Formula 1 buffs have plenty of G-force fury to marvel this year since the cars are featuring the biggest visual change in years with the new Halo driver head protection mountings. The testing stage in Barcelona has drawn to an end. New drivers have been unveiled. Mercedes and its formidable lead may be hot favorites, but can you predict who takes the first win – Hamilton, Vettel, or Verstappen?

FIA Formula One World Championship lasts eight months, encompassing twenty-two races across the world’s most impressive venues, with the final one unveiling in Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi on November 25. You can check the 2022 calendar updates here while some of the streaming options are as follows:

U.S. Viewers

In the U.S., Formula 1 will be aired at fairly anti-social times. Sorry folks, but you’ll have to wake up early for live F1 events. The good news is you have ample choice of cable and Internet broadcasters – WatchESPN, Univision, NOW, Sky Sports F1, ABC, Sling TV, to name a few.

Also, DirecTV from AT&T offers live sports packages, some covering NBC or NBCSN streaming Formula One.

Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV are two more places to find your F1 coverage, as well as PlayStation Vue app (except for, with PS Vue, blackouts may apply based on regions and providers).

UK Viewers

In the U.K., Channel 4, Sky Sports Mix, Sky Sports F1, and All 4 will be streaming F1 live. Since Sky Sports had acquired the exclusive rights to broadcast Formula One from BBC till 2024, BBC will be mostly covering the extended highlights.


Formula 1 is set to launch F1 TV any time now in the USA, the LatAm region, Mexico, Germany, France, Belgium, Hungary, and Austria. It is Formula 1’s subscription-based over-the-top platform for desktop and mobile devices with commercial-free live streams of all races complete with commentary in multiple languages.

You will have access to all 20 driver-on-board cameras during races, as well as streams of press conferences, interviews, F2 Championship, GP3 Series, and Porsche Supercup, among other things. The subscriptions kick in at $8-$12 per month.

Additionally, a laundry list of national broadcasters will be airing F1 throughout the year.

Free F1 streaming channels in 2022 include:

The nasty catch with F1 streaming is it’s restricted depending on your location. Broadcasters have to secure their licenses to air F1 races, and some can’t afford to cover multiple regions.

What this means is you have to be in your home country to stream F1 using your cable license or streaming subscription. If you are a Fox Sports subscriber in Australia, you need to be in Australia to stream Grand Prix. If you are a UK Sky Sports or Channel 4 user, you need to be in the UK. If you have an NBC Sports or Sling TV subscription, you can only stream F1 from the U.S.

It doesn’t matter if you bought your subscription in your home country. You still get locked out the moment you set your foot on foreign soil.

Streaming giants recognize your location based on your Internet protocol (IP) address. If you are an expat, digital nomad, or simply a tourist abroad, you know what it means. To bypass the geo-block, you might want to consider connecting via a VPN.

A Virtual Private Network is an online service that routes your traffic through its VPN servers. When you connect to a US-based VPN server, you obtain a U.S. IP address and your broadcaster lifts the restriction.

Besides bypassing sports streaming geo-blocks, VPNs have a number of strong selling points:

  • Privacy – VPNs encrypt your traffic and obscure it from your snooping Internet Service Provider.
  • Security – VPN encryption also works miracles against malicious attacks, such as Man-in-the-Middle and public Wi-Fi honeypots looking to intercept your data.
  • Zero Throttling – most ISPs begin throttling your bandwidth once you surpass a certain limit. A reliable VPN specifically states it doesn’t throttle your bandwidth while helping you bypass your ISP-imposed limits.
  • Unrestricted Access – with a VPN, you can bypass your school, office, or government-imposed firewall, access the US repositories of Steam, iTunes, Netflix, and Hulu, or browse dissident forums and content censored in your current location.
  1. Get a VPN subscription – see my list of suggested providers below.
  2. Install a VPN client on your device and log in using your VPN credentials.
  3. Open a clean instance of your browser, with a cache previously deleted.
  4. Go to your streaming provider’s website or launch its mobile app.
  5. You should be able to stream Formula One now.

A free VPN might be tempting, and I’m sure you’ve tried a few from the likes of Hola or Betternet. But consider the privacy and security implications of using a provider that logs your browsing activity and personal information – top to bottom. If security is top of mind for you, and I hope it is, a reputable premium or mid-tier VPN might just make the cut. With a solid VPN, you can stream Formula One and enjoy the spectacle instead of worrying about your sensitive data being siphoned by an unscrupulous provider.


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CyberGhost VPN

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