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Best Free Ad Blockers for Web Browsers – 2020

Best Free Ad Blockers for Web Browsers

Advertisements on websites can be really annoying and some sites overwhelm their content by drowning them out with ads. The good news is that it is possible to filter out most of the ads on websites and improve your browsing experience by installing an ad blocker.

Ad blocking isn’t illegal but it does annoy the people who run websites. To clarify, placing advertisements on a website is not illegal. Many ad blockers are also tracker blockers, but trackers are a separate issue. Ad blockers just strip the ads out of web pages. Many of them also block trackers. They don't remove cookies -- that's also a separate issue. With retargeting, ad blockers will remove the ads in most cases.

Many information-based businesses, such as newspapers, rely entirely on the intrusive ads on their sites for revenue. The use of ad blockers has seriously damaged the profitability of those businesses. However, they need to find different income models because the use of ads on websites has gotten out of control.

As a response to ad blockers, some prestigious news sites have switched to a subscription model. They allow the general public to see their main websites, but block access to individual articles to those who haven’t paid (known as a paywall). However, they still plaster ads all over the websites that people pay to access. Others block access when they detect an ad blocker and insist that the viewer whitelists their site (excludes it from the ad blocking action) before allowing access.

Video ads that take a while to load and have high-volume sound on them can be particularly embarrassing if the viewer of that web page is in a public place or place of work at the time. They are the most intrusive ads on the web. Fortunately, video ads are particularly easy to block.

Free ad blockers

Amazingly, most of the best ad blockers available are free to use. The usual format deployed by these systems is the browser extension. These free ad blocker plugins:

  1. Hijack all of the code for a web page as it arrives at the web browser 
  2. Run that code through a scanning program 
  3. Pass all code for the page on to the browser, except for the code that loads ads

With most free ad blocker browser extensions, some acceptable ads will still get through, particularly if they are embedded in the text of the web page. However, one or two ads are not as distracting as the ads-soaked websites that people without ad blocking utilities have to put up with.

Web browser security

Systems that block ads aren’t just catering to anti-capitalists. Malware can infect computers by hiding in online ads and downloading onto the viewer’s computer as the code for ads loads into the web browser. Popular ad blockers don’t just block ads, they are also pop-up blockers and they block trackers as well. These handy add-ons are actually cybersecurity tools.

Social media buttons are not as likable as people think. They are trackers because the images for them have to be fetched from the sites that they advertise. That action gives the social media companies the opportunity to log the visit to a website from your IP address. So, Facebook and Twitter can compile a profile of your internet surfing even if you don’t have an account with those platform. 

The best ad blockers will strip out social media buttons (called “widgets”) from your favorite websites as an added blocking feature. This task is performed while also blocking banner ads, pop-up ads, video ads, trackers, and other adware and malware from your favorite sites.

Ad blocker add-ons for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other web browsers

Whereas most cybersecurity tools are written to work on specific operating systems, ad blockers run in web browsers, so you don’t have to worry about whether the service will run on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS (for iPhones and iPads), or Android. However, you need to pay attention to which web browser they are made for.

As Google Chrome is the most widely-used web browser, there are more ad blocking extensions available for that browser than any other. The next best catered for web browser is Mozilla Firefox.

Many anti-adware producers don’t bother to create versions for Internet Explorer because that web browser has been replaced by Microsoft Edge. The Edge web browser is the third most catered-for browser in the ad blocking market.

Safari and Opera web browsers have far fewer ad blocking add-ons available. The Opera web browser’s producers have resolved the problem of their utility being overlooked by the creators of ad blocker extensions and built their own ad blocker app into settings of the web browser.

Best ad blocking web browser extensions

Here is our list of the best ad blocker plugins available for the major web browsers:

  1. AdBlock
  2. Adblock Plus (ABP)
  3. AdBlocker Ultimate
  4. uBlock Origin
  5. Ghostery
  6. AdGuard
  7. Poper Blocker
  8. AdLock
  9. TunnelBear Blocker
  10. Opera Ad Blocker

You can read more about these popular ad blockers in the following sections.


AdBlock is a very popular ad blocker with more than 40 million users all over the world. This useful tool blocks ads on websites in a variety of formats, including banner ads, pop up ads, and video ads. The ad blocker features include whitelisting and the option to allow acceptable ads. 

The plugin has a handy icon that sits at the end of the address bar in your web browser. This reports on its activities while it blocks ads. It will also block trackers.  It is the most widely use ad blocker as a Google Chrome extension. The free add-on is also available for Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera. There is also an ad blocker app for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Adblock Plus (ABP)

Despite similarities in the name, Adblock and Adblock Plus are not related and they are produced by two different software houses. So, which is better AdBlock or AdBlock Plus? Honestly, it is very hard to choose between these two excellent ad blocking add-ons. However, the social media widget blocker in ABP pushes it ahead slightly.

ABP is a free ad blocker and is available as a Google Chrome extension. It is also possible to add this plugin to Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Opera. The tool add-on includes whitelisting and an acceptable ads setting. Otherwise, it will block banner ads, video ads, and any other adware and malware contained in websites. It is also a pup up blocker and it will block trackers. Another ad blocker feature of this plugin is the ability to remove special media buttons from websites. Look for the secure web browser produced by ABP for Android devices and iPhones in your app store.

