The Good Place is a comedy set in a post-life paradise. The plot follows the experiences of Eleanor Shellstrop, played by Kristen Bell, and her efforts to learn the rules of living in heaven. Eleanor is guided by Michael, who is played by Ted Danson. Other stars of the show include William Jackson-Harper, D’Arcy Carden, Jameela Jamil, and Manny Jacinto.

Where to stream The Good Place online

First airing in September 2016, The Good Place recently completed its fourth series, which was the last. That fourth season ended in January 2020, bringing the total number of episodes of The Good Place to 53. While there won’t be any more opportunities to watch new episodes of The Good Place, the series is still recent and there are places to watch all four seasons back-to-back video on demand streaming services.

US viewers

The Good Place was produced by NBC and the first airing of all episodes occurred on that network. It is still available for streaming at the series is also available on Hulu.

Netflix has the first three series of The Good Place.

The series is available for purchase per episode or per series on Amazon but it is not part of the library for Amazon Prime Video.

UK viewers

All seasons of The Good Place are available in the UK library of Netflix.


You can get The Good Place in Australia and New Zealand on Netflix.

Free The Good Place streaming channels

In Canada, terrestrial TV channel Global TV has the right to broadcast The Good Place. The service streams the video for free on its website but only to viewers who are physically located in Canada.

Why use a VPN to stream The Good Place

A VPN is a subscription service that enables customers to appear to be in another location. This service is of interest to those who want to access video streaming services from different countries.

The entertainment industry issues broadcast licenses based on territories – which usually means countries. That means that even though you can access a US streaming service on the internet from anywhere in the world, it will only play its videos for you if you are physically located in the USA.

So VPNs are ideal for getting around those location restrictions. Regional restrictions on video streaming sites don’t disappear if you pay for access. For example, if you subscribe to Hulu in the USA, it won’t stream any videos to you if you travel abroad, even though the subscription you paid is ticking down.

A VPN service usually has many servers spread around the world. The system requires a client program running on the protected device, which the user downloads from the service’s website after subscribing. On logging in to the client interface, the user needs to pick a server to connect to. The servers are listed by location. So, in order to get into a US streaming service from another country, the user just needs to select a VPN service in the USA and press the connect button.

Once the VPN connection is active. All traffic to and from that device will pass through the VPN. The address on all of the requests traveling out of the VPN server will have that service’s IP address on it, so, if the server is in the USA, the request for a video will arrive at the US streaming service with a US return address on it and the video will be sent. The VPN server then forwards the video stream to the requesting device.

How to stream The Good Place with a VPN

  1. Get a VPN subscription – the best VPN providers are listed below.
  2. Install the VPN client on your device, run it, and log in.
  3. Select a server from the location list. Make sure it is in the country that you want to appear to be in.
  4. Open a browser or the dedicated app for the streaming service.
  5. Connect to the streaming service.
  6. Log into your streaming account.
  7. You should be able to stream The Good Place.

A VPN won’t get you into a pay streaming service without an account. It just changes the location that you seem to be in and protects your internet communication. It can’t break into systems that require login credentials.

Best VPNs for streaming The Good Place from anywhere


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