How to Watch the Belgian First Division B from Anywhere in the World

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For the record, does not condone copyright violation with the help of a VPN but promotes online privacy and security afforded by Virtual Private Networks.

Where to Stream the Belgian First Division B Live Online

In and outside of Belgium, Proximus 11 is your one-stop shop for the Belgian soccer coverage. Proximus 11 is an IPTV provider offering pay-TV channels, including the dedicated football channels and live streaming services via its web portal and mobile apps available for Windows, Android, and iOS mobile devices.

Proximus 11 covers all the matches of the Belgian First Division – the Jupiler League, the First Division B, and the play-offs. Its Belgian Football plan costs €11.95/mo while its International Sports package includes eleven channels covering the UEFA Champions League, the Spanish Liga, Italian Serie A, English FA Cup, as well as NBA, NFL, and whatnot.

Why Use a VPN to Stream the Belgian First Division B Online

You can stream the Belgian Pro League B matches via Proximus TV on pretty much any device in Belgium and the European Union. The coverage includes live streams and on-demand replays you can rewind, pause and fast-forward. In other words, if you are in the European Union, you should have no problems streaming the Belgian First Division B matches.

But what if you’ve crossed the pond? Belgian expats, digital nomads, exchange students, and vacationers traveling beyond the European Union can’t stream Proximus 11 because “Deze video is niet beschikbaar in jouw land.”

I don’t need Google to know what it means – a geo-block. Proximus 11 is not licensed to stream beyond the European Union. In fact, you Belgian soccer buffs are lucky enough the broadcaster covers the entirety of the European Union, unlike many national companies that have licenses for a handful of select countries in the EU.

But that still is a poor consolation if you are nowhere near the EU. The bad news is there are no alternative streaming options – even the Belgian soccer redditors offer zero advice.

The good news is you can watch your Belgian First Division B (and A) via Proximus 11 from abroad - all you need is a good VPN.

A Virtual Private Network is a web of servers hosted across the world. When you connect to a server in the country of your choice, it assigns you an IP address of that country. Once connected, you browse the Internet with your VPN IP address – not your real one.

All you need to bypass the Proximus 11 geo-block is a VPN server either in Belgium or anywhere in the European Union. Connect, check your IP, and head over to your streaming portal – problem solved.

Also, it makes all the sense to browse through a VPN even when you are in Belgium. Although the nation’s Internet is relatively free from censorship and firewalls, you can still be punished big time for copyright infringement.

The problem is your Belgian Internet Service provider monitors your online activity. If it receives a copyright infringement notice tied into your IP address, it can quickly identify who you are and where you live and share your information with copyright trolls. Torrents out; huge fines in.

That’s why many tech-savvy denizens route all their traffic through a VPN. Its very architecture allows it to obfuscate, or hide, all your traffic from your ISP by encrypting it.

As you can see, VPNs bundle a wealth of additional benefits that go far beyond unlocking sports streaming sites:

  • Hide your data from your snooping ISP
  • Secure your traffic from Man-in-the-Middle attacks
  • Bypass geo-blocks of sports and movies streaming services
  • Access region-restricted repositories of Steam, iTunes, Google Play
  • Circumvent your school or office firewalls
  • Hide your real identity and location from the websites you visit

How to Stream the Belgian First Division B with a VPN

  • Buy a VPN subscription. Check out my suggestions below.
  • Download and install your VPN client on your device. Launch it and log in.
  • Find a server in Belgium and connect to it. Also, it makes sense to connect to a European server that is the closest to your physical location to avoid speed drops. For instance, if you are in China, try servers in Romania and its neighbors. If you are in the US, East Coast, try Spanish or
  • Portuguese servers, or the English connection. You get the point.
  • Clear your browser’s cache and launch a new instance of your browser.
  • Go to Proximus 11 online TV portal, log in and stream the First Division B as if you were in your home country.

The Best 4 VPNs to Stream the Belgian First Division B Live

My top VPN picks have ample server coverage of the EU, where you can stream Proximus 11 and get all the coverage of your First Division B matches without missing a second – from anywhere in the world.

Mullvad VPN

  • Best price-per-value ratio (privacy+streaming)
  • Two servers in Belgium, three in France, 9 in Germany, 18 in the Netherlands
  • 100+ servers in 22 countries overall
  • Top-tier security specs
  • Ideal speeds for sports streaming in HD
  • Zero logs
  • No-registration service
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • P2P
  • User-friendly
  • 3 hours of free trial
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Swedish company
  • €5/mo


  • Best server coverage
  • 1753 servers in Europe, 52 in Belgium
  • 3621 servers in 61 countries
  • Six simultaneous connections
  • Easy to use
  • No logs
  • Top-notch security
  • Panama-based
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • $12/mo

  • Best price
  • 22 servers in the EU (but not in Belgium)
  • 88 servers in 24 countries
  • P2P
  • Excellent speeds for HD streaming
  • Unlocks a wealth of streaming sites
  • User-friendly
  • Robust security (DNS leak protection, kill switch)
  • Port forwarding
  • No logs
  • A free plan is available
  • $4.99/mo


  • Best alternative
  • Servers in Roosdaal
  • 3000+ servers in 50+ countries overall
  • Streaming-only subscriptions are available
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • Unlocks most streaming sites
  • P2P
  • No logs
  • Anti-MITM, stealth proxy
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • $9.99/mo
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