AdBlocker Ultimate

This ad blocker is a good choice for those who insist on only using open source software. An open source project is one that allows anyone to see its programming code. This enables users to be sure that there is no hidden malware within the system.

This is a Chrome extension and is available as a plugin for Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Yandex. A version for Safari will run on iPhones and iPads. there is also a secure AdBlocker Ultimate browser for Android devices and a version that runs on Microsoft Windows, protecting all internet connected software from adware and malware. All versions of this anti-adware system block banner ads, video ads, phishing attempts, pop-up ads, and trackers. The Windows-based version is more of an anti-malware system and it is charged for by subscription. The web browser extensions are free.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is a free, open source ad blocking system that is available as a Google Chrome extension and as a plugin for Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Opera web browsers. Users with advanced understanding of how ad blockers operate have the option of switching between pre-installed filter lists or installing a new one. Ad blocking features include the blocking of banner ads, popup ads, and video ads. The system will also pre-filter URLs and block trackers.


Ghostery was designed to block trackers, including social media widgets, but it also functions as an ad blocker. The web browser extension is free to use. It is a product of the company Cliqz, which produces a secure web browser. There is a Ghostery add on for the Cliqz browser and also a Google Chrome extension. Ghostery is also available as a plugin for Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari. There are secure Ghostery ad blocker apps for Android devices and iOS (iPhones and iPads).

This is free, open source software that is easy to install. It controls the use of JavaScript in websites, which reduces the opportunities that malware has to infect devices through web browsers.


AdGuard is free as a browser extension. The company behind the add-on also producers operating system-based security services for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS (iPhones and iPad). The Android and iOS free versions provide a base level of protection with upgrade options available for a fee. The web browser plugins are available for Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, and Yandex. There is also a Google Chrome extension version of AdGuard.

This ad blocker will block trackers and spyware as well as all types of adware. It has a blacklist that warns about phishing websites and it has extra procedures to trap ad blocker circumvention attempts. It offers users the opportunity of both whitelisting and blacklisting. The Chrome extension has been installed more than 4 million times, so this is a very popular ad blocker.

Poper Blocker

Poper Blocker’s user rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on the Chrome Store, where it has been downloaded more than 2 million times. The free pop-up blocker prevents websites opening new tabs or creating a new browser window, so it scuppers a lot of the annoying tricks that infected websites get forced to perform, not just those sites that intentionally launch pop-ups. 

The service will also block overlay ads, which cover up the content of a web page that you want to read. This browser add-on won’t strip out ads embedded in web pages but it is better at blocking pop-ups than standard ad blockers. It is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Baidu.


AdLock produces system protection for Windows and Android which are charged for. However, it also provides free browser plugins. There is a free Google Chrome extension and a free add-on for Safari. These web browser extensions will block banner ads, pop-up ads, and video ads. The utility will also protect your privacy by blocking spyware and trackers. The AdLock system also detects damaging elements in websites such as phishing strategies and malware and blocks them from loading in the web browser.

TunnelBear Blocker

The TunnelBear Blocker is an awesome ad blocker and privacy system. TunnelBear is a VPN system and it is charged for by subscription. However, the TunnelBear Blocker is free to use and you don’t have to install the VPN in order for it to work.

The TunnelBear Blocker goes a little further than most blockers. It will block ultrasonic tracking methods. This little-known tracking system plays as invisible signals under the soundtrack of videos in websites. The system also blocks regular trackers and affiliate links. This blocker also scans websites for malware and phishing strategies before allowing them to load into protected web browsers.

The one problem with the TunnelBear web browser extension is that it is only available for Google Chrome.

Opera Ad Blocker

Although most of the ad blockers in this list produce add-ons for Opera, the makers of the Opera web browser didn’t realize that their web browser would be so well catered for when the concept of ad blockers first arose. They decided to stake their pitch for new users by making their web browser a very secure service.

The idea of an ad blocker within a browser makes sense, which is why all of the successful ad blockers operate as browser extensions. Google Chrome has a built-in ad blocker, but it isn’t very good because it doesn’t work too well to block Google Ads. Opera doesn’t get an income stream from placing ads in websites, so its ad blocker is a lot more effective.

Block Ads in websites

Once you have an ad blocker installed, you will find that quite a few websites will just block your access entirely until you whitelist them. Some features that you want to access won’t work anymore. For example, many online streaming video players won’t run if you have an ad blocker in place.

Ad blockers fix one problem and create others. Thanks to whitelisting, ad blockers allow you to be in control. You will be able to decide when to allow pop-ups and ads and when to block them. You will be in control of what happened on the devices you own.

Beginner’s Guide to Amazon Fire Stick

Beginner's Guide to Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire Stick is like a mini set-top box. It plugs directly into a socket on the back of your TV, so it takes up no space and it doesn’t require trailing cables. For everything you need to know about the gadget (and how to set up Fire Stick) before committing to buying one, read this beginner’s guide.

What is an Amazon Fire Stick?

