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What is My Ip


Your IP Address is:

Based on your IP Address, we can make some educated guesses or assumptions about where you currently are in the world:

Your Current City based off of your IP: Ashburn

The Country Your IP Address is registered in:  United States

Your Longitude: -77.4728

Your Latitude: 39.0481

Your Time  Zone: America/New_York


What is an IP Address?

An IP (short for “Internet Protocol”) address is a unique number assigned to every machine that connects to the internet. Nowadays, you can have multiple computers behind a router that share a single IP using Network Address Transformation (NAT). If you have ever used a wifi hotspot to access the internet, you’ve shared an IP address with someone.

What’s the Difference between IP4 and IP6?

It’s complex, but it boils down to it’s a numbers thing. IP4 was created when the internet was young, and they started running out of numbers. Think of IP6 as adding more numbers to a telephone number or a zip code, or a new area code.

How do you know my location from my IP Address?

There’s a giant database out there that contains all of the IP address ranges and their approximate locations. (Ours uses GeoLite2 City database (updated weekly), for example). They in turn get their information from the main repositories of IP Addresses (ARIN/APNIC/AFRINIC/LACNIC/RIPE, depending on where you are in the world). When you request IP Addresses from the repositories, you need to let them know approximately where those addresses will be. Additionally, many internet providers (for example, Comcast) will provide additional information on specific IP Addresses if you query their whois service. So, in a nutshell, all this information is public, and someone just goes and sucks it up into a database.  Think of it like a reverse phone book or something.

Also – we have a great little demo of how in-browser geolocation works in HTML.

Last Updated on January 17th, 2019

Internet Privacy Index – 2022


Internet usage is growing by the day. As usage grows, so does the amount of information shared. A lot of information is shared voluntarily. People create profiles for social media sites, join email lists and download white papers. With every interaction, data is voluntarily given.

Meanwhile, more aggressive marketing tactics like tracking website behavior is becoming all too popular. In an attempt to show customers relevant ads, companies monitor clicks, identify trends and create targeted ad campaigns. Companies using data for advertising purposes is one thing, but personal data is a goldmine for hackers. From email phishing scams to ransomware, there are a number of threats that make personal data like passwords, bank accounts and credit card numbers, vulnerable.

Internet privacy is one of the fastest growing concerns among online users.

  • Research shows that 68% of users are concerned about not knowing how their personal information is collected online and used. And concern is only growing. Forty-five percent of consumers are more worried about their online privacy than they were a year ago, according to TrustArc.

The state of internet privacy is an important topic, which is why we’ve created this guide to discuss privacy concerns, explore solutions and present an Internet Privacy Index that ranks the internet privacy of 100+ countries.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Global use of the internet
  • Internet Privacy Index
  • Cybercrime legislation
  • Data privacy for consumers
  • Patchwork legislation makes data privacy difficult
  • Consumer efforts to protect customer data

Global use of the internet

To understand how vast online privacy concerns are, it’s important to explore global internet use. More than four million people have access to the internet as of 2019. While that may not sound like a lot, there are still four billion people in the world that aren’t connected.

  • In 2017, Norway had the highest internet usage rates with 96.5%. Its neighboring country Sweden a close second at 96.4%. The United States had 76% usage, with many of the rural areas in the nation without access.
  • The lowest usage rates were found in Africa. Central African Republic had just 4% internet use. Chad had 5% and South Sudan had 6.6%, according to Our World in Data.

Usage and wealth

Internet use statistics have a lot to do with broadband access and income. Broadband access is either non-existent or too expensive for many developing countries. The areas with the least amount of internet access are often areas where income levels are less than $10,000. When income rises above that amount, there is an increase in internet access and use.

  • However, internet usage is still growing the fastest in upper-middle income countries, growing at a rate of 6% annually. In low income countries, internet penetration is only up 2%, according to the Web Index.

Low income families are less likely to adopt technology due to the income barrier. Money is allocated for other essential needs rather than electronics, while high-income families not only adopt technology faster, but spend money on multiple devices.

  • Sixty-four percent of high-income homes have a smartphone, laptop, tablet and high speed broadband service, compared to just 18% of low-income homes with more than one device, according to Pew Research.

Internet privacy index

While there are still many without internet access, the exponential growth of internet use across the globe is moving quickly. Access will continue to improve, but so will privacy concerns.

Considering the number of global internet users, we wanted to know which countries worked the hardest to protect a user’s privacy. To find the answer, we collected data on a variety of topics that can affect internet privacy.

To find out which countries have the best internet privacy, we collected data on:

  • Press freedom
  • Data privacy laws
  • Democracy statistics
  • Freedom of opinion and expression
  • Cybercrime legislation worldwide

All of these factors were taken into consideration as we worked to figure out which countries prioritize internet privacy. As a result, we were able to rank 110 countries in order of internet privacy. A high privacy score means the country takes steps to protect information shared online. The higher the score, the more protected the information.

Internet privacy by country

As you can see from the map above, Norway offers the highest commitment to internet privacy with a score of 90.1. Australia follows in second place with a score of 89.1. In third place is Denmark at 87.4, fourth place is held by Sweden with a score of 85.2 and Finland holds the fifth spot with an internet privacy score of 83.6.

The country with the lowest score is China, with a score of 13.1. Uzbekistan follows in second place with a score of 15.0. Cambodia has the third lowest commitment to internet privacy with a score of 15.6, while Vietnam comes in fourth with a score of 17.3. Zimbabwe holds fifth place with an internet privacy score of 18.8.

The United States is in 18th place with a score of 68.6.


Internet Privacy Ranking

RankCountryPrivacy Score
8New Zealand80.2
12United Kingdom73.2
16Czech Republic72.2
18United States68.6
26Costa Rica62.6
27South Africa61.0
42Trinidad and Tobago48.5
44Hong Kong SAR, China46.9
51El Salvador43.7
55Bosnia and Herzegovina41.5
59Sri Lanka38.7
61Dominican Republic38.3
63Burkina Faso37.7
80United Arab Emirates30.5
85Sierra Leone28.9
90Cote d'Ivoire25.8

How Norway achieved top honors for internet privacy

With an internet privacy score of 90.1, Norway offers the highest internet privacy in the world. Norway also has some of the highest internet usage rates and some of the highest broadband speeds available.

But, what does the country do to earn such high marks in data privacy? Here are several of the biggest measures taken by Norway to protect internet privacy:

Internet privacy regulations

Norway has some of the toughest internet privacy rules in the world. They have several pieces of legislation that protect the privacy of their citizens both physically and digitally.

  • The country set up the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, which is an independent public authority created with the purpose of protecting individual’s privacy.
  • To collect or process any personal data in Norway, consent must be given. Citizens are also given the right to be forgotten, which means they can decide if they want a company to delete their personal information from their database.
  • The country has even taken on Google, asking the internet giant to remove online content about several of citizens. In total, the country is fighting with Google to remove about 2,000 items from its searches, according to the Library of Congress.

Protection from foreign governments

Norway doesn’t allow foreign governments to “spy” on citizen data either. The country takes a strong stance on data protection, requiring any government to gain permission from a Norwegian court to gain access to private information.

Number of secure servers

Norway boasts some of the highest number of secure servers for citizens to utilize, which means data that’s being exchanged online is mostly encrypted.

Why China ranks the lowest for internet privacy

China has the lowest internet privacy score out of all 110 countries with a score of 13.1. 

Why is the country at the bottom of the rankings? There are several reasons, but here are a few:

Government surveillance

China is working to become the first country to create an algorithm to create profiles of every citizen. These profiles will help the government assign each person a “citizen score” based on their digital and physical behavior. Posting anti-government blogs, for example, or being caught via a street camera jaywalking can lower a citizen’s score. The lower the score, the less privileges the citizen receives. For example, a low score results in slow internet speed or puts a passport application at the bottom of the pile, explains The Atlantic.


China doesn’t adhere to a free speech; the exact opposite actually. Information posted by citizens can be censored or blocked. Major offenses result in arrests.

  • In 2017, 128,000 site were blocked and 1900 people were arrested or punished by the Chinese government, which claims its actions are for the good of the people, according to AsiaNews.

Limited privacy laws

Until recently, China had few privacy laws in place. However, the country did implement a data privacy standard recently that sets regulations for consent and puts rules in place for how data is collected, stored and shared. Critics of this new legislation, however, point out that the new law fails to offer enforcement plans, according to the Center for Strategic & International Studies.

Cybercrime legislation

Internet privacy varies by country, but no matter where someone lives, privacy concerns can’t be handled without a little help from the government. Creating legislation that protects consumers from identity fraud, data breaches and credit card theft is one small piece of the internet privacy puzzle.

In an effort to stop or at least slow the progression of cybercrimes, many countries have enacted specific legislation aimed at hacker’s abilities.

  • Research shows 72% of countries across the world have strong cybercrime legislation compared to 18% of countries with none, according to the United Nations.

Most of the countries that don’t have cybercrime legislation are in Africa. In some cases, the countries without legislation are those with little to no internet access.

In the U.S., there are federal laws that protect against computer fraud, credit card theft, identify theft, economic espionage, violence and child pornography. The main legislation was written in 1984 and has been added to over the years.

Cybercrimes include many different crimes that can put a person’s privacy at risk. Here’s a look at the most prevalent cybercrimes and a description of each:


Cybercriminals “go phishing” by sending a bunch of emails to people in hopes of tricking them into sharing information. It’s one of the oldest threats, but it is still prevalent because it’s cheap, requires little effort and targets something just about everyone has – an email account.


Hackers seize control of a computer or a network and refuse to return control until a sum of money is paid. Users are essentially locked out of the system until demands are met.

Cloud hacks

A growing number of people are storing information in the cloud, making it a prime target for hackers. Cybercriminals are constantly creating new ways to access cloud accounts and mine them for sensitive data.

Digital ad fraud

When fraudulent companies sell ads and generate fake results, it’s called digital ad fraud. The fraudulent company might place a real ad, but use bots to generate fake traffic and inflate response rates.

Password attack

Hackers attempt to learn passwords by reviewing public online profiles for clues. With passwords in hand, hackers can gain access to a variety of different accounts like banks, social media accounts and credit cards. If the same password is used for multiple accounts, hackers can do more extensive damage.

Data privacy for consumers

Internet privacy isn’t just about protection from hackers, it’s about controlling personal data used for marketing purposes. When a brand tracks which products a customer clicks on in an effort to advertise relevant products via digital ads, it’s also a privacy concern.  The issue centers around control.

Consumers seek control

Fifty-five percent of consumers are willing to share information with brands they trust to get certain perks, like special deals or VIP status, but 66% of consumers want the ability to “turn off” the company’s data use when they’re no longer interested in the product.

While consumers want more control, they realize that brands aren’t likely to give it. In lieu of control, consumers say there’s a need for legal protection against brands using data as it see fits. More specifically, consumers aren’t keen on the idea of their information being purchased or sold to other companies. Consumers provide their information to companies they trust, and say it’s a betrayal when that information is given out without their consent.

Consumers from 15 different countries were asked if they wanted laws to prohibit a company from buying and selling data without consent. The response was a resounding “Yes.”

Responsibility in question

It’s obvious that consumers want more protection, but they aren’t sure whose obligation it is. Should the government pass laws? Is it a brand’s responsibility to protect customer data? What responsibility do consumers have when it comes to protection?

Research shows consumers are taking some action. Seventy-one percent of consumers are using software to block ads, protect data privacy and control their online experience.

A small percent of people are turning to virtual private networks, or VPNs, for added security. A VPN is essentially a secure channel that allows users to move around the web safely. Many use a VPN for added security while browsing, but it also provides a way to access blocked content. If a government, for example, is blocking a certain website a VPN allows access.

While VPNs could drastically increase a person’s internet privacy, they aren’t very popular. Just 25% of internet visitors have used a VPN in the past month, according to research from GlobalWebIndex. It’s more popular in countries that censor material online, but even then its usage remains fairly low.

Implementing software as a protection tool or using a VPN are both good steps toward self-protection, but research suggests that consumers are more likely to do nothing at all.

Despite numerous headlines about data breaches and a steady stream of ads popping up in social feeds, almost half (46%) of all Americans have done nothing to protect their privacy. They haven’t adjusted security settings on online accounts, changed passwords or even paid closer attention to the amount of information they share.

Patchwork legislation makes data privacy difficult

Since people aren’t willing to do much to protect their data, some governments have stepped in.

One of the biggest challenges facing data privacy on a global level is the number of patchwork laws aimed at offering protection. When it comes to protecting consumer data as it pertains to marketing or advertising, the U.S. doesn’t have a federal law on the books.

The U.S. does have legislation that protects data in certain situations, like healthcare and financial records, but not one that addresses internet privacy as a whole.

Some states have passed their own data privacy laws. These laws, in addition to a European privacy law, currently have the most influence over companies. The patchwork of legislation is part of the problem. It’s inconsistent, doesn’t protect everyone, and in many cases, is difficult to enforce.

Here’s a quick look at the laws that shape a company’s marketing plans:

State laws

In the U.S., certain states have created their own data privacy laws.

  • Colorado, for example, passed legislation in 2018 that forces businesses to take reasonable security measures when it comes to personal information.
  • Massachusetts requires every business that owns or licenses personal information to implement written information security programs, or WISP, for short.
  • Vermont recently passed legislation that targets companies that collect and sell personal information.
  • California will implement a GDPR-like law in 2020 that gives consumers the right to request a record of what types of data a company maintains about them and how it’s being used.
  • New York has drafted similar legislation that requires a company to give consumers a copy of the information kept on file.


A European data privacy law enacted last year got a lot of attention. The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, went into effect in 2018 and regulates how companies collect, store and use consumer information. While the legislation effects EU residents only, many businesses were forced to change their marketing tactics to comply since they market to customers all over the world.

It forces companies to get consent to collect and use data, gives consumers the ‘right to be forgotten’ by a company when they say so, requires a company to explain exactly how they will use a customer’s information, and forces companies to tell customers about any hacks or data breaches quickly.

Many see the GDPR as the first comprehensive data protection law to go into effect. As a result, many experts say similar legislation will follow suit in the other parts of the world. To stay ahead, many companies are changing their tactics to ensure compliance.

Company efforts to protect consumer data

To safeguard personal data requires a commitment on multiple fronts. Laws will help, but every company that collects customer information should do their part too. Many companies have beefed up their online security efforts in an attempt to protect data that customers trust them with.

Some safeguards include:

Encryption practices

A company must encrypt its data. Essentially, encryption disguises data so it can only be read by someone with a virtual key. Encryption makes data useless to hackers (since they don’t have the key), but constant encryption updates are required to stay ahead of hackers.

Limited data access

Companies are limiting the number of people that handle customer data. Fewer people with access to the data lowers the chances of leaks and hacks.

Strategic data collection

To advertise to customers, it’s not uncommon to think a company wants to know all they can about its customers. But in the age of data privacy, more companies are focusing on collecting data that makes a difference. In other words, companies are only asking for data that’s necessary.

