Few events in the music world are as exciting as the MTV Video Music Awards, or VMAs for short. Even though MTV has significantly reduced the amount of music-related programming they broadcast over the years, the VMAs have remained a must-watch ceremony since the first show back in 1984 when Madonna hit the stage in a wedding gown to perform her hit, “Like a Virgin”.

The VMAs have always courted controversy, rather than shy away from it, which is why the show is so fun to watch. Big stars always show up, too, as it does every year, the next MTV Video Music Awards will air live on MTV, and likely stream live on both MTV.com and through the Sling TV streaming service. However, fans outside of the US might have some difficulty finding a source to watch the ceremony, as these options are all restricted to within the US. Music lovers in other countries will have to deal with pesky geoblocking in their quest to catch the VMAs. Fortunately, there is a solution, and it involves subscribing to a VPN service as a means of overcoming regional restrictions.

Those in other countries will have tough luck finding a way to watch the VMAs: it’s unlikely they have MTV, and the main free streaming option, MTV.com, requires visitors to type in local television provider account info in order to access the stream. One major streaming service, Sling TV, offers MTV in one of its packages, but the service is restricted to US inhabitants as well.

What is one to do? It’s simple: Subscribe to a VPN. A VPN, or virtual private network, allows you to “spoof” your location, i.e., log on to one of many servers around the world and subsequently acquire an IP address local to that country. After spoofing your location, outside observers such as websites and streaming services can not tell the difference between you and visitors that are actually within that country. With this superpower, you can now access sites and services once off-limits to you.

How does this help non-US fans view the VMA’s? Well, with a VPN, you can route your connection through a US server, and subscribe to Sling TV, a service available exclusively to people living in the US.  

Sling TV comes in two packages, Sling Blue and Sling Orange, each offering unlimited access to its own selection of over 20 TV channels. These packages are both $25 a month, or $40 for both. However, to stream MTV you’ll have to order the Comedy Extra for $5 dollars a month on top of one of the basic two packages. Once you have a VPN subscription, Sling Blue or Orange, and the Comedy Extra addon, you’ll be set to stream the VMAs when air.

  1. Purchase a subscription to a VPN with a number of US server locations. Hint: choose from the list below.
  2. Download and install the VPN client software on whichever supported device(s) you intend to stream from.
  3. Open the VPN client on your laptop or preferred device and connect to a server within the United States.
  4. Head over to www.sling.com and order either Sling Blue or Sling Orange, along with the Comedy Extra to gain access to MTV (there is a seven-day free trial offer, but unfortunately that does not cover the Comedy Extra channels)
  5. Just before the MTV Video Music Awards airs, log in to Sling TV on your streaming device (with the VPN connected to a US server, of course), join the MTV live stream, and have fun.
  • In order to keep competitive, the top VPNs are compatible with most any device you throw at it, including computers running on Windows and MacOS, iOS and Android phones, and popular digital streaming devices like Android TV, Fire TV, Roku and Apple TV. 
  • With one VPN subscription, you’ll be allowed at least 3 simultaneous logins, while a premium subscription may allot you as many as 7 concurrent logins. This grants you the ability to keep your laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc., logged into a VPN at all times.
  • Sling TV is compatible with Windows, Chromecast, iOS and Android, digital media players like Android TV, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, popular gaming consoles, and others. Scope the Sling website for the complete list.

All of these VPNs are tailor-made for HD video streaming and have plenty of US servers, making them solid choices for streaming the VMAs.


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