The Amazon Fire Stick is a TV decoder. TV signals travel in a digital format and so can easily be encoded both to block unauthorized access and to speed up transmissions through compression. Anyone who has cable or satellite TV is familiar with the set-top box. The Amazon Fire TV system started out as a box but then Amazon worked out how to reduce the hardware of the streaming device down to just a small device that looks a bit like a thumb drive. This format has been widely used before to provide mobile internet for laptop computers some software and IT security systems also use dongles, so the gadget’s shape and appearance is not new.

Your home or car stereo system probably has a socket for a USB stick. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is the same thing, but for TVs. Rather than storing files, this device is a little computer that interprets encoded digital TV signals so that they can become TV shows on the screen.

Amazon Firestick or Amazon Fire Stick?

The Amazon Firestick has many names. It is officially called the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It is a miniaturized advancement on the original Amazon Fire TV box. No one else makes a Fire TV dongle, so many people drop the Amazon and just call it the Fire TV stick or sometimes it is written as Fire-TV stick. Well, there isn’t a stick version of any other Amazon Fire product, so it is just as easy to drop the “TV” and so it is also known as the Fire Stick. Over time, writers have tended to remove the space and just call it Firestick. So, Firestick, Fire Stick, Fire TV Stick, Fire-TV Stick, Amazon Firestick, and Amazon Fire Stick are all the same thing. They are all ways to describe the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Why Fire? Fire OS is an operating system that Amazon created for its mobile devices, such as the Amazon Kindle e-book reader, the Amazon Fire tablet and the now-defunct Amazon Fire Phone. Fire OS is a proprietary adaptation of the Android operating system, which was created by Google. There are many Android TV boxes on the market. These are set-top boxes that use Android for an operating system. As Fire OS is a version of Android and the Firestick is a TV decoder, it could be said that the Amazon Fire TV Stick is a type of Android TV box.

Beginner’s guide to streaming devices

TV set-top boxes have evolved over the years. They were first used by cable TV companies as part of an encryption system that prevented people from just plugging the cable for the service into the TV and getting entertainment without paying for it.

Another use for a set-top box is as a base-station for a remote control device. The set-top box interprets the commands that come in from the remote control and implements them on the TV.

How does Amazon Fire Stick work?

Once the internet started to be popular, entertainment distributors realized that this medium could carry digitized TV signals, making everyone’s telephone service into pre-laid cable TV wires. However, these services still needed a set-top box to convert the signals from the internet connection into the input format that TVs understand. This is how IPTV boxes came about. This includes Apple TV boxes and Android boxes. The Amazon Fire TV box became part of this trend and it eventually got boiled down into a dongle.

Newer versions of the Amazon Fire TV Stick have the voice-controlled Alex integrated into them and that removes the need to use a remote control unit.

Chromecast is an alternative method to get input from online streaming services, such as Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime, or live TV from station websites onto your TV screen.

Does Fire Stick have a guide?

There are a few different versions of the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Amazon does produce an official Amazon Fire TV Stick User Guide for each. Here is a list of links to the help guides for each type of Fire Stick. These links each lead to a PDF file.

Where do I buy an Amazon Fire Stick?

Amazon has a world-leading product sales platform, so that is the obvious first port of call when looking for a new Amazon Fire TV Stick. Unsurprisingly, these streaming devices are among Amazon’s best sellers in the United States and around the world. Check out the big discount deals that the site offers. Before you Buy Now with 1-click, shop around because Amazon also distributes its devices through all of the consumer electronics retailers both online and real-world. Check out Best Buy, Target, and Staples in the USA and Canada and Currys, Argos, and Tesco in the UK.

Added to that, it is also possible to buy secondhand Amazon Fire TV devices in places such as eBay.

How to set up the Amazon Fire Stick

To master your Amazon Fire Stick, you first need to get it working. Here is a step-by-step guide to an Amazon Fire Stick setup.

Step One

Plug the power cable into the Amazon Fire Stick. The slot for this cable is on the side of the Fire Stick. Stick the small socket of the power cable into it. You have two options for where to get a power source. The other end of the power cord is a full-size USB connector. If your TV has a USB socket, you can plug it into that or you can plug it into the power plug that comes with the Amazon Fire Stick and plug that into an electric socket near the TV. Amazon recommends that you use the power socket rather than a USB port on the TV.

Step Two

Stick the plug the protrudes from one end of the Amazon Fire Stick into an HDMI port on the back or the side of your TV. This is how to connect Amazon Fire Stick to TV sets – there is no other way. Some people struggle to find the right socket. However, don’t give up because there is no other way to connect your Fire TV Stick to your TV. An HDMI port looks like a USB socket, but the top corners are slanted off.

Step Three

Put two AAA batteries into the Amazon Fire TV Stick’s remote control unit. Both the unit and the batteries are in the box with the Amazon Fire Stick. The back of the control unit slides up to reveal the battery box.

Step Four

Make sure your TV is plugged in. Turn it on. Use the remote control of your TV to get to the Source options. Select the HDMI port that you plugged the Amazon Fire Stick into. If you chose the right one, the logo for the Fire TV Stick will appear on the screen.

Step Five

Wait for the Amazon Fire TV Stick to boot up. You will be prompted to pair your remote control unit with the Amazon Fire Stick. The TV will show a message that the Fire Stick is searching for a nearby remote. Press the Home button on the remote. This has an icon of a little house on it. The TV display will change back to the Fire Stick logo once pairing has completed successfully.