Inform customers about your privacy policy

As part of your security efforts, make sure customers know what measures you take to protect their information. However, presenting it to customers is a bit tricky. Research shows customers are very unlikely to read long contracts. For example, if a privacy policy is lumped in with the terms of service contract, less than 1 in 1,000 people will read it, according to research conducted by NYU School of Law. Instead, companies should create a page for it on their website that highlights the key points.


The issue of internet privacy is a multifaceted concern. People are concerned about companies using their data and hackers stealing their data. Protection is needed, but the best way to implement safeguards hasn’t been identified yet.

A global solution is difficult, especially considering internet privacy varies by country. The Internet Privacy Index shows how seriously privacy concerns are taken in countries all over the world. Norway, which holds the highest privacy score, can serve as an example for other countries looking to improve internet privacy. And yet, more work is required as comprehensive internet privacy plans evolve.


A composite score between 0 and 100 was created based on the weighted sum of the variables listed below. Only those countries that had data for all of the selected variables were included in calculations.

  1. Press freedom
  2. Existence of data privacy laws
  3. Democracy Index
  4. Freedom of opinion and expression is effectively guaranteed
  5. Freedom from arbitrary interference with privacy is effectively guaranteed
  6. The government does not expropriate without lawful process and adequate compensation
  7. Cybercrime Legislation Worldwide

Cybersecurity Statistics

cybersecurity statistics and facts

According to a recent cybersecurity report published by Symantec, cyber crime -- directed towards large organizations, companies, as well as individuals -- is on the rise. We took a look at some of the key facts and figures associated with the current state of cyber crime and cyber security.

Cyber Crime: Statistics and Facts

  • Overall, there was a whopping 600% increase in cyber attacks in 2017. From 6000 attacks in 2016 up to 50,000.
  • In addition, targeted attack activity increased by 10% in 2017 from the preceding year. 
  • China is responsible for the highest share of coordinated attacks, accounting for 21%, followed by the United States (11%), Brazil (7%), and the Russian Federation (6%) 
  • The U.S. has been by far the nation most affected by coordinated cyber attacks, experiencing 303 attacks from 2015 to 2017, followed by India, which faced 133, and Japan hit by 87. 
  • A recent report by Microsoft estimates that the total potential cost of cybercrime to the global community may add up to $500 billion dollars. 
  • Other organizations believe the total toll to be far greater, with a report by Cybersecurity Ventures predicting that total global cyber crime-related costs will reach 6 trillion by 2022. 
  • In 2017, the United State’s largest credit bureau, Equifax, was victim to a data breach that compromised the personal data of 145 million people, becoming one of the worst breaches, yet.
  • 198 million US voter records were accessed and exposed on account of a “misconfiguration.” 
  • According to a cybersecurity report conducted by the Ponemon Institute, 83% of financial companies are hit by upwards of 50 attacks a month, along with 44% of retail firms. 
  • An attacker spends an average of 146 days within a network before being detected. 

What are the motives behind cyber attacks and how are they executed?

  • The greatest motivation for 140 major attack groups targeted by Symantec in their all-encompassing study was intelligence gathering, accounting for 90% of attacks. 
  • Analyzing 20 of the most active attack groups and their attacks over the past few years, Symantec concluded that an average of 42 organizations were compromised, as well 65 individuals. The groups used an average of 4 tools to launch their attacks, with one using a whopping 18 in one attack. 
  • In 2017, spear phishing was the method used by 71% of organized attack groups, while the exploitation of zero-day capabilities has declined, being used by only 27% of the 140 attack groups tracked by Symantec. 

How are small and medium-sized businesses affected by cyber attacks?

Large scale cyber attacks on government agencies and large financial firms get most of the press attention, but smaller firms and enterprises are heavily affected by cybercrime, as well.

  • Small businesses are the targets of 43% of cyber attacks. 
  • Acts of malicious intent are the most common cause of data security breach, accounting for 48% of attacks, with the rest being caused by system failure or human error. 
  • 20% of medium and small businesses become the targets of cybercrime attacks. 
  • Cyber attacks can be devastating for a small business: 60% of those affected by a cyber attack go out of business in the following six months. 
  • Cleaning up in the aftermath of a data breach costs a company an average of $3.8 million. 

How are individuals vulnerable to cyber crime?

In addition to the threat posed to governments and industries, billions of internet users around the world are also the target of cyber crime through unknowing malware downloads, email scams, mobile phone breaches and other forms of online identity fraud.

  • Humans are shifting into the top target of attacks from cyber criminals, rather than machines. It is predicted that their will be 6 billion internet users worldwide by 2022, up from 3.8 billion in 2017. (
  • California led U.S. states in number of cybercrime victims in 2016 with 39,547
  • Risk of account takeover fraud of social media platform accounts grew by 46% in 2016 as the amount of personal information shared by people over such platforms has grown. 
  • The U.S. accounted for over half the world’s mobile malware blocked in 2017, at 57%
  • The most common information leaked by malicious mobile apps is your phone number (63%), followed by device lock information (37%). 
  • New variants of mobile malware up 54%, from 17K in 2016 to 27K in 2017. 
  • The percentage of email qualifying as spam went up to 55% in 2017, 2 percentage points higher than in 2016. 
  • Ransomware (a form of malicious software that threatens you with harm once installed, typically in the form of publishing your data, if you do not pay the amount of money demanded) variants increased by 46% in 2017.

What is the current outlook on the efficacy of cybersecurity systems and other defense measures?

With cyber attacks ramping up on all levels, let’s look at how firms, organizations, and online businesses are able to defend themselves, as well as how confident employees at these companies feel about their employer’s ability to mitigate risks associated with cyber crime. Overall, the current feeling is that firms’ measures to defend themselves are inadequate, and many are not confident that security will improve in the near future.

  • Despite the great risk of attack, over half of small businesses (51%) do not spend any of their budget on mitigating cyber risks. 
  • Just 14% of small businesses consider their ability to successfully fend off cyber attacks and other risks as highly effective. 
  • 58% of surveyed finance industry workers, and 71% of retail industry workers state they are not optimistic about their company’s chances of improving its ability to detect intrusions by malicious attack groups within the next year. 
  • 90% of CIO’s believe they are wasting millions of dollars on insufficient cybersecurity, while 87% believe their security measures are not adequately protecting their business.
  • 780,000 people were employed in cybersecurity positions in 2017, with an estimated 350,000 openings looking to be filled. 
  • At the rate that new positions in cybersecurity are opening, it is expected that at least a half million positions will be unfilled by 2022. 
  • The US federal government is taking the threat of cyber crime and data breaching much more seriously than in the past: Unclassified federal cyber spending went from $7.5 billion in 2007 to $28 billion in 2016

Default Router Passwords

router default passwords

One of the most annoying Wifi issues I’ve had to face is needing to adjust certain settings but finding myself unable to do so for lack of the proper router login details.

“Why not just look them up in the router manual?” you may ask.

Well, sure, if it were available that would certainly help, but as a digital nomad, I find myself in Airbnb’s and rented rooms all across the world, working with a ton of different makes and models of router, and usually the packaging and whatever information that came along with it has long since been discarded or in another language entirely.

I’m sure that many others share my woes, so I’ve compiled this comprehensive list of default router login information (usernames and passwords) for router models manufactured by a (very) long list of the most popular brands, like Linksys and Netgear - along with some of the more obscure names out there that you’re bound to run into at one point or another.

Where do I find my default router username and password?

Of course, this information will be provided in the manual that came with the router, although chances are you misplaced it, or are using a router that you didn’t purchase to being with.

Rest easy: I’ve got you covered. To find the default router username and password for the make and model that you are working with, simply search in the box below, and all the information that you need to log in and change your settings will pop right up.

How do I log into my router?

  1. Locate your model’s username and password through searching our table below.

  2. Open your web browser of choice.

  3. Enter your router’s default IP address

  4. Type in the username and password that you located through our list below.

  5. That’ll do it.

How do I change or reset my router password?

It might be a good idea to reset your router password and change it in order to prevent the scenario of forgetting it once again. The first thing you must do is reset the router to its original factory settings, thereby clearing out all changes that have been made to the router since it was removed from the packaging.

Typically, this means pressing down and holding down the reset button on your router for ten seconds. Afterwards it will be accessible by the default username and password provided below.

Once you login with the steps detailed above, you are will be able to alter the username and password as you see fit. Don’t forget to write a note or take a picture.

Default Router Usernames and Passwords

Here is the comprehensive list of router usernames, passwords, and IPs. Odds are, you’ll find the ones you’re looking for by searching this table.

