The Raiffeisen Super League is uber-popular in Switzerland and well beyond it. Among the national broadcasters airing the games on local TV are Teleclub Sports Live and SRF (SRF 1 and Zwei).

The best part about Teleclub is it offers a fully-fledged free TV channel – Teleclub Zoom, where you can stream some of the Swiss Super League games for free. Also, SFL TV is your one-stop shop for quality highlights.

The roster of the Swiss Super League international broadcasters is ample:

Cord-cutters in the US can find the Swiss League live streams and on-demand replays through FuboTV, DirecTV Now, and Sling TV.

The English BT Sport is available through the BT Sport App by Plusnet, YouView TV, and the Sky Digital Platform.

Internationally, you can find the league streams through Bet365 and bwin, if gambling is your thing. Do note, that streaming in itself is free, but you need to have a deposited account ($10) or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours.

If you are looking to stream the Swiss Super League games for free, your best shot would be to tune in SRF or Teleclub Zoom. The other options are premium broadcasters with subscriptions or lock-in contracts, unfortunately.

But if you travel outside of Switzerland, you can’t watch the matches using your existing subscription with Teleclub. Nor can you stream through the free Teleclub Zoom or using SRF web portal. At best, you can access match highlights on SFL TV.

I don’t need to tell you how aggravating it gets when you can’t access the content you’ve paid for just because you are abroad. But that’s how broadcast licensing works in sports – each broadcaster can only televise the Swiss Super League in its country. As a result, you have to buy yet another region-locked subscription in your current location to stream the Swiss Super League.

If you are in Germany or Austria, DAZN telecasts 104 matches while Sky only 34. So if you want the full coverage, you would need two subscriptions.

Rest easy – I have a better solution that’s more efficient and cheaper than a new sports streaming subscription. Case in point – a VPN.

A Virtual Private Network enables you to change your virtual location and pretend to be in Switzerland, or any other country for that matter.

A VPN provider runs a web of servers across the world. When you connect to a server in Switzerland, you obtain a Swiss IP address. With that, your Swiss streaming provider recognizes you as a regular customer coming from Switzerland and doesn’t mount its geo-block. Mission completed.

Let’s not forget a VPN encrypts your traffic, enabling you to:

  • Bypass your Internet Service Provider’s bandwidth throttling
  • Avoid being monitored by your ISP
  • Spoof into any country
  • Unlock Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Steam, and a gazillion of other sites
  • Access better deals when shopping online
  • Circumvent your school or office firewall
  1. Buy a VPN subscription and install the VPN program on your device.
  2. Launch your VPN, log in, connect to a server in Switzerland.
  3. It’s probably a good idea to clear your browser’s cache now.
  4. Go to your streaming site – you can live-stream the Swiss Super League now, no matter where you are.

​Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions that have not been addressed in this guide.


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