Step Six

Wait for the display on the TV to settle down. It is not unusual for the software to go through an update procedure after pairing with the remote. You can’t speed that up; just let it complete. The display will tell you to press the play button on the remote. Do that.

Step Seven

Select your preferred language from the presented options. Use the top and bottom edges of the navigation dial at the top of the remote to move between options. Press the center of the circle when you arrive at the right language option.

Step Eight

If you chose to plug the power cord into the TV, you will probably get a warning message that the power source is no good. If this worries you, switch to the electric socket option instead. However, many people have no problems when using the TV USB port as a power source. Dismiss the message by clicking on the big round select button on the remote if you are happy to continue as is.

Step Nine

Connect the Fire Stick to your home wifi network. The system will detect your wifi box and display it as an option on the TV screen. Press the select button on the remote and enter the wifi password into the screen. Navigate to the Connect button on the screen and press the select button on the remote.

Step Ten

The Amazon Fire Stick will register your home network to your Amazon Fire account. The account should be generated automatically and associated with the Fire Stick before it is shipped. If you bought the Fire Stick secondhand, you should opt to create Amazon account for Fire Stick through the Change Account button in this screen.

Once these steps have been completed, the Amazon Fire Stick will check your connection speed and then show you a cartoon on how to use the system.

Step Eleven

Choose whether to enable parental controls. The Amazon Fire Stick will then explain to you about Alexa if it is part of the Fire Stick version that you chose. Dismiss this screen to get to the home screen of the Fire Stick.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to work a Fire Stick

You need to have the Amazon Fire Stick remote control unit turned on an with live batteries in order to access the content on an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

How to connect Fire Stick to TV

See Step Two of the How to Set Up the Amazon Fire Stick section, above.

What channels do you get with Fire Stick?

The Amazon Fire TV Stick uses apps to locate TV channels. It will only show channels that are streamed over the internet. Most terrestrial TV channels show live TV on their websites and this content can be pulled through the Amazon Fire Stick onto your TV. Many apps are already loaded onto the Amazon Fire Stick. These include apps for Netflix, HBO, and Spotify. Amazon Prime has its own menu option.

Is there a monthly fee for Fire Stick?

Amazon Fire Stick is a media player. It has a purchase price and then there is no monthly fee to pay. However, it does not gain you free access to entertainment that normally requires a subscription. For example, there is a Netflix app pre-loaded on the Amazon Fire Stick, but you have to subscribe to Netflix and enter your Netflix credentials into the app in order to watch anything through it. In that case, you will be paying a monthly fee to Netflix, not to Amazon.

Do you need internet for Fire Stick?

The main purpose of the Amazon Fire TV stick is to stream video off the internet onto your TV. So, if you don’t have an internet connection, you can still watch stored videos through the Plex app, which is pre-installed on the app.

Why does my Fire Stick keep restarting?

When a Fire Stick keeps rebooting it probably doesn’t have enough power or the HDMI connector is loose or faulty. If you used a USB port on the TV as a power source switch to using the electric wall socket. Push the Fire Stick into the HDMI socket to make sure it is fully inserted.

Why is my Fire Stick so slow?

You might get a slow response out of your Fire Stick if your internet connection is slow. Another reason could be that the device is clogged up with temporary files and rogue processes. Unplug the Fire Stick from the power supply for one minute then plug it in again. This should reset the memory and get it working properly. 

What is a jailbroken Fire Stick?

Jailbreaking refers to installing apps on an Apple device that don’t come from the Apple Apps Store. On Android and Android-like devices, such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick, the practice of installing APKs from a source other than the Fire Stick App Store is called “sideloading.”

Can I use my Amazon Fire Stick at a friend’s house?

Yes. You just have to connect to the wifi system in your friend’s house. The Amazon Fire Stick stores your account details so it will work anywhere.

Can I take my Amazon Fire Stick to another house?

Yes. If you move, you just take your Amazon Fire Stick with you along with your TV. If you move to another country, the Amazon Firestick will still work, but you will probably need to get a different AC adapter to plug it into the power supply.

How to install apps on Fire Stick

Here’s how to download apps on Fire Stick:

  1. Go to the home screen of your Fire TV.
  2. Navigate to the Apps section.
  3. Press the down button on your remote control to get out of the menu and into the apps list
  4. Explore available apps by moving through the list with the directional buttons on your remote control
  5. When an app you want is highlighted, press the OK button on your remote control
  6. In the apps description screen, highlight the Get option and press OK.

Can I get Plex on the Amazon Fire Stick?

Yes. In fact, the Plex app is already loaded on the Amazon Fire Stick out of the box.

Can I add Kodi to Fire Stick?

Kodi is not available at the Amazon App Store so there is no official APK for Kodi. However, it can be sideloaded onto the Amazon Fire Stick.

Are there free apps for Fire Stick?

Yes. You can find apps for Fire Stick in the Amazon store. The only way to get new channels, such as those for movies on Firestick is to add new apps.

How to watch new movies on Fire Stick

The best apps for new movies are HBO, Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

How to watch free movies on Fire Stick

Be very careful about channels that promise you all of the latest movies for free. They are probably illegal and could get you into trouble. However, you can watch the main terrestrial channels through your Amazon Fire TV stick and those video streaming services regularly include movies in the schedule.