RouterIP AddressUsernamePassword
Asante Gaw9.5Z97-4IP Address:
Asante Gigaset SX541 WLAN dslIP Address:
Asante SMCWBR14-GIP Address:
Asante SMCWBR14-GMIP Address:
Askey RT-N600IP Address:
Askey SmartBoxIP Address:
Askey SmartHub AWRT-300NIP Address:
Askey SmartHub AWRT-550NIP Address:
Askey SMC2304WBR-AGIP Address:
Asoka PW-RN401MIP Address:
Asoka PW-RN501DIP Address:''randomly generated''
Asoka Q22MIP Address:''randomly generated''
Asus 4G301IP Address:
Asus A90-7501IP Address:
Asus AW4042U-GIP Address:
Asus CB3000IP Address:
Asus DWL-1750IP Address:
Asus DWL-2200APIP Address:
Asus DWL-3200APIP Address:
Asus DWL-3260APIP Address:
Asus DWL-5000APIP Address:
Asus DWL-6000APIP Address:
Asus DWL-6000AP Rev.A and Rev.BIP Address:
Asus DWL-614+IP Address:
Asus ENHWI-NIP Address:
Asus ENHWI-N2IP Address:
Asus KR2IP Address: defaultPassword:no default
Asus RT-N10UIP Address:
Asus RV315WIP Address:
Asus RV320IP Address:
Asus RVS4000IP Address:
Asus RX3041IP Address:
Asus S14IP Address:
Asus SB5100IP Address:
Asus SB5120IP Address:
Asus SBG6700-ACIP Address:
Asus SCH-LC11IP Address:
Asus SE567IP Address:
Asus SE587 WLAN dslIP Address:
Asus Series 1100 Model 4504IP Address:
Asus SG300IP Address:
Asus SG310IP Address:
Asus SG550IP Address:
Asus SG560IP Address:
Asus SG565IP Address:
Asus SG570IP Address:
Asus Shark FinIP Address:
Asus Shield ProIP Address:
Asus SilverStore 2-Drive NASIP Address:
Asus SimpleNETIP Address:
Asus Skyline 802.11a Access Point (4040)IP Address:
Asus Skyline 802.11b Wireless Broadband Gateway (8584)IP Address:
Asus SL-2000IP Address:
Asus SL-2511BG PLUSIP Address:
Asus SL-3054AP3 Aries2IP Address:
Asus SLM2008IP Address:
Asus SMC2755WIP Address:
Asus WN-APG RIP Address:
Asus WN3000RPIP Address:
Asus WN3500RPIP Address:
Asus WN604IP Address:
Asus WN802TIP Address:
Asus WNAP320 APIP Address:
Asus WNCE2001IP Address:
Asus WND930IP Address:
Asus WNDAP330IP Address:
Asus WNDAP350IP Address:
Asus WNDAP360IP Address:
Asus WNDR3400IP Address:
Asus WNDR4000IP Address:
Asus WNDRMACIP Address:
Asus WNHD3004IP Address:
Asus WNR2004IP Address:
Asus WNR2200IP Address:
Asus WP102IP Address:
Asus WR-150IP Address:
Asus WR254IP Address:
Atcom AFW-GR50IP Address:
Atel Electronics AW4061IP Address:
Atheros AR625WIP Address:
Atheros AR670WIP Address:
Atheros AR675WIP Address:
Atheros AR680WIP Address:
Atheros AR685WIP Address:
Atheros AR686WIP Address:
Ativa B710IP Address:
ATLANTIS win 7 st780wlIP Address:
Aukey WHR-HP-GNIP Address:
Avaya KW5212IP Address:
AVM GL2454RT-NMIP Address:
AVM GL2454RT-QA0IP Address:
AVM GlobeSurferIP Address:
Axesstel N3G005WIP Address:
Axesstel N3G9WIP Address:
AXIMcom MZK-W300NHIP Address:
AXIMcom N.MINIIP Address:
AXIMcom PT530IP Address:
Aztech DSL-N66UIP Address:
Aztech DVA-G3672BIP Address:
Aztech DVA-G3810BN TLIP Address:
Aztech DVG-1402SIP Address:
Aztech DVG-G1402SIP Address:
Aztech DVG-G5402IP Address:
Aztech DWC-1000 Rev.A and BIP Address:
Aztech IP706STIP Address:
Aztech JDGN1000IP Address:
Aztech NBG-334SHIP Address:
Aztech WNDR3700IP Address:
Aztech WNDR3800IP Address:
Aztech WNDR4300IP Address:
B-LINK BR-6428EnSIP Address:
B-LINK BR-6428GnIP Address:
B-LINK BR-6428GnSIP Address:
B-LINK BR-6435nDIP Address:
B-LINK BR-6476NDIP Address:
Bandluxe REC15AIP Address:
Bandluxe RG54GS2IP Address:
Bandspeed 3100AGIP Address:
Baudtec Vigor 2500VIP Address:
BCM CAS-200WIP Address:
BCM My Net WiFi Range ExtenderIP Address:
BEC Technologies 711CEIP Address:
BEC Technologies BiPAC 7402IP Address:
Beeline SMCWBR14-3GNIP Address:
Beetal 220x ADSL routerIP Address:
BelAir Networks BiPAC 8200NIP Address:
Belkin BR-6478GnIP Address:
Belkin F5D9630-4IP Address:
Belkin F6D4630-4IP Address:
Belkin F6D4630au4AIP Address:
Belkin F6D6230-4IP Address:
Belkin F7D1301 v1 10011zbIP Address:
Belkin F7D8301IP Address:
Belkin F9K1004IP Address:
Belkin F9K1009IP Address:
Belkin F9K1113IP Address:
Belkin F9K1116IP Address:
Belkin FAP-112BIP Address:
Belkin FAP-210BIP Address:
Belkin FAP-221CIP Address:
Belkin FBR-1161IP Address:
Belkin FBR-1411TXIP Address:
Belkin FBR-1412TXIP Address:
Belkin FBR-1415TXIP Address:
Belkin FBR-1416AIP Address:
Belkin FBR-1418TXIP Address:
Belkin FBR-1430IP Address:
Belkin FBR-1461AIP Address:
Belkin FBR-4000IP Address:
Belkin FC-AL2011PWIP Address:
Belkin FC-AL2014PWIP Address:
Belkin FD-364NIP Address:
Belkin FH1201IP Address:
Belkin FH1202IP Address:
Belkin FH303IP Address:
Belkin FiberStation (EF-CPE)IP Address:
Belkin Firebox Edge X20e-W X20eWIP Address:
Belkin FON2501IP Address:
Belkin FortiAP-14C (FAP-14C)IP Address:
Belkin FortiGate-50BIP Address:
Belkin FortiGate-60IP Address:
Belkin FortiGate-60 ADSLIP Address:
Belkin FortiGate-60BIP Address:
Belkin FortiWifi-50BIP Address:
Belkin FortiWifi-60BIP Address: default - user required to choose a password on setup)
Belkin FR1004IP Address:
Belkin FR3002ALIP Address:
Belkin FR328SIP Address:
Belkin FreeStation 5IP Address:
Belkin FreeStation 5 APIP Address:
Belkin FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7170IP Address:
Belkin FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390IP Address:
Belkin FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7570IP Address:
Belkin NB6PLUS4WIP Address:
Belkin Pro800 TurboIP Address:
Bellnet MN-500IP Address:
Benq B720IP Address:
Benq B730IP Address:
Best Data WRVS4400NIP Address:
Best Data WS322IP Address:
Billion 5012NV-002IP Address:
Billion 501RIP Address:
Billion 5100WIP Address:
Billion 5102SIP Address:
Billion 60237EUWIP Address:
Billion 6114wg 1.83IP Address:
Billion 6200NXLIP Address:
Billion 660R-61C 401373IP Address:
Billion 7004VBR V.2IP Address:
Billion 7100GIP Address:
Billion 7100ProIP Address:
Billion 7100SIP Address:
Billion 7202GIP Address:
Billion 73-TMRB4-001IP Address:
Billion 73-TMWGA-001IP Address:
Billion 7300 GTIP Address:
Billion 7300GXIP Address:
Billion 7300NIP Address:
Billion 7401VGPIP Address:
Billion 741GEIP Address:
Billion 743GEIP Address:
Billion 7500GIP Address:
Billion 7700NIP Address:
Billion 7700NR2IP Address:
Billion bizhub200IP Address:
Billion Bizhub C252IP Address:
Billion BL-310RIP Address:
Billion BL-MP01IP Address:
Billion BL-MP02IP Address:
Billion BL-WA01IP Address:
Billion BL-WDR4600IP Address:
Billion BL-WR3000IP Address:
Billion BLW-04SAGIP Address:
Billion BLW-54CW3IP Address:
Billion BoBIP Address:
Billion Box (JB-110b)IP Address:
Billion BR-6104KIP Address:
Billion BR-6204 wgIP Address:
Billion BR-6214KIP Address:
Billion BR-6215IP Address:
Billion BR-6216MgIP Address:
Billion BR-6226nIP Address:
Billion BR-6228EnSIP Address:
Billion BR-6258nIP Address:
Billion BR-6288ACLIP Address:
Billion BR100IP Address:
Billion BR261cIP Address:
Billion NB14WNIP Address:
Billionton P.DG A2100NIP Address:
Black Box WBR-6003IP Address:
Blitzz CDE570AMIP Address:
Bluesocket CBV704EWIP Address:
Bountiful WiFi CDM530AMIP Address:
Bountiful WiFi CDM 882seuIP Address:
BreezeCOM AP-DS.11IP Address:
BroadMax MBR1210IP Address:
Browan CDE530AMIP Address:
BT DWL-8200APIP Address:
BT IP806MAIP Address:
BT IP822LMIP Address:
BT WAM-4054PIP Address:
Budget 1 Wireless BiGuard 30IP Address:
Buffalo airport5IP Address: username)Password:public
Buffalo airRouterIP Address:
Buffalo AirStation WMR-433IP Address:
Buffalo MBR1400IP Address:
Buffalo WF-2405IP Address:
Buffalo WF-2407IP Address:
Buffalo WF-2409IP Address:
Buffalo WG103IP Address: Link 25Password:N/A
Buffalo WG1400HPIP Address:
Buffalo WGX102IP Address:
Buffalo WGX102 APIP Address:
Buffalo WHR-G54SIP Address:
Buffalo WHR-HP-G125IP Address:
Buffalo WL-AM602IP Address:
Buffalo WL-AM604gIP Address:
Buffalo WLG-2014IP Address:
Buffalo WLG-2206IP Address:
Buffalo WMA11BIP Address:
Buffalo WNR1008IP Address:
Buffalo WNR2000IP Address:
Buffalo WP54GIP Address:
Buffalo WPB3000IP Address:
Buffalo WPG-370IP Address:
Buffalo WR-1230IP Address:
Buffalo WR-2000 APIP Address:
Buffalo WRT54GP2IP Address:
Buffalo ZoneFlex 7441IP Address:
Buffalo ZoneFlex 7762-SIP Address:
Buffalo ZoneFlex 7962IP Address:
Buffalo ZoneFlex R310IP Address:
Buffalo ZR301IP Address:
Buffalo ZSR0104CPIP Address:
Buffalo ZSR1104WEIP Address:
Buffalo ZSR1134WEIP Address:
Buffalo ZSR4154WSIP Address:
Call-Direct CG-WLAPGMHIP Address:
Call-Direct ControlPoint 2000IP Address:
Cameo WNR612IP Address:
Cameo WNR834IP Address:
Cameo WNR834BIP Address:
Cameo WNR854TIP Address:
Cameo WNRT-617IP Address:
Cameo WPG54GIP Address:
CastleNet AT-WR2304NIP Address:
CastleNet AW4042U-NIP Address:
CastleNet CG-BARPROGIP Address:
CastleNet CG814WG v2IP Address:
CD-R King DAP-1560IP Address:
Celeno WAP-200IP Address:
Celeno WAP2000IP Address:
Celleden MKE-3.28 3.28IP Address:
Cellvision CG814GCMRIP Address:
Cellvision WF-2404IP Address:
CenturyLink EW-2101IP Address:
Cerio DWL-810+IP Address:
Cirago P-2302RIP Address:
CISCO 2100 aka DPX2100IP Address:
CISCO 84cm Dish and Indoor UnitIP Address:
CISCO 857WIP Address:
CISCO 8742 (MW368R)IP Address:
CISCO AirLive N.PowerIP Address:
CISCO AP542IP Address:
CISCO DAP-1525IP Address:
CISCO DI-524UPIP Address:
CISCO DSL-600ERIP Address:
CISCO DSL-604TIP Address:
CISCO ELO WR100T (LNWR100T)IP Address:
CISCO EtherMaxIP Address:
CISCO ETR-9330IP Address:
CISCO MiFi2372IP Address:
CISCO MS-6809IP Address:
CISCO PW-3G401DIP Address:
CISCO RNX-EasyN4IP Address:
CISCO SMC2552WIP Address:
CISCO SMC2552W-G2IP Address:
CISCO SMC2555W-AGIP Address:
CISCO SMC2555W-AG2IP Address:
CISCO SMC2655WIP Address:
CISCO TD851WIP Address:
CISCO TD854WIP Address:
CISCO WBR-3406TXIP Address:
CISCO WBR-3408IP Address:
CISCO WBR-5050IP Address:
CISCO WBR-6603IP Address:
CISCO WCR-HP-G300IP Address:
CISCO WE800GIP Address:
CISCO XI-1500IP Address:
CISCO XMS-1008PIP Address:
CISCO ZC-3625-5-23IP Address:
ClearAccess ERT50IP Address:
CLEAR WMR1000GIP Address:
Cnet CopperJet 1610 6.1IP Address:
Cnet CopperJet 825 5.15IP Address:
Cnet CopperJet 826 5.15IP Address:
Cnet D24MIP Address:
Cnet D301IP Address:
Cnet DAP-1650IP Address:
Cnet DAP-1665IP Address:
Cnet DAP-2320IP Address:
Cnet DAP-2330IP Address:
Colubris Networks N3G002WIP Address:
Colubris Networks WBR-3800IP Address:
Compaq D151IP Address:
Compaq WNAP320IP Address:
Compex MWN-TR150NIP Address:
Compex MWN-WAPR300NIP Address:
Compex NW705PIP Address:
Compex NW725IP Address:
Compex NW725PIP Address:
Compex NWA1100-NIP Address:
Compex WRT54G v4 2.4IP Address:
CompUSA 5200SRDIP Address:
CompUSA CG2003DIP Address:
Comtrend AR-5389IP Address:
Comtrend DAP-1150IP Address:
Comtrend DAP-1155IP Address:
Comtrend DAP-1155 1.00IP Address:
Comtrend DAP-1160IP Address:
Comtrend DAP-1260LIP Address:
Comtrend DAP-1320IP Address:
Comtrend NXA-WAP250GIP Address:
Comtrend OfficeConnect 3CRWE454G72IP Address:
Comtrend WAP-0003IP Address:
Contec GS110TPIP Address:
Contec GT701IP Address:
Corega CopperJet 812 5.15IP Address:
Corega CopperJet 813 5.15IP Address:
Corega CopperJet 817 5.15IP Address:
Corega CopperJet 820 5.15IP Address:
Corega CopperJet 821 5.15IP Address:
Corega CopperJet 822 5.15IP Address:
Corega CopperJet 823 5.15IP Address:
Corega CopperJet 824 5.15IP Address:
Corsair WAP 4000IP Address:
Cradlepoint DAP-1350IP Address:
Cradlepoint DAP-1353IP Address:
Cradlepoint DAP-1360IP Address:
Cradlepoint JHR-N926RIP Address:
Cradlepoint MN-700IP Address:
Cradlepoint MNWAPBIP Address:
Cradlepoint MNWAPGRIP Address:
Cradlepoint MP 171 1IP Address:
Cradlepoint MP 2001SP MP 2501SP 1.00IP Address:
Cradlepoint PTI-7011NIP Address:
Cradlepoint PTI-8511NIP Address:
CREATIVE DAP-1533IP Address:
CREATIVE DAP-1555IP Address:
Cyberoam D302IP Address:
Cyberoam D6200IP Address:
Cyberoam D6300IP Address:
Cyberoam DA2154-V1IP Address:
CyberTAN WL-306IP Address:
CyberTAN WL-308IP Address:
CyberTAN WL-330gIP Address:
CyberTAN WL-8000AP Wireless GIP Address:
CyberTAN WRT55AGIP Address:
CyberTAN WRTSL54GSIP Address:
CyberTAN WRTU54G-TMIP Address:
D-Link ABR-4400IP Address:
D-Link AC1200IP Address:
D-Link AC1750IP Address:
D-Link AC1900 routerIP Address:
D-Link AC3150 routerIP Address:
D-Link AC3200 routerIP Address:
D-Link AL-2108IP Address:
D-Link DCM-604IP Address:
D-Link DCS-1000WIP Address:
D-Link DCS-2530L cameraIP Address:
D-Link DCS-5020LIP Address:
D-Link DCS-5025L cameraIP Address:
D-Link DCS-5030L cameraIP Address:
D-Link DCS-930LIP Address:
D-Link DCS-935L cameraIP Address:
D-Link DCS-936L cameraIP Address:
D-Link DCW615RIP Address:
D-Link DCW725IP Address:
D-Link DDR2200-CLIP Address:
D-Link DDW2600IP Address:
D-Link DDW2602IP Address:
D-Link Deskpoint WirelessIP Address:
D-Link DFL-1600 firewallIP Address:
D-Link DFL-210 firewallIP Address:
D-Link DFL-300 firewallIP Address:
D-Link DFL-80 firewallIP Address:
D-Link DFL-M510 firewallIP Address:
D-Link DG632IP Address:
D-Link DG814IP Address:
D-Link DG834GBIP Address:
D-Link DG834GT V1.03.87IP Address:
D-Link DG834GVIP Address:
D-Link DG834GVSPIP Address:
D-Link DG860P2IP Address:
D-Link DG950AIP Address:
D-Link DGFV114GIP Address:
D-Link DGFV338IP Address:
D-Link DGN2200MIP Address:
D-Link DGN3500IP Address:
D-Link DGND3300IP Address:
D-Link DGND3700IP Address:
D-Link DGND4000IP Address:
D-Link DHP-1320IP Address:
D-Link DHP-1565IP Address:
D-Link DHP-W306AVIP Address:
D-Link DI-102IP Address:
D-Link DI-634MIP Address:
D-Link DI-704PIP Address:
D-Link DI-707IP Address:
D-Link DI-711IP Address:
D-Link di3510IP Address:
D-Link DIR-120IP Address:
D-Link DIR-130IP Address:
D-Link DIR-280IP Address:
D-Link DIR-300 1IP Address:
D-Link DIR-320IP Address:
D-Link DIR-400IP Address:
D-Link DIR-410IP Address:
D-Link DIR-450IP Address:
D-Link DIR-456IP Address:
D-Link DIR-456UIP Address:
D-Link DIR-505IP Address:
D-Link DIR-506LIP Address:
D-Link DIR-513IP Address:
D-Link DIR-524IP Address:
D-Link DIR-600IP Address:
D-Link DIR-600 3.02IP Address:
D-Link DIR-600LIP Address:
D-Link DIR-601IP Address:
D-Link DIR-601LIP Address:
D-Link DIR-602IP Address:
D-Link DIR-602LIP Address:
D-Link DIR-604IP Address:
D-Link DIR-605IP Address:
D-Link DIR-605LIP Address:
D-Link DIR-614IP Address:
D-Link DIR-615IP Address:
D-Link DIR-615 1.0.0IP Address:
D-Link DIR-615 1.10(I)IP Address:
D-Link DIR-615 l1IP Address:
D-Link DIR-618IP Address:
