The 2022 NFL season began on September 8 and ends on January 8, 2023. Then the playoffs begin.

The NFL blacks out live broadcasts of games in various areas to get more people to come to the stadium and watch the games. It’s even worse when you’re trying to watch NFL games online outside of the U.S. in a country with no rights to NFL streaming. In this case, you are blocked from viewing specific channels and accessing sites due to geo-restrictions. However, by downloading and installing a reliable VPN service, you’ll be able to access these sites by bypassing geo-restrictions.

The following guide will show you how to watch the NFL playoffs using a VPN service.

Where to watch the NFL Playoffs live online?

If you don’t have access to the NFL Network or cable T.V., there are various streaming services that you can use to stream the NFL playoffs live online.

Let’s take a look at a few of the options:

  • Amazon Prime VideoThis streaming service includes a host of classic shows, original programming, and new movies. The icing on the cake is that it also allows you to stream broadcasts of NFL games too.
  • Hulu + Live TVYou can expect everything from music and sports to drama and comedy on Hulu + Live T.V. Additionally, you can take advantage of the NFL action too.
  • ESPN: ESPN offers a wide range of sports entertainment, such as soccer, ice hockey, baseball, college sports, NFL highlights, and more.

Other ways to stream NFL or watch NFL playoffs include using services like Sling TV (orange package), DirecTV, and Apple TV.

Why use a VPN to watch the NFL Playoff games?

Watching NFL games, especially out-of-market ones, is challenging, especially when you consider channel hopping, broadcast blackouts, and purchasing game passes. Even viewers in the U.S. wanting to watch Monday night football, Sunday night football, or Thursday night football games will need a VPN when it comes to the blackouts of live broadcasts.

Ultimately, the NFL tends to blackout live broadcasts to lure people to the stadiums to watch the games instead. Again, it’s a way for them to make more money compared to watching it from home.

However, if you are in a country that doesn’t support NFL broadcasting and does not have NFL broadcasting licenses, then you won’t have any access to the NFL games thanks to geo-restrictions. The only way to bypass geo-restrictions is to download and install a VPN. VPNs will allow you to not just connect to a server but also change your I.P. address to watch local games hassle-free.

Ultimately, you need a reliable VPN service because the virtual private network makes it appear as though you are accessing these games from a different location or country, or rather one that has full NFL broadcasting rights.

NFL Playoffs schedule 2022

Let’s take a look at the 2022 NFL playoffs schedule below:

Wild-card round

Saturday, January 15Bengals 26 vs Raiders 19
Bills 47 vs Patriots 17
Sunday, January 16Buccaneers 31 vs Eagles 15 
49ers 23 vs Cowboys 17
Chiefs 42 vs Steelers 21
Monday, January 17Rams 34 vs Cardinals 11

Divisional round

Saturday, January 22Bengals 19 vs Titans 16
49ers 13 vs Packers 10
Sunday, January 23Rams 30 vs Buccaneers 27
Chiefs 42 vs Bills 36

Conference championships

DateMatchupStart timeTV ChannelLive stream
Sunday, January 30Chiefs vs. Bengals3:05 p.m. ETCBS, Paramount+fuboTV
Sunday, January 30Rams vs. 49ers6:40 p.m. ETFoxFox Sports app, fuboTV

Super Bowl 56

DateMatchupStart timeTV ChannelLive stream
Sunday, February 13Super Bowl 566:30 p.m. ETNBCNBC Sports app, fuboTV

How to install a VPN service to watch the NFL Playoffs (step by step)

The following step-by-step instructions will show you how to download and install a VPN service:

Step 1: Choose and download a VPN

Start by deciding on a VPN service and downloading the relevant software.

Step2: Connect to a server

Check whether the game you want to watch is only available in a specific state. If it is, then connect to a server in that state.

Step 3: Enjoy watching the NFL playoffs

Sign in with a T.V. provider or streaming service and watch the NFL playoffs in H.D.

Best VPNs for streaming the NFL Playoffs from anywhere

The following VPNs will ensure you don’t miss out on the NFL playoffs action:


Our top pick!
  • Always evades internet control in the PRC
  • Keeps ahead of the Netflix VPN detection algorithm
  • Benchmark tests show excellent speed

ExpressVPN is a well-known service provider offering superfast servers that deliver high-quality streaming. Not only are the apps easy to set up and make use of yourself, but they provide excellent privacy and security along with the ability to unblock NFL game pass.


  • Smart DNS service, understands the technology
  • Comprehensive security add-on package.
  • No data throughput limits and has a no-logs policy

Surfshark is a budget-friendly VPN service. However, it is still really security conscious and contains decent streaming speeds. When it comes to streaming NFL games abroad, Surfshark is the go-to VPN.


  • More US city locations than its rivals
  • Includes malware protection
  • No-logs policy

To ensure good quality NFL streaming, you’ll find various servers linked to NordVPN. Not only does it offer great privacy, but it also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


What type of games can I watch with a VPN?

Use your VPN with a live streaming service to watch live out-of-market preseason, regular season, and local season games on your android phone or iOS tablet.

Where can I watch the NFC and AFC games?

The NFC championship games may be watched on the FOX channel or live-streamed on Sling, Hulu + Live, FUBOtv or DirecTV. Likewise, the AFC championships may be watched on these streaming sites, including NBC’s Peacock streaming service or the CBS channel.

Who are the popular NFL Playoffs teams?

Some popular NFL teams include the Packers, Los Angeles Rams, Green Bay Packers, Cincinnati Bengals, Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Seahawks, Dolphins, and Buffalo Bills.

What is the NFL RedZone?

The NFL RedZone is an all-in-one channel that ensures you will see every touchdown every Sunday afternoon during the NFL regular season.

Who are the New York Jets?

The well-known NFL team, the New York Jets, was formerly known as the New York Titans until they were renamed.