Best free movie apps for Fire Stick

In the USA, check out Tubi TV -- this is not available in Europe. Another good option for free movies is Vudu but not all content on that app is free. 

Best TV app for Fire Stick

Check out the TV Player App. USTVNow, UKTV, and LiveNetTV. All of these can be accessed through the app screen of your Fire Stick menu. 

Surfshark VPN Coupon

Surfshark VPN Coupon

Surfshark has taken its place alongside more established industry leaders as one of the best VPN providers in the world. This Surfshark coupon page is intended to let you know that you can get this highly-rated VPN service at a massive discount.

With this promo, we will enable you to SAVE on a Surfshark subscription. You don’t need to get a Surfshark coupon code because the link in this coupon will take you directly to the special offers system which will apply the VPN discount automatically when you buy a Surfshark subscription.

Surfshark is a “virtual private network.” VPN services disguise your true location. By selecting a VPN server in a different country, access systems on websites with regional restrictions will allow you to view that restricted content. This type of access block is particularly common on video streaming services, which are usually restricted to show their content only in specific countries.

Another benefit of VPNs is that they prevent those with access to your connection, such as internet service providers and government technicians from blocking your web access. This is particularly true of Surfshark because it is one of the very few VPNs in the world that can get through the Great Firewall of China. Chinese authorities don’t want people in the country from accessing information on overseas websites, so they block requests to a long list of sites. Surfshark dodges those restrictions.

Surfshark provides more privacy protection by substituting its own IP address for yours on those requests that your browser sends to website servers. Of course, with the VPN server’s address on the request as its source, the web server is going to send the code for the requested page back to the VPN and not to you. Surfshark automatically forwards that data on to your computer.

Fortunately, the Surfshark system is so fast that all of these protection measures and traffic rerouting has almost no impact on the speed of your connection.

Surfshark will allow you to access any website you want to visit and keep your activities a secret.

Surfshark Offers

As it is a premium VPN service, Surshark is a little pricey. That high price might put you off considering subscribing to the service. However, before you go off and search for a less secure, cheaper VPN, take a look at the discounts you can get by following our link. You can enjoy the full protection of the Surfshark VPN for just a little more than ten percent of the regular price.

Here are the options for Surfshark VPN subscriptions:

  • 2-year offer: $1.99/month (pay $47.76 every year – 83% discount)
  • 1-year offer: $5.99/month (pay $71.88 every year – 50% discount)
  • 1-month offer: $11.95/month (base price paid monthly – no discount)

Surfshark gives a 30-day money-back guarantee with all of its plans. That gives you a chance to check out how the VPN service works before being fully committed. You can also get a 7-day free trial through the iOS, Android, and Mac OS apps for the VPN. Those offers make paying for a Surfshark VPN subscription up front a lot less risky.

EDITOR’S CHOICE: The special offer on the two year plan prices those two years of service lower than the cost of the one year plan. Obviously, from a business point of view, that VPN discount doesn’t make sense. The result of this phenomenal Surfshark deal means that there is no point even considering the one year plan. As the other option is the full-price monthly payment period, the two year plan is the only one to go for here.  

How to Find the Surfshark Deal

To get to the special offer on a two year plan from Surfshark, you just need to follow the link here below. To be sure that you don’t make any mistakes during the ordering process, we have prepared step by step instructions on how to sign up for Surfshark.

Just click on this link to get directly to the VPN deals and have the discount applied to your order automatically. We want to make sure you get Surfshark at the special price. 

How to Get Surfshark with a Discount

After opening the link in the previous section, follow these steps to get Surfshark:

Step 1

Choose your plan. Click on the Get Started button in the 24-months plan box. In the next screen, you should see the message Coupon applied.

Step 2

Create an account. Enter a valid email address and choose optional extras.

Step 3

Select a payment method. You can pay with several systems:

  • Credit card or debit card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Alipay
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple

Step 4

Fill in your payment information. Press the Complete purchase button to proceed to the checkout.

How to Use Surfshark

The Surfshark website has a back of download pages, one for each operating system-specific app. These are available for:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Fire TV
  • Xbox
  • Playstation

There are also browser extension versions of Surfshark. These are available for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Why Choose Surfshark?

Surfshark is based in the British Virgin Islands, which is a good location for privacy services – ExpressVPN is based there, too. Although it is a British protectorate, the colony doesn’t have the same strict data disclosure legislation that is imposed on the UK by the EU. There are no record keeping requirements in the BVI and so Surfshark legally keeps no activity logs. Also, being a remote location with very few flights, Tortola is not an easy place for US copyright lawyers to get to with court orders.

Being located in a place with a lax legal system, Surfshark has no problem with its users downloading with P2P networks, so you don’t need to be shy about your activities if you need to ask the Help Desk about a problem you have with torrenting. That Help Desk is accessible via a web form in the customer account area, by email and through a live chat support system at the Surfshark website.

The Surfshark network includes more than 1,040 servers located in 61 countries. That country count is important because more countries mean that more websites can be unblocked. This is a particularly good service if you live in a country with a government that blocks access to websites. This list includes China, Iran, Russia, and Pakistan. The VPN service can unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, among other video streaming services.