D-Link DIR-619IP Address:
D-Link DIR-619LIP Address:
D-Link DIR-620IP Address:
D-Link DIR-625IP Address:
D-Link DIR-635IP Address:
D-Link DIR-651IP Address:
D-Link DIR-652IP Address:
D-Link DIR-653IP Address:
D-Link DIR-655IP Address:
D-Link DIR-660IP Address:
D-Link DIR-685IP Address:
D-Link DIR-802IP Address:
D-Link DIR-806AIP Address:
D-Link DIR-809IP Address:
D-Link DIR-818LIP Address:
D-Link DIR-825IP Address:
D-Link DIR-826LIP Address:
D-Link DIR-836LIP Address:
D-Link DIR-845LIP Address:
D-Link DIR-855LIP Address:
D-Link DIR-860LIP Address:
D-Link DIR-862LIP Address:
D-Link DIR-863IP Address:
D-Link DIR-869IP Address:
D-Link DIR-879IP Address:
D-Link DIR-885LIP Address:
D-Link DIR-890LIP Address:
D-Link DIR-895LIP Address:
D-Link DIR300IP Address:
D-Link DL-4302IP Address:
D-Link DL4304DIP Address:
D-Link DL4305IP Address:
D-Link DL4305DIP Address:
D-Link DL700IP Address:
D-Link DM11PIP Address:
D-Link DNS-120IP Address:
D-Link DNS-323IP Address:
D-Link DOMAIP Address:
D-Link DP-311PIP Address:
D-Link DP-311UIP Address:
D-Link DPC2203 1.1IP Address:
D-Link DPC2203 windows 7 1IP Address:
D-Link DPC3825IP Address:
D-Link DPC3825 3.02IP Address:
D-Link DPC3939IP Address:
D-Link DPC3941IP Address:
D-Link DPQ3212CIP Address:
D-Link DPR2320IP Address:
D-Link DPR2325R3 3IP Address:
D-Link DPR362IP Address:
D-Link DPX2100IP Address:
D-Link DR-E200WIP Address:
D-Link DreamPlugIP Address:
D-Link DRG A125GIP Address:
D-Link DRG A225G SAPOIP Address:
D-Link DS6800W 37IP Address:
D-Link DSA-3100IP Address:
D-Link DSA-3200IP Address:
D-Link DSA-5100IP Address:''randomly generated''
D-Link DSL-2500UIP Address:
D-Link DSL-2600UIP Address:
D-Link DSL-2640BIP Address:
D-Link DSL-2640B DSL-2640BIP Address:
D-Link DSL-2740RIP Address:
D-Link DSL-2750UIP Address:
D-Link DSL-N13IP Address:
D-Link DSL-N17UIP Address:
D-Link DSL-N55UIP Address:
D-Link DSL1000EW(L)IP Address:
D-Link DSL5005ENIP Address:
D-Link DSL5008ENIP Address:
D-Link DSM-G600IP Address:
D-Link DSR-1000IP Address:
D-Link DSR-1000NIP Address:
D-Link DSR-150NIP Address:
D-Link DSR-250NIP Address:
D-Link DT-200NIP Address:
D-Link Dual-Band Wi-Fi ExtenderIP Address:
D-Link DV 2211IP Address:
D-Link DV2211 modemIP Address:
D-Link DVA-G3304AIP Address:
D-Link DVA-G3342SDIP Address:
D-Link DVA-G3670BIP Address:
D-Link DVG-2001SIP Address:
D-Link DVG-2101SPIP Address:
D-Link DVG-N5402SPIP Address:
D-Link DWL-2210APIP Address:
D-Link DWL-2600APIP Address:
D-Link DWL-2700APIP Address:
D-Link DWL-3150IP Address:
D-Link DWL-7000APIP Address:
D-Link DWL-700APIP Address:
D-Link DWL-7100APIP Address:
D-Link DWL-7200APIP Address:
D-Link DWL-810IP Address:
D-Link DWL-AG700APIP Address:
D-Link DWL-G710IP Address:
D-Link DWL-G730APIP Address:
D-Link DWL-G800APIP Address:
D-Link DWL-G810IP Address:
D-Link DWL-G820IP Address:
D-Link DWRIP Address:
D-Link DWR-117IP Address:
D-Link DWR-512IP Address:
D-Link DWR-530IP Address:
D-Link DWR-555IP Address:
D-Link DWS-3600APIP Address:
D-Link DWS-6600APIP Address:
D-Link DWS-8600APIP Address:
D-Link DWW100IP Address:
D-Link DX-NRUTERIP Address:
D-Link DX-WEGRTRIP Address:
D-Link DX-WGRTRIP Address:
D-Link E153 11.609.18.21.135IP Address:
D-Link E1550IP Address:
D-Link E2500IP Address:
D-Link E3000IP Address:
D-Link E4200IP Address:
D-Link E583CIP Address:
D-Link E585IP Address:
D-Link E585u-82IP Address:
D-Link E800IP Address:
D-Link E960 STC FirmwareIP Address:
D-Link EA-AC87IP Address:
D-Link EA-N66IP Address:
D-Link EA7300IP Address:
D-Link EAP-3660IP Address:
D-Link EAP110IP Address:
D-Link EAP150IP Address:
D-Link EAP260IP Address:
D-Link EAP300IP Address:
D-Link EAP600IP Address:
D-Link EAP900IP Address:
D-Link EasyboxIP Address:
D-Link EBR-2310IP Address:
D-Link ECB-3220IP Address:
D-Link ECB-3500IP Address:
D-Link ECB600IP Address:
D-Link ECB7510IP Address:
D-Link ECB9500IP Address:
D-Link ECG9210-04IP Address:
D-Link EchoLife HG520sIP Address:
D-Link Echolife HG532IP Address:
D-Link EchoLife HG552aIP Address:
D-Link EPC2425 1.0IP Address:
D-Link M24MIP Address:
D-Link NB6PLUS4IP Address:
D-Link USR9108IP Address:
D-Link WAP200IP Address:
D-Link WF2415IP Address:
D-Link WF2419IP Address:
D-Link WF2481IP Address:
D-Link WF719-CAPRIP Address:
D-Link WFR11B-JPIP Address:
Dane-Elec MW305RIP Address:
DareGlobal DGL-3420IP Address:
DareGlobal DGN1000IP Address:
Dell R10000IP Address:
Dell Vigor 2110IP Address:
Dell Vigor 2130VnIP Address:
Dell Web Share RB Web Share RBIP Address:
Dell WLX302IP Address:
Diamond DWG875TIP Address:
DirecTV DGN2000IP Address:
Dovado 3G-6238GnIP Address:
Dovado 4G-AC55UIP Address:
Dovado DSL-3100RIP Address:
Dovado HG8010IP Address:
Dovado R3000IP Address:
Dovado TL-WR841NIP Address:
Dovado TL-WR841N 7.2IP Address:
Dovado Vigor 120IP Address:
Dovado WYR-G54IP Address:
Dovado WZR2-G300NIP Address:
DQ Technology WAG320NIP Address:
DQ Technology WAG325NIP Address:
DRAYTEK W30IP Address:
DRAYTEK W3002RIP Address:
DRAYTEK W300AIP Address:
DRAYTEK W302IP Address:
DRAYTEK W303RIP Address:
DRAYTEK W307RIP Address:
DRAYTEK W3100IP Address:
DRAYTEK W311RIP Address:
DRAYTEK W311R+IP Address:
DRAYTEK W330IP Address:
DRAYTEK W330RIP Address:
DRAYTEK W3400IP Address:
DRAYTEK W3400VIP Address:
DRAYTEK W368RIP Address:
DRAYTEK W430IP Address:
DRAYTEK W440AIP Address:
DRAYTEK W441AIP Address:
DRAYTEK W443DIP Address:
DRAYTEK W568RIP Address:
DRAYTEK W906IP Address:
DRAYTEK WA-1300IP Address:
DRAYTEK WA-1300 APIP Address:
DRAYTEK WA210IP Address:
Dynalink RT-N300IP Address:
Dynalink RT-N54UIP Address:
Dynalink RT-N66WIP Address:
Dynalink RTP300 w 2 phone ports 1IP Address:
Dynalink RTW010IP Address:
Dynalink RTW030IP Address:
Dynalink RV0041IP Address:
Dynalink RV042IP Address:
Dynalink RV215WIP Address:
Dynalink RV220WIP Address:
Dynex EdgeMarc 200AWIP Address:
Dynex EdgeRouterIP Address:
Dynex EG30WVIP Address:
E-TOP OTG CloudIP Address:
E-TOP Overdrive 3G 4G Mobile HotspotIP Address:
EasyAcc WMP-N12IP Address:
Eclipse WiFi F5D7634-4IP Address:
Edge-corE EPR2325R3 3IP Address:
Edgewater Networks ERB9250IP Address:
Edimax 3G-6200nIP Address:
Edimax 3G21WBIP Address:
Edimax 3G22WVIP Address:
Edimax AR7516AIP Address:
Edimax AR7WiIP Address:
Edimax Archer C2IP Address:
Edimax Archer VR900IP Address:
Edimax ARG-1220IP Address:
Edimax Aris Wireless Card for WindowsIP Address:
Edimax ARM904IP Address:
Edimax ARM914IP Address:
Edimax ARW800IP Address:
Edimax BR-6524nIP Address:
Edimax BR-6524WPIP Address:
Edimax BR-6574nIP Address:
Edimax BR-6675nDIP Address:
Edimax BR-6774IP Address:
Edimax BR-7209WGIP Address:
Edimax BR-N150IP Address:
Edimax BRB72nIP Address:
Edimax BRC-W108GIP Address:
Edimax BRC70nIP Address:
Edimax BRC76nIP Address:
Edimax BRD70nIP Address:
Edimax BRE70nIP Address:
Edimax BRF70nIP Address:
Edimax BRL-04CW-UIP Address:
Edimax BRL-04RIP Address:
Edimax BRL-04URIP Address:
Edimax BRT-AC828IP Address:
Edimax BSAP-1925IP Address:
Edimax BulletIP Address:
Edimax Bullet 2IP Address:
Edimax Bullet M2HPIP Address:
Edimax BW1230IP Address:
Edimax BW320IP Address:
Edimax BWA611BIP Address:
Edimax BWA711IP Address:
Edimax BWRG1000IP Address:
Edimax BWRG500IP Address:
Edimax C130AIP Address:
Edimax C1n Super WiFi CPE APIP Address:
Edimax C330IP Address:
Edimax DAP-1513IP Address:
Edimax F5D7634au4AIP Address:
Edimax F5D8230-4IP Address:
Edimax F5D8231au4IP Address:
Edimax F5D8233-4IP Address:
Edimax F5D8236-4IP Address:
Edimax F5D8236-4 V3 V3IP Address:
Edimax F5D8236au4IP Address:
Edimax F5D8630-4IP Address:
Edimax F5D8632au4AIP Address:
Edimax ZoneFlex 2942IP Address:
EDUP ESR9855GIP Address:
EDUP WebSTAR EPC2100R2 2IP Address:
eero IP806SMIP Address:
EHome ESR-1221IP Address:
Eltel F452IP Address:
Embarq EW2104IP Address:
EMC Tech N2100IP Address:
Emtac A14IP Address:
Enable Networks D90-327IP Address:
Encore ESR-6650IP Address:
Encore ESR-9710IP Address:
Encore ESR-9750IP Address:
Encore ESR-9750GIP Address:
Encore ESR600IP Address:
Encore ESR750IP Address:
Encore ESR7750IP Address:
Encore ESR900IP Address:
EnGenius E-Waste HotspotIP Address:
EnGenius ENRXWI-GIP Address:
EnGenius EOC-2610IP Address:
EnGenius EOC1650IP Address:
EnGenius EP-9501NIP Address:
EnGenius EPC2100IP Address:
EnGenius EPC2505 1IP Address:
EnGenius EPC3925IP Address:
EnGenius EPR2320R2 2IP Address:
EnGenius EPR2320R2 2.0IP Address:
EnGenius EPR2320R2 v2.0.2r1262-070212IP Address:
EnGenius epr2325r3IP Address:
EnGenius ESR-9752IP Address:
EnGenius ESR-9753IP Address:
EnGenius ESR1221NIP Address:
EnGenius ESR6650IP Address:
EnGenius ESR9850IP Address:
EnGenius EW-7203IP Address:
EnGenius EW-7206APgIP Address:
EnGenius EW-7316APnIP Address:
EnGenius EW-7336RPCIP Address:
EnGenius EW-7416APnIP Address:
EnGenius EW-7428HCnIP Address:
EnGenius EW-7438RPnIP Address:
EnGenius EW28650IP Address:
EnGenius EWL-A11IP Address:
EnGenius EWS-100IP Address:
EnGenius EWS-150gIP Address:
EnGenius EX6200IP Address:
EnGenius Exciter EXIP Address:
EnGenius F1PG200ENauIP Address:
EnGenius F1PG210ENauIP Address:
EnGenius F1PI241EGauIP Address:
EnGenius F1PI241ENauIP Address:
EnGenius F1PI242EGauIP Address:
EnGenius F2250IP Address:
EnGenius F300IP Address:
EnGenius F303IP Address:
EnGenius F5D5630au4IP Address:
EnGenius F5D7231-4IP Address:
EnGenius F5D7231-4PIP Address:
EnGenius F5D7233IP Address:
EnGenius F5D7630au4IP Address:
Enterasys ANG-1105IP Address:
Enterasys AOI-891IP Address:
EPoX F5D8633au4AIP Address:
Ericsson WAP300NIP Address:
Ericsson WAP3205 1.2.IP Address:
EXTREME NETWORKS Altitude 350-2IP Address:
FAST GN-BR402WIP Address:
FAST GR-1736IP Address:
FiberHome INNS04-4200-LAC V1.1CIP Address:
Fiberlogic MMC543AHVIP Address:
Firetide 1000SIP Address:
Firetide ISB SOHOIP Address:
Fitbit Aterm MR03LNIP Address:
Fon Wireless G-1000IP Address:
Fon Wireless MB8000IP Address:
Forbes F5D8633-4IP Address:
Fortinet FS-1130MFPIP Address:
Fortinet FS-4020DNIP Address:
Fortinet FS2E5WIP Address:
Fortinet G-2000 PlusIP Address:
Fortinet G-3000HIP Address:
Fortinet G-560IP Address:
Fortinet G-570SIP Address:
Fortinet G-570UIP Address:
Fortinet G204IP Address:
Fortinet GA-524WAIP Address:
Freecom SMCBR18VPNIP Address:
Freenet Vigor 2820nIP Address:
Freenet Vigor 2820VnIP Address:!
Freenet Vigor 2830nIP Address:
Fu Chan FWA-600NDIP Address:
Fu Chan FWAG114IP Address:
Fujitsu Siemens AP671WIP Address:
Gateway WF2412IP Address:
Gateway WL-5470IP Address:
Gateworks AWRO3101IP Address:
Gateworks B2004IP Address:
Gemtek ProCurve Wireless Access Point 530 NAIP Address:
Gemtek WLG-2207IP Address:''blank''
Gemtek ZoneFlex 7343IP Address:
Gemtek ZoneFlex 7363IP Address:
getnet GTV300IP Address:
Gigabyte HAW2R1IP Address:
Gigabyte HBI-200 rev AIP Address:
Gigabyte HC6361IP Address:
Gigabyte HD45IP Address:
Gigabyte HE102IP Address:
Gigabyte Hercules HWNAP-300IP Address:
Gigabyte Hercules HWNR-300IP Address:
Gigabyte Hercules HWNRi-300IP Address:
Gigabyte HG232fIP Address:
Gigabyte HG256sIP Address:
Gigabyte HG320IP Address:
Gigabyte HG530IP Address:
Gigabyte HG532IP Address:
Gigafast WL-106IP Address:
GlobalScale DSL-G624TIP Address:
GlobalScale SR10000 repeaterIP Address:
Global Sun GWA502IP Address:
Global Sun GWU627IP Address:
Global Sun GWU647IP Address:
Global Sun GX400IP Address:
Global Sun GX440IP Address:
Globespan All ModelsIP Address:
Grandstream iConnectAccess 612IP Address:
Guillemot iConnectAccess 625WIP Address:
Guillemot IG-4165IP Address:
Guillemot IG6600IP Address:
Hak5 WLG-2214IP Address:
Hame IP802SMIP Address:
Hame MZK-W04NUIP Address:
Hame WLG-2210IP Address:
Handlink WBR-3406IP Address:
Hawking iConnectAccess 621IP Address:
Hawking iConnectAccess 624WIP Address:
Hawking ISB2LANIP Address:
Hawking ISC2525 System v1.67 NIB v5.14 WIM v1.10IP Address:
Hawking JHR-AC865IP Address:
Hawking JHR-N805RIP Address:
Hawking WavespotIP Address:
Hitachi SMCBR24QIP Address:
Hitron CopperJet 815 5.15IP Address:
Hitron CopperJet 816 5.15IP Address:
HiWiFi iConnectAccess 624IP Address:
HooToo ISW054tIP Address:
HotBrick SR20000GIP Address:
HP ESR350IP Address:
HP R3010UW(AP)IP Address:
Huawei BiPAC 2073NIP Address:
Huawei BiPAC 643IP Address:
Huawei BiPAC 6600IP Address:
Huawei DAP-2565IP Address:
Huawei E-MSM466IP Address:
Huawei EGW1500EIP Address:
Huawei ENDSL-4R5GIP Address:
Huawei ENH210EXTIP Address:
Huawei ENHWI-3GN3IP Address:
Huawei EQ-660HWIP Address:
Huawei EQ-660RIP Address:
Huawei ERA150IP Address:
Huawei ERB300IP Address:
Huawei ESR-1220IP Address:
Huawei iConnectAccess 622IP Address:
Huawei Impress Pro digital sign boardIP Address:
Huawei infotec IS 2416LIP Address:
Huawei Internet RadioIP Address:
Huawei IP1006GA GBIP Address:''randomly generated''
Huawei IP1006RRIP Address:
Huawei IP Office 500IP Address:
Huawei R6400IP Address:
Huawei SMCWBR14IP Address:
Huawei XMS-1024IP Address:
Huawei XMS-1024PIP Address:
Huawei XMS-2624PIP Address:
Huawei XVW-P30IP Address:
Huawei XVW-P30EIP Address:
Hyoco KNR7TXDIP Address:
i-connect AP880GIP Address:
I-O DATA WR5502IP Address:
I-O DATA WRG (Wireless Residential Gateway)IP Address:
IBM DSL-G624MIP Address:
iBoss IP806GA GBIP Address:
IMAI VideoFlex 2825IP Address:
iNexQ (Unex) LP-8616IP Address:
Infotec KR1IP Address:
Infotec LP-8186IP Address:
innacomm WAP4410NIP Address:
innacomm WAP54GPIP Address:
innacomm WAP54GPEIP Address:
innoband 824RLWIP Address:
Intel AP-100IP Address:
Intel AP03 (KY669A)IP Address:
Intel AP1210IP Address:
Intelbras NTC-5908IP Address:
Intellicom NVG599IP Address:
Intellicom NW502IP Address:
Intelligent Technology GN-BR404WIP Address:
Intellinet 300NIP Address:
Intellinet 4430NFIP Address:
Intel WIMQ137AM routerIP Address:
Intel WNRT-627IP Address:
Intel XWC-1000IP Address:
IOGear HWR54GIP Address:
IOGear IAD WLAN 4421IP Address:
IOGear IAD WLAN 4421 modemIP Address:
iPSTAR 240cm Dish and Indoor UnitIP Address:
iPSTAR 812LIP Address:
ipTIME GT704WGRVIP Address:
ipTIME NBG-318SIP Address:
Itus Networks SMCBR14VPNIP Address:
JAHT WBR2-G54SIP Address:
JCG LP-8696CIP Address:
JCG LP-9186IP Address:
JCG lw050v2 2IP Address:
JCG lw050v2 2.0IP Address:
JCG LW055IP Address:
JCG LW1100APIP Address:
JCG LW310IP Address:
Juniper NWA1123-ACIP Address:
Juniper NWA1123-NIIP Address:
Juniper TD-W8900GIP Address:
Juniper TD-W8901GIP Address:
Juniper TD-W8920GIP Address:
Juniper TD-W8951NDIP Address:
Juniper TD-W8951ND 5.1IP Address:
Junxion BR-6479GnIP Address:
Kasda M10IP Address:
Kasda M1000IP Address:
Kasda M1000 modemIP Address:
Kasda Matrix 21IP Address:
Kasda MB6000IP Address:
Keebox WAP253IP Address:
Keyence NWH660IP Address:
Kingston M22MIP Address:
Konica 204c A08E-V100- 1IP Address:
Konica BR-6315IP Address:
Konica BR-6324nIP Address:
Konica BR-6424nIP Address:
Konica DIR-300IP Address:
Kozumi M20IP Address:
Kyocera GN-A16BIP Address:
Kyocera GN-AP01IP Address:
Kyocera m22-m m22-mIP Address:
Kyocera MAP-1600IP Address:
LaCie KR-1IP Address:
LanReady AP981WXIP Address:
LB-LINK BR-6475nDIP Address:
legrand DCH-M225IP Address:
Lenovo NWR04BIP Address:
LevelOne FVG318IP Address:
LevelOne FVS114IP Address:
LevelOne FVS318GIP Address:
LevelOne FVS318NIP Address:
LevelOne FVS336GIP Address:
LevelOne FVS338IP Address:
LevelOne FVW318IP Address:
LevelOne FW150RMIP Address:
LevelOne FW151AIP Address:
LevelOne WBR-3402AIP Address:
LevelOne WBR-3404TXIP Address:
LevelOne WBR-6002IP Address:
LevelOne WE826IP Address:
LevelOne WG-414B1IP Address:
LevelOne WG102IP Address:
LevelOne WG214-KIP Address:
LevelOne WG214AIP Address:
LevelOne WG2626IP Address:
LevelOne WG302IP Address:
LevelOne WG3526IP Address:
LevelOne WG602IP Address:
LevelOne WGE111IP Address:
LevelOne WGM124IP Address:
LevelOne WGR-200IP Address:
LevelOne WGR-6012IP Address:
LevelOne WGR-6013IP Address:
LevelOne WGR1004IP Address:
LevelOne WGR101IP Address:
LevelOne WGR612IP Address:
LevelOne WGR613VIP Address:
LevelOne WGR613VALIP Address:
LevelOne WGR614IP Address:
LevelOne WGR614LIP Address:
LevelOne WGR614 v5IP Address:
LevelOne WGR615VIP Address:
LevelOne WGT624IP Address:
LevelOne WGU624IP Address:
LevelOne WGV614-A3IP Address:
LevelOne WL-5470APIP Address:
LevelOne WL-5470POEIP Address:
LG-Ericsson WG1800HPIP Address:
LG-Ericsson WGA600NIP Address:
LG-Nortel ESR1750IP Address:
LG-Nortel ESR300IP Address:
LG MediaFlex 7211IP Address:
Linksys ADR-E200PIP Address:
Linksys Aficio MP 2510IP Address:
Linksys AG-168FCIP Address:
Linksys AG041IP Address:
Linksys AG241IP Address:
Linksys AM300IP Address:
Linksys BiPAC 7404VGOXIP Address:
Linksys BiPAC 7600NXIP Address:
Linksys BiPAC 7800IP Address:
Linksys CopperJet 827 5.15IP Address:
Linksys EH100IP Address:
Linksys EIR900IP Address:
Linksys ELO WR300N (LNWR300N)IP Address:
Linksys ENHWI-2AN3IP Address:
Linksys ENHWI-G3IP Address:
Linksys MBR1000IP Address:
Linksys MBR1200IP Address:
Linksys P.DG A4010G 1IP Address:
Linksys RouterBOARD 951IP Address:
Linksys RouterBOARD Groove 52HPnIP Address:
Linksys RouterBOARD hAPIP Address:
Linksys RT-N15IP Address:
Linksys RT-N15UIP Address:
Linksys SmartAX MT880IP Address:
Linksys SMC2404WBRIP Address:
Linksys SMC2552W-GIP Address:
Linksys SMC2671WIP Address:
Linksys SMCWBR11S-3GNIP Address:
Linksys SR500 Broadband IP Gateway 5.0 and upIP Address:
Linksys SR505NIP Address:
Linksys TD-8610IP Address:
Linksys TD-8610BIP Address:
Linksys TD-8616IP Address:
Linksys TD-8616BIP Address:
Linksys TD-8810IP Address:
Linksys TD-8811IP Address:
Linksys TD-8816BIP Address:
Linksys TD-8817BIP Address:
Linksys TD-8840IP Address:
Linksys TD-8840BIP Address:
Linksys TD-8840TBIP Address:
Linksys TD-W8101G v1IP Address:
Linksys TD-W8101G v3IP Address:
Linksys TD-W8151NIP Address:
Linksys WBMR-HP-GNIP Address:
Linksys WBR-100IP Address:
Linksys WBR-1310IP Address:
Linksys WBR-2310IP Address:
Linksys WBR-2310 a1 1.02IP Address:
Linksys WBR-2310 revBIP Address:
Linksys WBR-2400TXIP Address:
Linksys WBR-3600IP Address:
Linksys WBR-6005IP Address:
Linksys WBR-6600IP Address:
Linksys WBR-6601IP Address:
Linksys WBR-6800IP Address:
Linksys WBR-6802IP Address:
Linksys WBR-6803IP Address:
Linksys WBR-B11IP Address:
Linksys wbr14-3gnIP Address:
Linksys WBR2-G54IP Address:
Linksys WBR2100AFNIP Address:
Linksys WCA-GIP Address:
Linksys WCG200IP Address:
Linksys WCR-300SIP Address:
Linksys WD-N2IP Address:
Linksys WHR-G125IP Address:
Linksys windows xp AR410IP Address:
Linksys wl-108IP Address:
Linksys WL-500bIP Address:
Linksys WL-530gIP Address:
Linksys WL400IP Address:
Linksys WL5041IP Address:
Linksys WR100IP Address:''randomly generated''
Linksys WR114IP Address:''randomly generated''
Linksys WRT54GHIP Address:
Linksys WXR-1900IP Address:
Linksys WZR-600IP Address:
Linksys WZR-AG300NHIP Address:
Linksys WZR-G108IP Address:
Linksys WZR-HP-G300NHIP Address:
Linksys WZR-HP-G54IP Address:
Linksys X11IP Address:
Linksys X150NIP Address:
Linksys X3500IP Address:
Linksys X5671IP Address:
Linksys XAP-1010IP Address:
Linksys XAP-1020IP Address:
Linksys XAP-1030IP Address:
Linksys XAP-1032IP Address:
Linksys XAP-1040IP Address:
Linksys XAP-1050IP Address:
Linksys XAP-1200IP Address:
Linksys XAP-1230IP Address:
Linksys XAP-1500IP Address:
Linksys XAP-310IP Address:
Linksys XBR-2300IP Address:
Linksys XBR-4400IP Address:
Linksys XC-DPG402IP Address:
Linksys XC-DPG502IP Address:
Linksys XC-DPG503IP Address:
Linksys XC-DPG602IP Address:
Linksys XC-DPG603IP Address:
Linksys XFS-1816PIP Address:
Linksys XG-580IP Address:
Linksys XMS-1010PIP Address:
Linksys XWR-1750IP Address:
Linksys XWS-1310IP Address:
Linksys ZGR304FIP Address:
Linksys ZyAIR B-420IP Address:
Linksys ZyAIR B-500IP Address:
Loopcomm MBR624GUIP Address:
Loopcomm MBR900IP Address:
Loopcomm MBR95IP Address:
Loopcomm MBRN3000IP Address:
Loopcomm ME101IP Address:
Loopcomm ME102IP Address:
Loopcomm ME103IP Address:
LUCENT AU802CIP Address:
Luxul AAM6020VI-FIIP Address:
Luxul AMS-4424PIP Address:
LyconSys EW-7206CgIP Address:
LyconSys EW-7238RPDIP Address:
MacSense XWL-11bRRGIP Address:
Magnavox TEW-510APBIP Address:
Manhattan ABR-241IP Address:
Maxon F5D5730auIP Address:
McAfee SMC7904WBRAIP Address:
MediaLink N80IP Address:
MediaLink N8004RIP Address:
MediaLink NA8300IP Address:
Meraki MW300RIP Address:
Meraki N150RIP Address:
Meraki N150RTIP Address:
MERCURY N450RIP Address:
Micronica SR20000G repeaterIP Address:
Micronica SR300IP Address:
Microsoft MWN-WAPR300NEIP Address:
Microsoft MWR102IP Address:
Microsoft My Net AC BridgeIP Address:
Mikrotik HL105EWIP Address:
Mikrotik MW411AP plusIP Address:
Mikrotik RNX-EasyN400IP Address:
Mikrotik RNX-G40IP Address:
Mikrotik RNX-GX4IP Address:
Mikrotik RNX-N300RTIP Address:
Mikrotik RNX-N360RTIP Address:
Mikrotik RNX-N4IP Address:
Mikrotik RNX-N400LXIP Address:
Mikrotik RNX-N4PSIP Address:
Mikrotik Rocket M2 TitaniumIP Address:
Mikrotik RouterBOARD 411IP Address:
Mikrotik RouterBOARD 532IP Address:
Mikrotik RouterBOARD 600IP Address:
Mikrotik RouterBOARD 750IP Address:
Mikrotik RouterBOARD 751IP Address:
Mikrotik RT-AC1200IP Address:
Mikrotik RT-AC1900IP Address:
Mikrotik RT-AC3100IP Address:
Mikrotik RT-AC51UIP Address:
Mikrotik RT-AC52IP Address:
Mikrotik RT-AC53IP Address:
Mikrotik RT-AC54UIP Address:
Mikrotik RT-AC56IP Address:
Mikrotik RT-AC58UIP Address:
Mikrotik RT-AC68IP Address:
Mikrotik RTA770IP Address:
Mikrotik RTA770WIP Address:
Mikrotik SMC7901BRA2IP Address:
Mikrotik TEW-732BRIP Address:
Mikrotik Windows 7 v5.22IP Address:
Mikrotik WLI-TX4-AG300NIP Address:
Mikrotik WLN-2223IP Address:
MILAN MVBR1210CIP Address:
Minitar MXP802NRTRIP Address:
Minitar My Net AC1300IP Address:
Minitar My Net N600 (D2F)IP Address:
Minitar N3G9W Supplied by TelstraIP Address:
MITEL 4GM3W-01IP Address:
Mitsumi Electric WET610NIP Address:
MMC Technology N60IP Address:
Mobotix DAP-2553IP Address:
Mobotix DAP-2590IP Address:
Mobotix DAP-2660IP Address:
Mobotix DAP-2695IP Address:
Mobotix DAP-3220IP Address:
Mobotix MF62IP Address:
Mobotix MI424WRIP Address:
Mobotix MIL-W2332GIP Address:
Mobotix MiniIP Address: 8 digit dispaly on the LCD
Mobotix MJ-2n1W-CIP Address:
Mobotix RB750 4.1IP Address:
Mobotix RB750GIP Address:
Mobotix SMC2804WBRIP Address:
Modou MiFi2200IP Address:
Monoprice 8520-B1IP Address:
Monster Digital P-870HN-51bIP Address:
Motorola 2247-N8IP Address:
Motorola 3347-02-100QIP Address:
Motorola CG3000D-RGIP Address:
Motorola CG3100IP Address:
Motorola D22MIP Address:
Motorola P-2302RLIP Address:
Motorola SMC2804WBRP-GIP Address:
Motorola SMC2804WBRP-G BARRICADE gIP Address:
Motorola TE1088IP Address:''randomly generated''
Motorola TEG-240WSIP Address:
Motorola TEW-211BRPIP Address:
Motorola TEW-231BRPIP Address:
Motorola TEW-311BRPIP Address:
Motorola TEW-410APBIP Address:
Motorola TEW 432BRPIP Address:
Motorola WBA-200IP Address:
Motorola Wi-Fi DiskIP Address:
Motorola WV-C800APNIP Address:
MQmaker WMQ137AMIP Address:
MSI N22113B A2.00IP Address:''unit's serial number''
MSI N3IP Address:''unit's serial number''
MSI N300RIP Address:
MSI N300 rev.AIP Address:
MSI N301IP Address:
MSI RG70SEIP Address:
MSI RP-AC68UIP Address:
MSI RP-N12IP Address:
MSI RP-N14IP Address:
MSI RT-200GIP Address:
MSI RT1900acIP Address:
MSI RT2600acIP Address:
MSI RT311IP Address:
MultiTech Systems RP101IP Address:
National Datacomm P660HWIP Address:
n a WAG54GP2IP Address:
NEC Avila GW2342IP Address:
NEC Avila GW2345IP Address:
NEC AWL500IP Address:
NEC AWL700IP Address:
NEC PT-3808IP Address:
NEC RT314IP Address:
NEC WL-183IP Address:
NEC WL-304IP Address:
Netcomm 3G-6200nLIP Address:
Netcomm 3G150SIP Address:
Netcomm 3G17WnIP Address:
Netcomm 3G17WVIP Address:
Netcomm 3G18WnIP Address:
Netcomm 3G18WVIP Address:
Netcomm 3GNIP Address:
Netcomm 3G Wireless Router MiFi H1IP Address:
Netcomm 4506 3G Wireless-N Travel RouterIP Address:
Netcomm 4G600IP Address:
Netcomm HT-TMIP Address:
Netcomm NB7IP Address:
Netcomm NB750IP Address:
Netcomm NB7PLUS4WIP Address:
Netcomm NB8WIP Address:
Netcomm NBG-416NIP Address:
Netcomm NBG-417NIP Address:
Netcomm NBG-418NIP Address:
Netcomm NBG-419NIP Address:
Netcomm NBG4104IP Address:
Netcomm NBG420NIP Address:
Netcomm NBG4604IP Address:
Netcomm NBG460NIP Address:
Netcomm NBG4615IP Address:
Netcomm NBG5615IP Address:
Netcomm NBG6503IP Address:
Netcomm NBG6515IP Address:
Netcomm NBG6616IP Address:
Netcomm NBG6815IP Address:
Netcomm NBG6816IP Address:
Netcomm NBOXIP Address:
Netcomm NC316PWIP Address:
Netcomm NCS801AIP Address:
Netcomm NE-W01EIP Address:
Netcomm Nebula 150IP Address:
Netcomm Netbiter webSCADA WS100IP Address:
Netcomm Netbiter webSCADA WS200IP Address:
Netcomm NetbuilderIP Address:
Netcomm NetDSL 1760IP Address:
Netcomm NetPassage 15IP Address:
Netcomm NetPassage 15BIP Address:
Netcomm NetPassage 15BRIP Address:
Netcomm NetPassage 18IP Address:
Netcomm NetScreen-25IP Address:
Netcomm NetScreen-5GTIP Address:
Netcomm NetVanta 150IP Address:
Netcomm Networking GatewayIP Address:
Netcomm NewifiIP Address:
Netcomm NexConnectIP Address:
Netcomm ORiNOCO AP-200IP Address:
Netcomm ORiNOCO AP-200 APIP Address:
Netcomm Orinoco AP-4000 802.11a b gIP Address:
Netcomm ORiNOCO AP-600IP Address:
Netcomm ORiNOCO AP-700IP Address:
Netcomm P-1302-T10BIP Address:
Netcomm VSG1432 Telus ADSLIP Address:
Netcomm VWR-VRIP Address:
Netcomm VWRT510IP Address:
Netcomm VXT1025IP Address:
Netcore P-2812HNUIP Address:
Netcore P-320WIP Address:
Netcore P-330WIP Address:
Netcore P-334WTIP Address:
Netcore P-623IP Address:
Netcore P-645IP Address:
Netgear 130BNHMWIP Address:
Netgear CDR-905IP Address:
Netgear CopperJet 409 5.16IP Address:
Netgear CopperJet 412 5.16IP Address:
Netgear CopperJet 416 1.1IP Address:
Netgear CopperJet 417 1.1IP Address:
Netgear CopperJet 422 5.16IP Address:
Netgear CopperJet 426 1.1IP Address:
Netgear CopperJet 427 1.1IP Address:
Netgear CopperJet 810 5.15IP Address:
Netgear CopperJet 811 5.15IP Address:
Netgear CopperJet 814 5.15IP Address:
Netgear CopperJet 828 5.15IP Address:
Netgear DAP-1522IP Address:
Netgear DB108-WLIP Address:
Netgear DB120-WGIP Address:
Netgear DI-713IP Address:
Netgear DI-714IP Address:
Netgear DI-724UIP Address:
Netgear DI-774IP Address:
Netgear DI-784IP Address:
Netgear DI-804VIP Address:
Netgear DI-808HVIP Address:
Netgear DI-824VUPIP Address:
Netgear DI-LB604IP Address:
Netgear DIR-100IP Address:
Netgear DIR-645LIP Address:
Netgear DSL-2730U C1IP Address:
Netgear F5D7330IP Address:
Netgear F5D8636-4IP Address:
Netgear GL2411RT-0BIP Address:
Netgear GN-AP03GIP Address:!orbp2e
Netgear GN-AP101BIP Address:
Netgear GN-B41GIP Address:
Netgear GN-B49GIP Address:
Netgear GN-BC01IP Address:
Netgear GN-BR01GIP Address:
Netgear GN-BR33V-RHIP Address:
Netgear GO (DGO)IP Address:
Netgear HM-432RIP Address:
Netgear iConnectAccess 625IP Address:
Netgear LP-8616CIP Address:
Netgear LW310V2IP Address:
Netgear LWO50v2 nr 924330268IP Address:
Netgear M1IP Address:
Netgear MB6800IP Address:
Netgear MBR1200BIP Address:
Netgear MO200IP Address:
Netgear MOR600IP Address:
Netgear Most Camera ModelsIP Address:
Netgear Most UTM Devices (TZ PRO NSA)IP Address:''randomly generated''
Netgear MPR-A1IP Address:
Netgear MR-105NIP Address:
Netgear MR-108NIP Address:
Netgear MR3202AIP Address:
Netgear N4100IP Address:
Netgear R36IP Address:
Netgear RG-A100LIP Address:
Netgear RG60SEIP Address:
Netgear RM5-TiIP Address:
Netgear RN243R4IP Address:
Netgear RouterBOARD hEXIP Address:
Netgear RT-ACRH13IP Address:
Netgear RT-CNL-WL-N-SW4IP Address:
Netgear RT-N10IP Address:
Netgear RT-N13IP Address:
Netgear RT-N14UIP Address:
Netgear TD-W8901G 1GIP Address:
Netgear TD-W8901G v6IP Address:
Netgear TD-W8960NIP Address:
Netgear TEW-452BRPIP Address:''randomly generated''
Netgear W150DIP Address:
Netgear W150NRIP Address:
Netgear WBMR-G300NIP Address:
Netgear WBMR-HP-G300HIP Address:
Netgear WBR-1310 2.0IP Address:
Netgear WL-320gIP Address:
Netgear WL-330NIP Address:
Netgear WL-351IP Address:
Netgear WL-500g PremiumIP Address:
Netgear WL-500WIP Address:
Netgear WL-520gIP Address:
Netgear WL-530gV2IP Address:
Netgear WL-550gEIP Address:
Netgear WL-566gIP Address:
Netgear WL-600gIP Address:
Netgear WL-607IP Address:
Netgear WL-700gEIP Address:
Netgear WL-8000APIP Address:
Netgear WL1100B-ARIP Address:
Netgear WL151N-ARIP Address:
Netgear WL556EIP Address:
Netgear WL559EIP Address:
Netgear WL580EIP Address:
Netgear WLA2-G54CIP Address:
Netgear WLAE-AG300NIP Address:
Netgear WR-4457IP Address:
Netgear WR300NIP Address:
Netgear WR300NQIP Address:
Netgear WR514RIP Address:
Netgear WR514VNIP Address:
Netgear WR5201IP Address:
Netgear WR5204IP Address:
Netgear WR5204UIP Address:
Netgear WR5207IP Address:
Netgear WR5208IP Address:
Netgear WR5210IP Address:
Netgear WR5560IP Address:
Netgear WR750RIP Address:
Netgear WR750RLIP Address:
Netgear WR750RLDIP Address:
Netgear WR7800HIP Address:
Netgear WR850GPIP Address:
Netgear WR850RIP Address:
Netgear WR850RDIP Address:
Netgear WR850RLIP Address:
Netgear WR850RLDIP Address:
Netgear WR861RIP Address:
Netgear WRC-1000IP Address:
Netgear WRE2205IP Address:
Netgear WRE54GIP Address:
Netgear WRGIP Address:
Netgear WRK54GIP Address:
Netgear WRT-383UIP Address:
Netgear WRT160NIP Address:
Netgear WRT160NLIP Address:
Netgear WRT300N-D6IP Address:
Netgear WRT350NIP Address:
Netgear WRT400IP Address:
Netgear WRT54G-RGIP Address:
Netgear WRT54G-TMIP Address:
Netgear WRT54GS2IP Address:
Netgear WRT54GXIP Address:
Netis DSL-2640RIP Address:
Netis DSL-2640T 1.00(1)IP Address:
Netis DSL-2640UIP Address:
Netis DSL-2642BIP Address:
Netis Wi-Stor WizardIP Address:
Netis WIP-301IP Address:
Netis WIP181AMIP Address:
Netis Wireless 2350IP Address:
Netis Wireless Broadband Base Station-gIP Address:
Netis WireSpeed 2410IP Address:
Netis WiTi BoardIP Address:
Netis WIXFBR-117IP Address:
Netis WL-105bIP Address:
Netopia 3347NWGIP Address:
Netopia CG3000DIP Address:
Netronix WAP-300BGNIP Address:
Netronix WAP200EIP Address:
Netronix WAP551IP Address:
Netronix WAP55AGIP Address:
Netronix WAP5605IP Address:
Netronix WAP561IP Address:
Netronix WF-2403IP Address:
Network Everywhere P-660HWIP Address:
Network Everywhere P-660HW t1IP Address:
Newer Technology NB1IP Address:
Nexaira NWR11BIP Address:
NEXIOM VFG6005NIP Address:
NexLand LiteStation5IP Address:
NexLand LP-7316HIP Address:
NexLand R3010SUWIP Address:
NexLand R3010UWIP Address:
Nexxt Solutions AC750IP Address:
Nexxt Solutions ACM5004-GIP Address:
Nexxt Solutions NVG595IP Address:
Nexxt Solutions QBR-2041WWIP Address:
Nexxt Solutions WAG310GIP Address:
NEXX Wireless XWL-11GRARIP Address:
Nexx XWL-11GRIXIP Address:
Nexx XWR100IP Address:
No Geek Needed OfficeConnect 3CRWE52196IP Address:
Novatel MV430IP Address:
Novatel Wireless MV440IP Address:
Novatel Wireless MVA11AIP Address:
Oki BiGuard S6000IP Address:
Oki BiPAC 5200G R4IP Address:
Oki BiPAC 6200NXLIP Address: 6 characters (chars uppercased) from MAC Address
Oki BiPAC 6300VNOZIP Address:
Oki CDM532AM-001IP Address:
Oki CDR-780seuIP Address:
Oki CDW531AMIP Address:
Oki CDW531AM CDE531AMIP Address:
Oki CellPipe 7130 RG 5Ae.A2010IP Address:
Oki CG2003IP Address:
Oki NB604NIP Address:
olitec TEW-411BRPIP Address:
On Networks NB5PLUS4WIP Address:
On Networks NB6PLUS4WNIP Address:
Open 5000 Address:
Open 782iIP Address:
Open 802AAIP Address:
Opengear AC5300 routerIP Address:
Open JHR-N926R+IP Address:
Open JHR-N936RIP Address:
Open JNR3210IP Address:
Open JR6100IP Address:
Open JWNR2000IP Address:
Open KA1200IP Address:
Open KA1750IP Address:
Open KA1900IP Address:
Option GXV3175IP Address:
Ovislink airGatewayIP Address:
Ovislink AirLink HelixIP Address:
Ovislink AirLive G.DUOIP Address:
Ovislink AP60IP Address:
Ovislink F5D7630-4AIP Address:
Ovislink GT701WGIP Address:
Ovislink NB504IP Address:
Ovislink NB5540IP Address:
Ovislink NB9WIP Address:
Ovislink TC8305CIP Address:
Ovislink WNDAP620IP Address:
Ovislink WNDAP620 APIP Address:
Ovislink WNDAP660IP Address:
Ovislink WNIR3300IP Address:
Ovislink WNP1000IP Address:
Ovislink WR214CIP Address:
Ovislink WR214EIP Address:
Ovislink WR300NRIP Address:
Ovislink WR514AIP Address:
Pace 3GO11IP Address:
Panasonic MB7900IP Address:
Panasonic ZoneFlex 7055IP Address:
Paradigm RAN201IP Address:
Paradigm RB 411IP Address:
ParkerVision WRTP54GIP Address:
Parrot AR.DroneIP Address:
PePLink TD-WDR4300IP Address:
Pepwave TD-WR541GIP Address:
Pheenet WEAP2011IP Address:
PHICOMM GR2512IP Address:
PHICOMM Groove 5HnIP Address:
Philips DSL-N12UIP Address:
Pirelli A1034IP Address:
Pirelli DSL-G804VIP Address:
Pirelli DSL-N11IP Address:
Pirelli PA-WR8170N-HPIP Address:
Pirelli PCWA-A500IP Address:
Pirelli R250IP Address:
Planet W141AIP Address:
Planet WBR-3020IP Address:
Planet WBR-6020IP Address:
Planet WHRTC-100GWIP Address:
Planet WRT-410IP Address:
Planet WRT54AGIP Address:
Planet X7968IP Address:
Planex BR-6428HPnIP Address:
Planex BR-6428nIP Address:
Planex C-75 APIP Address:
Planex Caiman 3200 3200IP Address:
Planex Canopy 5.7 GHzIP Address:
Planex Canopy 900 MHzIP Address:
Planex NB2800IP Address:
Planex NB3000IP Address:
Planex NB3100IP Address:
Planex NB3300IP Address:
Planex NB4IP Address:
PRO-NETS Wavit11IP Address:
PRO-NETS WB-460IP Address:
PRO-NETS WB1000IP Address:
PRO-NETS WS-437-1IP Address:
PRO-NETS WS4000IP Address:
PRO-NETS WS831IP Address:
PRO-NETS WV-NP240 244 V1.25-V1.50IP Address:
PRO-NETS WVC200IP Address:
PRO-NETS WVC210IP Address:
PRO-NETS WX-1590MIP Address:
PRO-NETS WX-2211IP Address:
PRO-NETS WX-5801IP Address:
PRO-NETS WX-5803IP Address:
Procomp RB-1232IP Address:
Prolink WL-520GUIP Address:
Prolink WRT150NIP Address:
Pronto Networks WES610NIP Address:
Proware RB1100IP Address:
Proware RB1100AHIP Address:
Proware RB133IP Address:
Proware RB433IP Address:
Proware RB450IP Address:
Proware RB493IP Address:
Proxim AP-2000 APIP Address:
Proxim AP-600IP Address:
Proxim AP-8000IP Address:
Proxim AP411WIP Address:
Proxim P-780IP Address:
Proxim P-794MIP Address:
Proxim P74476auIP Address:
Proxim SMCD3G-CCRIP Address:
Proxim SMCD3GNIP Address:
QNAP Vigor 2200USBIP Address:
QTECH RB751G-2HnDIP Address:
QTECH RB751U-2HnDIP Address:
Quick Eagle Networks DSL-2730BIP Address:
RadioLabs BEFCMUH4IP Address:
RCA DI-524IP Address:''blank''
RCA DI-524 802.11g 2.46hzIP Address:
ReadyNet WAP131IP Address:
ReadyNet WS319IP Address:
ReadyNet WZR-HP-G302HIP Address:
ReadyNet X3000IP Address:
RealTek SextantIP Address:
RFNet APRT-2001gIP Address:
Ricoh 3235cIP Address:
Ricoh 3GT1WNIP Address:
Ricoh AeroGuard AGN1202IP Address:
Ricoh AFIP Address:
Ricoh aficio 1027IP Address:
Ricoh MZK-RP150NIP Address:
Ricoh MZK-W04NIP Address: or 12345
Ricoh Overdrive Pro 3G 4G Mobile HotspotIP Address:
Rocketfish RP114IP Address:
Rosewill RT514CIP Address:
Rosewill RTA100IP Address:
Rosewill RTA1030WIP Address:
Rosewill RTA1046VWIP Address:
Rosewill RTA1335IP Address:
Rosewill RTA15IP Address:
Rosewill RTA220IP Address:
Rosewill RTA300IP Address:
Rosewill TEW-436BRMIP Address:
Rosewill TEW-450APB C1.0RIP Address:
Ruckus Wireless MR62IP Address:
Ruckus Wireless MR66IP Address:
Ruckus Wireless MS-5400RIP Address:
Ruckus Wireless W1800RIP Address:
Ruckus Wireless W200IP Address:
Ruckus Wireless W2914NSIP Address:
Runtop WRT600IP Address:
Runtop WS330IP Address:
Runtop XR-1000H SeriesIP Address:
Sagemcom SMC7004VWBRIP Address:
Samsung DAP-2360IP Address:
Samsung SMC2890W-ANIP Address:
Samsung SR101 3.45.1133.RIP Address:
SAPIDO BR-6524KIP Address:
SAPIDO HHG2500IP Address:
Scientific 877WIP Address:
Scientific 881-WIP Address:
Scientific Atlanta DSL-AC68UIP Address:
Scientific Atlanta DSL-G31IP Address:
Scientific Atlanta DSL-G604TIP Address:
Scientific DSL-504GIP Address:
Scientific DSL-526BIP Address:
Scientific DSL-EasyBox 803IP Address:
Scientific ET5300IP Address:
Scientific ETA1305IP Address:
Scientific EtherPortalIP Address:
Scientific ETR-9350IP Address:
Scientific ETR-9360IP Address:
Scientific EVG2000IP Address:
Scientific evo-w301ar 1IP Address:
Scientific EVR100IP Address:
Scientific SMC7901BRAIP Address:
Scientific windows xpIP Address:
Securifi AlmondIP Address:
Senao 2611CB3+DIP Address:
SENAO WF2471IP Address:
SENAO WGE101IP Address:
SerComm AP300IP Address:
SerComm AP541NIP Address:
SerComm KW5813IP Address:
SerComm KWGR614IP Address:
SerComm KX-TGP500IP Address:
SerComm La Fonera 2.0g FON2202IP Address:
SerComm LAPAC1200IP Address:
SerComm LAPAC1750IP Address:
SerComm LG6100DIP Address:
SerComm LinkMax HSA300A-2IP Address:
SerComm LinkStationIP Address:
SerComm LiteStation2IP Address:
SerComm NVG510IP Address:
SerComm R60GIP Address:
SerComm RT-AC85IP Address:
Shenzhen Anbash Technology NUS1000IP Address:
Shenzhen Cepa China WAPA-118GDIP Address:
Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics GW5051IP Address:
Shenzhen MTN Electronics WRT610NIP Address:
Siemens GW6000IP Address:
Siemens SMC7004WFWIP Address:
Siemens SRW2008MPIP Address:
Siemens SRW2008PIP Address:
Siemens SRW2016IP Address:
Siemens TD-W8901NIP Address:
Siemens TD-W8901N 1.0IP Address:
Siemens TD-W8920IP Address:
Siemens TEW-411BRP+IP Address:
Siemens TEW-431BRPIP Address:
Sierra AIR-AP342E2CUSIP Address:
Sierra AirCard 753SIP Address:
Sierra AirCard 760S TelstraIP Address:
Sierra IBR600EIP Address:
Sierra iConnectAccess 611IP Address:
Sitecom WMR-300IP Address:
Sitecom WMU-6500FSIP Address:
Sitecom WMU-9000IP Address:
Sitecom WN-200RIP Address:
Sitecom WN-220ARMIP Address:
Sitecom WN-G54 R3IP Address:
Sitecom WN2000RPTIP Address:
Sitecom WN203IP Address:
Sitecom WN2500RPIP Address:
Sitecom WNAP210IP Address:
Sitecom WPL-05G300IP Address:
Sitecom WPN802IP Address:
Sitecom WPN824IP Address:
Sitecom WPN824NIP Address:''randomly generated''
Sky T2200HIP Address:
SmartRG TC7200IP Address:
SmartRG TC8717CIP Address:
SmartRG TD5136IP Address:
SmartRG WRT54GX4IP Address:
SMC 6404VPIP Address:
SMC BiPAC 7202GIP Address:
SMC My Net N900IP Address:
SMC SMCWBR14-N2IP Address:
SMC SMCWBR14-N5IP Address:
SMC Smile PlugIP Address:
SMC SMT-R2000IP Address:
SMC SoHo 401WIP Address:
SMC SOHOmate HiP-400IP Address:
SMC SOHOmate WiP-400IP Address:
SMC Sonic 4G Mobile HotspotIP Address:
SMC SP916GLIP Address:
SMC SPA-2100IP Address:
SMC SPA2102IP Address:
SMC Speedport W500VIP Address:
SMC Speedport W700VIP Address:
SMC Speedport W701VIP Address:
SMC Speedport W723VIP Address:
SMC SpeedStream 4200 BigpondIP Address:
SMC SpeedStream 4200 GenericIP Address:
SMC SpeedStream 4200 OptusNetIP Address:
SMC SpeedTouchIP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch 510IP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch 516 MostIP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch 530IP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch 536IP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch 536 Bigpond firmwareIP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch 536 MostIP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch 536 v6IP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch 536 v6 Telstra firmwareIP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch 546IP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch 546 MostIP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch 546 v6IP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch 570IP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch 576 1.7IP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch 580IP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch 580 MostIP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch 585IP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch 585 MostIP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch 716v5IP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch 780 WLIP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch 780 WL SSID.SpeedTouchBIP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch HomeIP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch ProIP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch Pro 4-PortIP Address:
SMC SpeedTouch Pro 4-Port FWIP Address:
SMC Spot VoyagerIP Address:
SMC SR10000IP Address:
SMC WF2420IP Address:
SOHOware ADSL2MUEIP Address:
Sonicwall APL11-031IP Address:
Sonicwall APL14-034IP Address:
Sonicwall MZK-MR150IP Address:
Sonicwall Vigor 2700GIP Address:
Sonicwall Vigor 2700GeIP Address:
Sonicwall Vigor 2700VGIP Address:
Sonicwall Vigor 2710IP Address:
Sony PT-3812IP Address:
Soundwin WAP-3000IP Address:
Soyo BF4S16E5WIP Address:
SparkLAN XDX-RN502JIP Address:
SparkLAN ZoneFlex 7321IP Address:
SparkLAN ZoneFlex 7352IP Address:
SparkLAN ZoneFlex 7372IP Address:
SparkLAN ZoneFlex 7372-EIP Address:
Sprint P-873HNUP-51BIP Address:
Sprint P-964APRIP Address:
Strix Systems F5D8635-4IP Address:
Strix Systems F5D8635au4AIP Address:
Sweex MediaAccess TC8706CIP Address:
Sweex MediaFlex 2111 (VF2111)IP Address:
Sweex MediaFlex 2825IP Address:
Sweex Meraki MR12IP Address:
Sweex MF10IP Address:
Sweex MF30IP Address:
Sweex My Net N750 (E2F)IP Address:
SYMBOL AP421WIP Address:
Symbol CG814WBIP Address:
Synology RT-N12IP Address:
Synology RT-N12HPIP Address:
T-Com SR550nIP Address:
T-Com SRP521W-K9IP Address:
T-Com SRP527W-K9IP Address: & adminPassword:N/A
T-Com SRW2008IP Address:
T-Mobile SR300 repeaterIP Address:
TCL TEW-432BRP 3.10b10IP Address:
Technicolor TEW-511BRPIP Address:
Technicolor TEW-611BRPIP Address:
Technicolor TEW-631BRPIP Address:
Technicolor TEW-632BRPIP Address:
Technicolor TL-WR840NIP Address:
Tecom B-4000IP Address:
Tecom B410dnIP Address:
Tecom B593u-12IP Address:
Tecom HiveAP 20IP Address:
Tecom HW550-3GIP Address:
Tecom HWABN1IP Address:
Tecom KM410WGIP Address:
Tecom WF-2402IP Address:
Tecom WNCE4004IP Address:
Teleadapt DI-624SIP Address:
Telewell Vigor 2600GIP Address:
Tellus 93209215 Webstar DPC2434IP Address:
Tenda 450NIP Address:
Tenda 4G100W-01IP Address:
Tenda 4G300IP Address:
Tenda A255GIP Address:
Tenda A2588IP Address:
Tenda A30IP Address:
Tenda A31IP Address:
Tenda A5IP Address:
Tenda DAP-2690IP Address:
Tenda DAP-3310IP Address:
Tenda DAP-3520IP Address:
Tenda F7D3402IP Address:
Tenda F7D4401IP Address:
Tenda F7D4402IP Address:
Tenda FWR-714UIP Address:
Tenda FWR-734NIP Address:
Tenda FX-DS540-APW2IP Address:
Tenda NB5PLUS4IP Address:
Tenda NB620WIP Address:
Tenda NB6WIP Address:
Tenda NB9WMAXXIP Address:
Tenda NB9WMAXXNIP Address:
Tenda NBF3ADVIP Address:
Tenda WAP-4000IP Address:
Tenda WAP-6010IP Address:
Tenda WAP2101IP Address:
Tenda WAP2102IP Address:
Tenda WAP257IP Address:
Tenda WAP354IP Address:
Tenda WAP404IP Address:
Tenda WAP4400NIP Address:
Tenda WAP4400N business seriesIP Address:
Tenda WAP51ABIP Address:
Tenda WAP54AIP Address:
Tenda WAP54GXIP Address:
Terayon Vigor 2830n plusIP Address:
Terayon Vigor 2900IP Address:
Texas Instruments Aspire UltraMailIP Address:
Thecus NB600WIP Address:
Thomson 7800GZIP Address:
Thomson DWS-4026IP Address:
Thomson SRW2024IP Address:
Thomson SRW208IP Address:
Thomson SRW208GIP Address:
Thomson SRW208MPIP Address:
Thomson SRW224IP Address:
Thomson SRW248G4IP Address:
Thomson SRX210IP Address:
Thomson SRXN3205IP Address:
Thomson SS-200-ATIP Address:
Thomson SSG 140IP Address:
Thomson SSG 20IP Address:
Thomson SSG 5IP Address:
Thomson ST180IP Address:
Thomson ST2030IP Address:
Thomson Super HubIP Address:
Thomson Surf 200BGIP Address:
Thomson SURFboard SBIP Address:
Thomson SURFboard SBG6580IP Address: default)Password:(no default)
Thomson SURFboard SBG940IP Address:
Thomson Surf On-The-Go (SUS-AGN1)IP Address:
Thomson TD-W8960NBIP Address:
Thomson TD-W8961NDIP Address:
Thomson TD-W8970IP Address:
Thomson TL-WR702NIP Address:''randomly generated''
Thomson TL-WR703NIP Address:''randomly generated''
Thomson TL-WR740NIP Address:
Thomson TL-WR741NDIP Address:
Thomson TL-WR743NDIP Address:
Thomson TL-WR802NIP Address:
Thomson TL-WR810NIP Address:
Thomson Vigor 2600GeIP Address:
Thomson Vigor 2700eIP Address:
Thomson WL-HDD2.5IP Address:
TiVo AN0100IP Address:
TL-LINK Tornado 2441IP Address:
Top Global MMJ342IP Address:
Top Global MN-100IP Address:
Top Global MN54G4RIP Address:
Toshiba EchoLife HG655bIP Address:
Toshiba WX-6615MIP Address:
TP-Link Acrux 300 (ARN03304U1)IP Address:
TP-Link AT8-4IP Address:
TP-Link TEW-637APIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-638APBIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-639GRIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-651BRIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-652BRPIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-652BRUIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-654TRIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-656BRGIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-658BRMIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-659BRVIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-670APBIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-671BRIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-687GAIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-690APIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-691GRIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-692GRIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-712BRIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-713BRIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-713REIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-716BRGIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-718BRMIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-731BRIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-733GRIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-735APIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-737HREIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-750DAPIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-751DRIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-752DRUIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-810DRIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-812DRUIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-820APIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-823DRUIP Address:
TP-Link TEW-827DRUIP Address:
TP-Link TG1672GIP Address:
TP-Link TL-WR841NDIP Address:
TP-Link TL-WR841ND V1IP Address:
TP-Link TL-WR841ND V7IP Address:
TP-Link TL-WR841N V1IP Address:
TP-Link TL-WR841N V7IP Address:
TP-Link TL-WR843NDIP Address:
TP-Link TL-WR847NIP Address:
TP-Link TL-WR882NIP Address:
TP-Link TL-WR886NIP Address:
TP-Link TL-WR940NIP Address:
TP-Link TL-WR941NIP Address:
TP-Link TL-WR941NDIP Address:
TP-Link TM-G5240IP Address:
TP-Link tm6941gIP Address:
TP-Link TM802GIP Address:
TP-Link Tornado 110IP Address:
TP-Link Tornado 140IP Address:
TP-Link Tornado 2440IP Address:
TP-Link Tornado 810 5.15IP Address:
TP-Link Tornado 820 5.15IP Address:
TP-Link Tornado 822 5.15IP Address:
TP-Link Tornado 830IP Address:
TP-Link Tornado 831IP Address:
TP-Link Tornado 840IP Address:
TP-Link Tornado 841IP Address:
TP-Link Touch P5IP Address:
TP-Link TPL-111BRIP Address:
TP-Link TPL-210APIP Address:
TP-Link TPL-310APIP Address:
TP-Link TPL110APIP Address:
TP-Link TR307IP Address:
TP-Link Traffic ShaperIP Address:
TP-Link TRNIP Address:
TP-Link TrueMobile 1184 (WX-6215D)IP Address:
TP-Link TrueMobile 2300IP Address:
TP-Link TS-220IP Address:
TP-Link TW-EA510IP Address:
TP-Link TW100-BRF114IP Address:
TP-Link TW263R4IP Address:
TP-Link TWG850-4UIP Address:
TP-Link TWG870IP Address:
TP-Link TZ170IP Address:
TP-Link TZ 180IP Address:
TP-Link TZ190IP Address:
TP-Link TZ 190WIP Address:
TP-Link U10C007IP Address:
TP-Link U10C019IP Address:
TP-Link U10C022IP Address:
TP-Link UGate-PlusIP Address:
TP-Link UIP1868PIP Address:
TP-Link UIP1869VIP Address:
TP-Link UltraWAP-GIP Address:
TP-Link UltraWAP-N150IP Address:
TP-Link UltraWAP-N300IP Address:
TP-Link UnknownIP Address:
TP-Link USB Server M4IP Address:
TP-Link Uspeed 300Mbps dual band routerIP Address:
TP-Link Uspeed 600Mbps dual band routerIP Address:
TP-Link USR5430IP Address:
TP-Link USR5461IP Address:
TP-Link USR5462IP Address:
TP-Link USR5463IP Address:
TP-Link USR5464IP Address:
TP-Link USR6000IP Address:
TP-Link USR8011IP Address:tplogin.cnUsername:adminPassword:admin
TP-Link USR8022IP Address:tplogin.cnUsername:adminPassword:admin
TP-Link VersaLink B90-755025-15IP Address:
TRENDnet DIR-330IP Address:
TRENDnet TG585 7IP Address:
TRENDnet TG585v7IP Address: username)Password:installer
TRENDnet TG782IP Address:
TRENDnet TG782TIP Address:
TRENDnet TG787IP Address:
TRENDnet TG788vnIP Address:
TRENDnet TG852GIP Address:
TRENDnet TINYIP Address:
TRENDnet Tiny ACIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-MR22UIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-MR3040IP Address:
TRENDnet TL-MR3220IP Address:
TRENDnet TL-MR3420IP Address:
TRENDnet TL-R402MIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-R450IP Address:
TRENDnet TL-SC3230NIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WA500GIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WA501GIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WA5110GIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WA5210GIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WA541G v2IP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WA541G v7IP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WA542GIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WA543GIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WA601GIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WA701NDIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WA730REIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WA750REIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WA7510NIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WA801NDIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WA830REIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WA890EAIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WA901ND V2IP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WDR3300IP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WDR3500IP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WDR3600IP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WDR4300IP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WDR4310IP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WDR4900IP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WDR7500IP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WPA281IP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WR1041NIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WR1042NDIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WR1043NIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WR1043NDIP Address:''randomly generated''
TRENDnet TL-WR2543NDIP Address:''randomly generated''
TRENDnet TL-WR340GIP Address:''last 8 digits of serial number''
TRENDnet TL-WR340GDIP Address:
TRENDnet TL-WR541GIP Address:''randomly generated''
TRENDnet TL-WR542GIP Address:''randomly generated''
TRENDnet TL-WR641GIP Address:''randomly generated''
TRENDnet TL-WR642GIP Address:
TRENDnet VEVG2500IP Address:
TRENDnet VF7111IP Address:
TRENDnet VF7811IP Address:
TRENDnet VFG6005IP Address:
TRENDnet Vigor 2500IP Address:
TROY Wireless F5D6230-3IP Address:[email protected]
TwinMOS 7300RAIP Address:
TwinMOS 7301VGPIP Address:
U-MEDIA X-550IP Address:
Ubee DI-604IP Address:
Ubee DI-604UPIP Address:
Ubee Vigor 2710VnIP Address:
Ubee Vigor 2800IP Address:
Ubiquiti CDD531AM-U02IP Address:
Ubiquiti CDD531AM U02 modemIP Address:
Ubiquiti Networks AirCard 760S BigpondIP Address:
Ubiquiti Networks Airport GraphiteIP Address:
Ubiquiti Networks CBW560IP Address:
Ubiquiti Networks ERT100IP Address:
Ubiquiti Networks FXE2000-GIP Address:
Ubiquiti Networks MBR1515IP Address:
Ubiquiti Networks MBR1516IP Address:
Ubiquiti Networks NBG334WIP Address:
Ubiquiti Networks QDSL-1040WUIP Address:
Ubiquiti Networks RT31P2IP Address:
Ubiquiti Networks RTA300WIP Address:
Ubiquiti P.DG A2100N modemIP Address:
Ubiquiti R6000IP Address:
UMAX (MaxGate) Vigor 2800VGIP Address:
Unbranded 3CRWER200-75IP Address:
Unbranded 3CRWER300-73IP Address:
Unex LP-8186CIP Address:
Uniden Vigor 2820IP Address:
Uniden Vigor 2820GIP Address:
Uniden WRP400IP Address:
Uniden WRT160N V2IP Address:
USRobotics Vigor 2910GIP Address:
USRobotics Vigor 2910VGIP Address:
USRobotics Vigor 2912nIP Address:
USRobotics VigorAP 810IP Address:
USRobotics VigorFly 200IP Address:
USRobotics Viking 150 (ARN01154U4)IP Address:
USRobotics VisionNetIP Address:
USRobotics VisionNet W203-4IP Address:
USRobotics VK-100RTgIP Address:
USRobotics VMG4380-B10AIP Address:
USRobotics VoCoreIP Address:
USRobotics VOPWRTIP Address:
US Robotics Voyager 2000IP Address:
USRobotics Voyager AirIP Address:
Vantec NXA-WAP200GIP Address:
Vantec p.dg a4010g a-000-1a1-a4IP Address:
ViewSonic webbox 4.11 webbox-4.11IP Address:
ViewSonic WRT54G3GV2-STIP Address:
ViKosmo WAG354GIP Address:
Vodafone DWL-2100APIP Address:
Vodafone REC10 repeaterIP Address:
Vonets VXT1300IP Address:
Vonets WAG54GX2IP Address:
WatchGuard bizhub C10 1IP Address:
WatchGuard G.DUOIP Address:
WatchGuard GN-A17GUIP Address:
WebExcel AirStation WZR-450IP Address:
WebExcel AirXpress AP11BIP Address:
WebExcel R6100IP Address:
WebExcel R6300IP Address:
Well Communications BEFSR41WIP Address:
Well Communications BEFW11S4 4IP Address:
Well Shin XR-1405BIP Address:
WESTELL W1500AIP Address:
Western Digital NB11WIP Address:
Western Digital NB12WDIP Address:
Western Digital NB1300PLUS4IP Address:
Western Digital NB1300PLUS4WIP Address:
Western Digital NB14IP Address:
Western Digital NB1400IP Address:
WeVO 11AC NAS RouterIP Address:
WeVO WAP-654GIP Address:
WeVO WAP3205IP Address:
Winstars XWL-11GRAGIP Address:
Wistron NeWeb AP311WIP Address:
Wistron NeWeb RT-N12EIP Address:
XAVI ZyWall 5 UTMIP Address:
Xircom APWE1120IP Address:
Y-cam DAP-1360LIP Address:
Yamaha WPNT834IP Address:
ZBT WiFI PineappleIP Address:''blank''
ZBT WL-309IP Address:
ZBT WL-330IP Address:
ZIDA Technologies AirStation WZR-1750IP Address:''randomly generated''
ZIO VSG1432 GenericIP Address:
ZIO ZXDSL 831IP Address:
Zoom 4111NIP Address:
Zoom 5200NIP Address:
Zoom 5341J (5341-00-00J)IP Address:
Zoom Keenetic GigaIP Address:
Zoom SMC7404WBRAIP Address:
ZTE AL-2112IP Address:
ZTE MS-6811IP Address:
ZTE MS-6822IP Address:
ZTE MS-6824IP Address:
ZTE MS-6844IP Address:
ZyXEL 6404VGPIP Address:
ZyXEL AMG1202-T10BIP Address:
ZyXEL AMG1302-T10AIP Address:
ZyXEL AMS-2616PIP Address:
ZyXEL BiGuard S20IP Address:
ZyXEL CG3000IP Address: 6 characters (chars uppercased) from MAC Address
ZyXEL GT704IP Address:
ZyXEL GT704WGIP Address:
ZyXEL GT724WGIP Address:
ZyXEL GT724WGRIP Address:
ZyXEL GT784WNIP Address:
ZyXEL GT784WNVIP Address:
ZyXEL IP906SMIP Address:''randomly generated''
ZyXEL M101IP Address:
ZyXEL NanoStation Loco M2IP Address:
ZyXEL NB9IP Address:
ZyXEL NexStar WiFi Hard Drive DockIP Address:
ZyXEL NexusLink 3111uIP Address:
ZyXEL Nexuszlink 3100uIP Address:
ZyXEL NP22IP Address:
ZyXEL NP740nIP Address:
ZyXEL NP800NIP Address:
ZyXEL NP801NIP Address:
ZyXEL NP802NIP Address:
ZyXEL NP803NIP Address:
ZyXEL NP804NIP Address:
ZyXEL NR620gIP Address:
ZyXEL NR620mIP Address:
ZyXEL NRG MP-301IP Address:
ZyXEL NRWN1IP Address:
ZyXEL NS2IP Address:
ZyXEL NSLU2IP Address:
ZyXEL NST-610NUIP Address:
ZyXEL P-650IP Address:
ZyXEL P-660HIP Address:
ZyXEL P-660H-D1IP Address:
ZyXEL P-660h-t1 v2IP Address:
ZyXEL P-660H T1v3sIP Address:
ZyXEL PGP-108NIP Address:
ZyXEL PHS300IP Address:
ZyXEL PHS300SIP Address:
ZyXEL PIX 501IP Address:
ZyXEL PK5000IP Address:
ZyXEL PK5000 modemIP Address:
ZyXEL PK5001AIP Address:
ZyXEL PK5001ZIP Address:
ZyXEL PL9520-WAPIP Address:
ZyXEL PL9560IP Address:
ZyXEL PL9560-WAPIP Address:
ZyXEL PLA4231IP Address:
ZyXEL Polaris 150 (ARNPR154U1)IP Address:
ZyXEL PowerAP NIP Address:
ZyXEL PowerConnect 2708IP Address:
ZyXEL PR700IP Address:
ZyXEL PrestigeIP Address:
ZyXEL Prestige 334W (P-334W)IP Address:
ZyXEL Prestige 642RIP Address:
ZyXEL Prestige 660HIP Address:
ZyXEL Prestige 900IP Address:
ZyXEL Prestige 964IP Address:
ZyXEL PRGAV4202NIP Address:
ZyXEL PROIP Address:
ZyXEL Pro100IP Address:
ZyXEL Pro400IP Address:
ZyXEL ProCurve Wireless AP 10ag NAIP Address:
ZyXEL Pronghorn SBC-250IP Address:
ZyXEL ProSecureIP Address:
ZyXEL PS-1208UWg PS-1208MFgIP Address:
ZyXEL PS2IP Address:
ZyXEL PS801HIP Address:
ZyXEL PW-RN401DIP Address:
ZyXEL Q24MIP Address:
Zyxel R10000GIP Address:
ZyXEL R1524IP Address:
Zyxel R1524 modemIP Address:
ZyXEL R20000GIP Address:
ZyXEL R208IP Address:
ZyXEL USR8200IP Address:
ZyXEL W242DIP Address:
ZyXEL W25IP Address:
ZyXEL WAG54G2IP Address:
ZyXEL WAP-0009IP Address:
ZyXEL WAP-001IP Address:
ZyXEL WBR-6006IP Address:
ZyXEL WBR-6010IP Address:
ZyXEL WDRT-750ACIP Address:
ZyXEL WX-6800IP Address:
ZyXEL ZyAIR G-405IP Address:

Countries Ranked by Privacy

There’s no question that the world has become a far more dangerous place over the past decade. And in their goal to keep their citizens safe, many governments throughout the world have sacrificed freedom in the name of security. That means that privacy rights for many people around the world have been restricted or taken away. And those in power answer critics by pointing to the need to root out terrorists who communicate on social media, and private conversations that may lead to devastating attacks. So it’s important to take a look at how some of the biggest nations in the world – including the United States – are handling the privacy of their citizens, and how residents of these countries view their privacy in a world that is facing so many threats.

International Privacy Index Ranking

Privacy International is an organization based in the United Kingdom dedicated to protecting the privacy of citizens throughout the world. The organization is the recognized expert on privacy levels in dozens of countries, and its last major international survey ranked 49 nations based on how much privacy they gave to their citizens.

The Index was calculated based on a means score of 14 criteria, which included:

  • Constitutional protection

  • Statutory protection

  • Privacy enforcement

  • Identity cards and biometrics

  • Data-sharing

  • Visual surveillance

  • Communication interception

  • Workplace monitoring

  • Government access to data

  • Communications data retention

  • Surveillance of medical and financial 

  • Border and trans-border issues

  • Leadership

  • Democratic safeguards

It’s worth taking a closer look at the countries that finished in the top five of the privacy index, which means that they gave their citizens the most protection in terms of data privacy.

Countries in the Top 5 of the Privacy Index

greece privacy info
canada privacy
romania privacy
hungary privacy
argentina privacy info

Countries in the Bottom 5 of the Privacy Index

england privacy
singapore privacy
russia privacy info
malaysia privacy
china privacy

How Americans and the Rest of the World View NSA Spying

81% of people outside the U.S. think the NSA spying on citizens of their country is unacceptable, while 12% think it’s acceptable.

The National Security Agency is a U.S. agency tasked with intercepting and analyzing all communication that could affect national security. In theory, most of the agency’s ‘spying’ should take place in foreign countries, but the 2013 revelations by Edward Snowden exposed a massive domestic spying network that shocked and dismayed many Americans, as well as people worldwide. In addition to spying on U.S. citizens, the NSA has also spied on American allies in Europe, South America and Asia.

Privacy Changes Based On Circumstances

The biggest takeaway from this overview of privacy is that governments often change their policy on privacy protection based on the events that occur in their countries. As a result, significant threats to national security often force those in power to restrict privacy in the name of keeping the peace.

So it will be difficult for anyone to predict how privacy protections around the world will change, without knowing the kind of events that could influence the decisions of those in power. Stay tuned.