligue 2 elsewhere. It’s not ideal since you need to be a registered user and have a deposited account ($10), but at least you get the full Ligue 2 coverage.

If you’re in France, you should have no problem streaming the Ligue 2 using your beIn Sports or Canal+ subscription unless your office or school firewall blocks all the fun websites, sports streaming included.

But you face a real headache when you try to stream the Ligue 2 from outside of France. Case in point – geo-blocks. The only reason geo-blocks exist is the broadcast licensing that limits each provider to a select country or region. It just happens so that both Canal+ and beIn Sports have acquired the license to stream the Ligue 2 in France – and nowhere else.

That’s why, even though you have a premium membership, you can’t stream the Ligue 2 via Canal+ or beIn Sports from the UK, the US, or China. Bummer.

Rest easy – there is a quick workaround. Use a Virtual Private Network to anchor your Internet connection to France and stream the Ligue 2 with your French cable subscription.

Here’s how it works: a VPN provider runs a web of servers across the world. When you connect to a VPN server in France, it assigns you a French IP address and routes all your traffic through a secured tunnel. And with a French IP address, you can stream the Ligue 2 as if you were home in France.

Note: You can be anywhere in the world to be able to use a VPN. All you need is a VPN subscription and an Internet connection.

Since a VPN encrypts your data and routes it through a secured tunnel, you get an extra layer of protection for your online privacy:

  • Your Internet Service Provider can’t track what you’re up to online or throttle your bandwidth when you stream or game online
  • Your sensitive information is protected from the Man-in-the-Middle attacks
  • You can browse safely using public WiFi hotspots
  • You sneak past your school or office firewalls
  • Sites you visit can’t see your real IP address
  • You can pretend to be in almost any country, digitally speaking
  • You can unlock a variety of gaming and streaming sites and get better deals when shopping online

Streaming the Ligue 1 with a VPN is not rocket science, and most providers now offer detailed tutorials and live help, including via TeamViewer:

  1. Buy a VPN subscription. If in doubt, check my recommendations below or head over to the Best VPNs for France or the Best VPNs for Sports Streaming.
  2. Install the VPN program on your device.
  3. Connect to a VPN server in France.
  4. It might be a good idea to clear your browser’s cache now.
  5. Go to your streaming site.
  6. You should be able to stream your Ligue 2 now – from anywhere in the world.

You probably want to try a free VPN, but be advised – free VPNs log your activities and sell your data to everyone and their grandma (because that’s how they monetize their services).


  • Excellent client with pre-configured modes for streaming, P2P, privacy
  • Kill switch
  • Support for wide range of protocols, including OpenVPN

  • Lifetime free plan available
  • Port forwarding available
  • Certified zero logs

Mullvad VPN

  • Three-hour free trial
  • No registration, even for paid members
  • Accepts anonymous payments