The app contains a number of security services including a very sophisticated kill switch that modifies firewalls to prevent IP leaks even if all of the VPN software is inactive. Surfshark provides its own DNS system, which prevents DNS leaks from giving away your activities. Users get a choice of using OpenVPN or IKE2/IPSec for tunnel management. Session establishment uses a 2048-bit RSA cipher and the data channel is protected by 256-bit AES encryption.

An interesting option in the server list is a double-hop connection, which travels through two VPN servers and applies encryption twice over. A free extra in the VPN is a system called CleanWeb. This is a popup and ad blocker. It also scans all requested web pages and prevents them from reaching your browser if malware is detected. The system blocks trackers and also filters out phishing emails.

Another free optional feature in the app is Camouflage Mode, which applies obfuscation tactics to mask the VPN characteristics on internet traffic. There is also NoBorders Mode, which adds extra defenses against blocking measures used by repressive governments.

The Surfshark app implements split tunneling, which the company calls Whitelister. This utility is a split-exclude system. That means all traffic goes through the VPN except for connections to websites that you nominate in the Whitelister page of the app. This can be useful if the thorough protection of the VPN strips out features in some sites, such as Captcha tests and prevents you from using those sites properly.

The two paid options of Surfshark are HackLock, which scans the web to see if your email credential have been stolen and BlindSearch, which strips out paid search results when you use search engines.

Surfshark has very high speeds and does not impose any monthly data throughput limits or throttling, so you can leave the service on all the time. One more feature to mention is that Surfshark does not place a limit on the number of connections you can make to the service simultaneously.

Surfshark Features Summary

  • Access to 1,040 servers located in 61 countries
  • P2P allowed
  • Privacy-friendly jurisdiction
  • High speeds for streaming and downloading
  • Sophisticated kill switch
  • Ad, popup, and tracker blocker
  • Split tunneling
  • Malware protection
  • No activity logs
  • IP and DNS leak protection
  • Unblock Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Apps for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Linux
  • Optional identity theft protection

Get a Great Surfshark Deal

Surfshark has a lot going for it. Even though it is expensive, it is well worth the money. Given that it is such a valuable utility, it is really great to discover that you can get an 83 PERCENT DISCOUNT.

Read our full Surfshark VPN review here.

Private Internet Access VPN Coupon

Private Internet Access VPN Coupon

Private Internet Access, which is also known as PIA, is one of the best VPN providers in the world. We created this Private Internet Access coupon page to get you a discount for this VPN service. The truth is that you don’t need a Private Internet Access coupon code because this link gets you the discount automatically – the link acts as a Private Internet Access coupon.

You can save money when subscribing to the PIA VPN. Why pay full price if you can get a discount?

The Private Internet Access VPN is a “virtual private network.” When you connect to a VPN service, you will be offered a choice of servers. The location of the VPN server is important because once you are connected to it, all of your internet traffic will go out through that location and all responses will be directed to that server, which will then forward them on to you.

When you are connected to the VPN, no one knows who or where you really are. All the tracing and tracker techniques that marketers, hackers, and security agencies use will just lead to the PIA server. So, effectively, you become invisible on the web. The servers of PIA are VPN gateways that route all of your internet access through their own networks.

Although your internet service provider logs all of the sites that you connect to on the web, those records will just point to the PIA server. This is because the connection between your device and the VPN server is completely encrypted – even its routing information. That packet is encapsulated in an outer packet that is addressed to the IP address of the server. The VPN server unbundles the original packet and sends it on to its original destination. The VPN replaces the source IP address in that packet for its own. Responses go back to that source IP address, meaning the VPN server. All of that traffic then gets forwarded back to you, again in a fully encrypted state.

Private Internet Access will hide all of your activities on the web.

Private Internet Access offers

It is possible to get the full Private Internet Access VPN service for just a third of the regular price. That’s a 67 percent saving. There is another offer that will give you 40 percent off the standard PIA price. No doubt, the 67 percent saving interests you more. These Private Internet Access deals are easy to get if you just follow the right steps. We have a link and instructions on how to order the discounted package later on in this page.

Here are the options for the Private Internet Access VPN plan:

  • 1-year offer: $3.33/month (pay $39.95 every year – 67% discount)
  • 6-month offer: $5.99/month (pay $35.95 every six months – 40% discount)
  • 1-month offer: $9.95/month (base price paid monthly – no discount)

PIA gives a 7-day money-back guarantee with all of its plans. That gives you a chance to check out how the VPN service works before being fully committed.

EDITOR’S CHOICE: The special offer on the one year plan really needs to be examined closely. Compare the price of the six month plan with the price of the yearly plan. The discounted price of a one year subscription is only $4 more than the six month discounted price. That means you get the second six months for only $4.

How to find the Private Internet Access deals

To get to the special offers from PIA, you just need to follow the link here below. To be sure that you don’t make any mistakes during the ordering process, we have prepared step by step instructions on how to sign up for Private Internet Access.

Just click on this link to get directly to the VPN deals and have the discount applied to your order automatically so you can get Private Internet Access at the special price. 

How to get Private Internet Access with a discount

After opening the link in the previous section, follow these steps to get Private Internet Access:

Step 1

Choose your plan. Remember that the Yearly plan has the biggest discount. Click on the Sign Up Now button beneath that plan.

