Bally Sports has full rights to broadcast its content in the United States. However, if you are outside of the United States, the streaming service won’t work even if you are already a paying subscriber, and this tends to be frustrating.

Bally Sports Southwest (previously known as Fox Sports SouthWest) is referred to as RSN or a Regional Sports Network, so it can only operate in a specific geographical location. So when it comes to streaming the service, it will only work if you’re in the right location.

For example, if you’re based in Portland, you won’t have access to Bally Sports Southwest. The good news is that by installing a competent and reliable VPN service, you may trick the sports service into thinking that you are in the relevant region.

The following guide will show you how to watch Bally Sports using a VPN.

Where to watch Bally Sports Southwest online?

To access the channel lineup, you must live in the Bally Sports Southwest broadcast area, which is Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arkansas, and most of Texas.

Some of the teams that Bally Sports Southwest has TV rights to include the Dallas Stars, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks, and Texas Rangers.

If you are based in San Antonio, then you have access to Spurs games, while the Stars and Rangers games air throughout the Bally Sports Southwest broadcast area. Fans residing in Arkansas may access the Mavericks, St. Louis Cardinals, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Memphis Grizzlies games. Dallas-Fort Worth residents also have access to Mavericks games.

The following streaming networks allow viewers to watch a range of sporting events. However, you will not have access to Bally Sports Southwest specifically on Youtube TV, Sling TV, fuboTV, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Hulu because they have dropped or discontinued Bally Sports Southwest.

If you live outside of the Bally Sports Southwest broadcast area, the only live-streaming option at the moment is:

  • DirecTV Stream: DirecTV Stream is the only live TV streaming service that offers direct access to Bally Sports Southwest. However, you only have access to this with the Choice plan. This package is priced at $89.99 and comes with a 5-day free trial.

Why use a VPN to watch Bally Sports Southwest?

The reason why you need a VPN to watch Bally Sports Southwest is that the content is simply blocked in every single country aside from the United States. Bally Sports Southwest is a US streaming service, and the rights to stream can only be done within the US borders.

From a legal point of view or from a legal standpoint, Bally Sports could possibly end up facing financial consequences if they do decide to broadcast outside the US or breach their agreement. Therefore, in an attempt to remain in good standing, Bally Sports ensures that it doesn’t broadcast these events to anyone outside the United States.

It does so by blocking Internet connections from any IP address located outside of the United States border. Additionally, Bally Sports makes use of geo-blocking technology that finds your physical location when connecting to its servers. It scans your IP address as soon as you open up the Bally Sports website or the Bally Sports app.

However, you can work around the Bally Sports blocks by investing in a competent VPN service. The VPN service will allow you to bypass geo-restrictions and connect to a server located within the borders of the United States. Additionally, it will help you to connect to a server that is within the Bally Sports Southwest broadcasting locality.

How to install a VPN service to watch Bally Sports (step by step)

The following step-by-step instructions will show you how to download and install a VPN service to watch Bally Sports when you don’t have access to channels such as TNT and ESPN:

Step 1: Decide on and download a VPN

Start by deciding on a VPN service and downloading the relevant software.

Step2: Connect to a relevant server

Check whether the sporting event you want to watch is available in a specific state. In this case, it definitely will be, so you need to connect to a server in that specific state.

Step 3: Enjoy streaming

Sign in with a TV provider or streaming service and watch Bally Sports in HD.

Best VPNs for streaming Bally Sports from anywhere

The below VPNs come highly recommended for streaming Bally Sports:


Our top pick!
  • Always evades internet control in the PRC
  • Keeps ahead of the Netflix VPN detection algorithm
  • Benchmark tests show excellent speed

ExpressVPN is a household name when it comes to reliable, fast, and secure VPN services. The VPN app is fairly easy to install and set up, and you’ll receive great security features and all the privacy you need to make use of ExpressVPN while you stream Bally Sports Southwest from anywhere around the world.


  • Smart DNS service, understands the technology
  • Comprehensive security add-on package.
  • No data throughput limits and has a no-logs policy

Although Surfshark comes highly recommended as an excellent streaming VPN, it’s also very affordable. However, the fact that it’s budget-friendly does not mean that the service slacks when it comes to privacy and security features.


  • More US city locations than its rivals
  • Includes malware protection
  • No-logs policy

NordVPN has literally thousands of servers all over the world. So when it comes to watching Bally Sports, you’ll have access to all of the servers to ensure that you don’t miss out on the action. Additionally, you will receive a 30-day money-back guarantee when you sign up for NordVPN.


What type of sports can you stream on DirecTV stream?

You are free to enjoy MLB, NBA, Bally Sports Southwest extra, stars games, Bally Sports New Orleans, Bally Sports Oklahoma, St. Louis Cardinals, and so on.

Which sports teams can you watch on Bally Sports Southwest?

Keep an eye out for The Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, and San Antonio Spurs.

What is Bally Sports+?

This streaming service is available on Android and iOS devices and on When you sign up for AT&T TV, you will have access to Bally Sports as well.

Who owns Bally Sports Southwest?

Bally Sports is a Texan Regional Sports Network that is owned by the Diamond Sports Group, also known as the Sinclair Broadcast Group.

What is Fox Sports Southwest?

Fox Sports Southwest was rebranded Bally Sports Southwest.