Step 2

Select a payment method. You can pay with several systems:

  • Credit card or debit card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or JCB
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Mint prepayment account
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, ZCash, Ethereum, Litecoin

Step 3

Fill in your payment information.

Step 4

Create an account. At the checkout stage, enter a username and password and enter your email address. Make sure that the email address is correct because your account details will be sent to it.

Pay for PIA VPN with a gift card

Private Internet Access accepts gift cards for payments. There is a PIA Gift Card, but you can’t buy that individually from the site. The company only sells its gift cards in bulk, so other companies give them as promotional incentives or as corporate gifts. If you receive one of those cards, there is a separate payment screen where you enter its code. You can also sign up with one of a long list of gift cards from completely unrelated businesses. For example, PIA accepts credit on Adidas, Best Buy, Starbucks, and Walmart, among others.

Paying with a gift card gives you total anonymity because you don’t have to give a name or email address. You also can’t be traced through your bank account details. So, if you don’t want to be traced at all, go to the Walmart website or Starbucks site and buy yourself a gift card, then log into Private Internet Access with that.

VPN COUPON WARNING: If you choose to pay for Private Internet Access with a gift card, you won’t benefit from any discount. The gift card access route is a metered system with a number of days available to you depending on the credit amount on your card. This allocation ticks down each day until you recharge with another gift card. It is not possible to benefit from the discounts outlined in this special offer coupon if you pay with a gift card.

How to use Private Internet Access

The Private Internet Access website has a download page, where you can get access to the PIA apps. These are available for:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android

There are also browser extension versions of PIA. These are available for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers.

Why choose Private Internet Access?

Private Internet Access is a secure VPN that protects your identity. It uses the OpenVPN system to protect and manage connections. This deploys AES encryption and Private Internet Access offers the user a choice between a 256-bit key or a 128-bit key for the cipher. The longer key offers greater protection, but the shorter key gives slightly faster response times.

AES keys need to be distributed, so the PIA app and its corresponding VPN server use RSA asymmetrical encryption to protect key exchange and session establishment. Again, the user has a choice of key length: 2048, 3072, or 4096 bit keys.

Private Internet Access also offers alternative VPN tunneling protocols: L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP. Access to a SOCKS5 proxy is also included with a PIA subscription.

PIA keeps guard over your privacy wherever you are. It works over Wi-Fi systems as well as the normal, wired internet. This is particularly crucial when using public Wi-Fi because hackers frequently set up fake Wi-Fi hotspots to reap the personal and financial information of unwitting users. The end-to-end encryption of PIA means that no one can break into your connections, even if they control the transmission medium.

The VPN acts as a filter, blocking out malicious connection attempts and making life difficult for malware. The capacity of the PIA servers is enough to block DDoS attacks from overwhelming your computer.

There are no data usage caps in the Private Internet Access service and no throttling. Users get unlimited bandwidth, no matter what pursuit they are engaged in. PIA has no problem with torrenting and offers full P2P support.

PIA will protect you from snoopers, prosecutors, law enforcement agencies, and copyright lawyers, too. You can have complete account anonymity and the service keeps no traffic logs, so there is no fear of records detailing your web activities being seized.

The company runs almost 3,300 servers in 29 countries in the world. This combined with the great speeds of the service makes PIA a great tool for getting around regional restrictions to gain cross-border access to video streaming services.

Private Internet Access features summary

  • Access to 3,300 servers in 29 countries
  • High speeds for streaming and downloading
  • A range of encryption options
  • No traffic logs
  • Leak protection
  • Allowance of ten simultaneous connections
  • Apps for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Linux

Get a great Private Internet Access deal

Private Internet Access has high speeds, total anonymity, and a fantastic simultaneous connection allowance of ten devices. This is a good deal. However, thanks to our Private Internet Access coupon, PIA just got a whole lot cheaper with a 67 PERCENT DISCOUNT.

Read our full Private Internet Access review.

NordVPN Coupon

NordVPN Coupon

NordVPN is a leading privacy service and we’ve created this NordVPN coupon page to get you a special deal on a VPN subscription. You can SAVE on a NordVPN subscription by using our special discount NordVPN coupon link.

NordVPN is a virtual private network. That means it can disguise all of your internet transactions to make it seem as though you are somewhere else. This is a great way to break into sites with “regional restrictions.” Those sites only let you access their services if you are in the right country. Examples of sites with regional restrictions include online video streaming services, employment sites, and the online versions of newspapers.

Break free of these restrictions by using NordVPN.

NordVPN discounts

NordVPN is one of the leading VPN services available, but it is also one of the cheapest. You can get the price of this service down even further thanks to a limited-time offer. This is a great deal and we wanted to let you know about it.

A subscription to NordVPN costs $11.95 per month. However, there is a way to get the same service at a 70 percent discount.

Access the 3-year plan to get the service at only $3.49 per month.

Here is the full tariff for the NordVPN service with all subscription options:

  • 3-year offer: $3.49/month (pay $125.64 every 3 years – 70% discount)
  • 2-year offer: $4.99/month (pay $119.76 every 2 years – 58% discount)
  • 1-year offer: $6.99/month (pay $83.88 every year – 41% discount)
  • 1-month offer: $11.95/month (base price paid monthly – no discount)

You don’t need to worry about paying up front and not getting a good service because NordVPN gives you a no-risk trial period. They are so sure that their customers will be happy with the system that they offer a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee

How to get the NordVPN discount

We have set up a link through to the special discount page at the Nord VPN website. So you don’t need to worry about going to the wrong page, not being able to find the discount deal, or paying more than you need to for a VPN subscription. Look for the 3-year NordVPN plan when you get to the page in order to get the best VPN discount.

The fast track link to the NordVPN special deal also means that you won’t have to waste time exploring the site. To make sure that you can’t make any mistakes during the ordering process, we have prepared step by step instructions on how to sign up for NordVPN. You will see this guide a little further down on this page. 

Just click on this link to get the discount applied to your order automatically. 

How to buy NordVPN with a discount

NordVPN’s order form is very straightforward. Here are the steps to go through:

Step 1

Choose your plan. Remember, you get the biggest discount with the 3-year plan.

Step 2

Enter your email address. Don’t put in a fake address because all of the account details and proof of purchase are sent to you via email.

Step 3

Select a payment method. You can pay by several systems:

  • Credit card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover
  • Amazon Pay
  • Alipay
  • UnionPay
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple

Step 4

Fill in your payment information.

Step 5

Press the Continue button to proceed to the checkout.

How to access NordVPN

Your account will be set up immediately and that gives you access to your own private page on the NordVPN website. This personal account area includes a download page. NordVPN has created free apps that you can download. These are available for:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Linux
  • AndroidTV

The service also has browser extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome.

Once you have installed the app, open it. The first time you use the system, you will need to enter your username, which is your email address, and your password. After the first access, you will be left logged in, so even if you close the app and open it up again, you won’t need to sign in again.

Within the app, you will see a cartoon map of the world. Each country where NordVPN has servers has a marker in the middle of it. Just click on a marker to connect to the VPN server. While that connection is in progress you will be locked out of the internet. When the connection is live, you can surf the web and all of those websites will think you are located in the country that you chose. Now you will be able to access all of those sites that are restricted to people in that country.

Why choose NordVPN?

NordVPN is so easy to use. You can just click and connect, but there is a lot more to the service. NordVPN runs more than 5,300 servers, which are spread across 58 countries.

It is great to be able to get into overseas video streaming sites, such as Netflix, with NordVPN, but that isn’t the only advantage of using this service. NordVPN masks all of the communications in and out of your protected device so no one can tell which sites or services you access on the internet. This is particularly important because otherwise, your internet service provider knows everything you do on the World Wide Web. Not only can the ISP see your activities, but they are required by law to store all information on your web transactions.

Although your ISP might not be very interested in your activities, those activity records can be seized by the authorities or any lawyer that gets a court order. This can cause you to be sued or even arrested just for downloading a movie or accidentally visiting a suspicious website.

NordVPN protects all of your communications so no one can see which sites you visit. All of the requests and data from your computer get routed through the VPN server. Everything in each message, even its ultimate destination, is protected by uncrackable encryption. So snoopers can only capture incomprehensible and indecipherable characters.

The encryption that protects communications is called AES and it uses a 256-bit key. This is the same encryption system used by government agencies and the military -- it is impossible to crack.

NordVPN doesn’t keep records of your activities, so even if your communications are traced to that company, no one can force them to reveal your activities. They can’t give information that they don’t have.

Other features in the NordVPN app include a system called CyberSec, which strips out adverts and blocks web pages that contain malicious code from loading in your browser. Another service that is included with a NordVPN subscription is SmartPlay, which ensures that video streams don’t get help up and get transferred at the fastest possible speed.

With one subscription, you are allowed to connect six different devices to the service at the same time. It is also possible to use the VPN on your router. That gets all of the devices in your home covered, but only counts as one of your six connection allowance. That leaves you five more connection allowances for your mobile devices. You won’t get locked out just because you are already using the service at home.

NordVPN features summary

  • More than 5,300 servers in 58 countries
  • Fast speeds for streaming and downloading
  • Uncrackable encryption protection
  • No activity logs
  • Ad blocker and malware protection
  • Connection protection with a kill switch and a private DNS
  • Six simultaneous connections
  • Works with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV, Hulu, ESPN, Sky Go
  • Apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and AndroidTV
  • Browser extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Customer support available 24/7

Get a NordVPN discount

Make sure you use our exclusive access link to NordVPN deals. These offers aren’t going to be available for long. Take a look at our NordVPN review if you need more information about the service before going over to the order page.

NordVPN is a reputable company with a longstanding service, which means that it has decades of experience in this complicated technology.

Remember, even after you have signed up for NordVPN’s service and the money for the subscription has gone out of your bank account, you still aren’t fully tied in. you can get your money back any time during the first month of service just by asking. The NordVPN staff don’t put up any blocks or pull tricks if you change your mind and decide that the service is not for you.

The fact that the company is willing to let you use the service and still give you your money back shows that they are confident that you will value the VPN. If you like to get value for money, make sure you get this rock-solid privacy service with a MASSIVE 70 PERCENT DISCOUNT.

Read our full NordVPN review.

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