The Amazon Fire TV stick helps make any normal TV a smart TV. This useful streaming device allows users to install various apps from the Android platform, stream content, listen to music, and play games. All these functions require an internet connection which can cause many new problems that won’t happen with other cable or satellite TV providers. How can users unlock all the features that the Amazon fire TV stick offers while still maintaining their privacy and security?

ISP throttling

Firestick is a handy device when using streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, etc. However, these streaming platforms require a lot of bandwidth for playing high-resolution videos with no buffering, so ISPs or Internet service providers, from time to time, will throttle users’ connection speed if they are using too much data. This, in turn, lowers the resolution of the videos being played and causes the videos to pause in order for them to buffer, which will greatly impact users’ viewing experience.

Lack of privacy

Websites and ISPs tend to collect a lot of data on users, such as their IP addresses and online activities. This data could be sold to third-party advertisers who use this information to send targeted advertisements about products that users might like.

In addition, this personal data, including payment information, could be stolen by hackers impersonating third-party advertisers and sold on the dark web for more nefarious uses.


Certain content on streaming services is restricted to specific countries due to their copyright laws and other factors. People are not allowed to watch content unavailable in their country because these streaming websites track where users are located using their IP addresses. There are also streaming platforms that are only available in certain countries and limit the number of languages available for some TV shows.

Amazon Fire TV stick VPN (Virtual Private Network) will require many features essential to improving users’ overall streaming experience. Additionally, the best firestick VPNs should offer ways to circumvent geo-restrictions in order to give users access to a greater variety of streaming content.

Here are some factors that contribute to making these top VPNs work:


In order to work on firestick, a VPN provider should offer a dedicated app for Fire TV devices on the Amazon App Store, a VPN App on Fire TV app, or an Android APK for user-friendly installation without requiring users to sideload it in order to get the VPN onto the device. The VPN should also be compatible with Kodi add-ons, allowing users access to third-party streaming apps that aren’t offered on amazon’s app store. Finally, VPNs need to have VPN servers located in many countries to allow users to watch TV shows from countries where those shows are available.


The best VPN providers should be headquartered in a country with strict privacy laws which prevent countries from gathering intelligence about users streaming habits, like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, etc., and offer a lot of privacy features like a no-logs policy that stops VPNs from storing any of user’s internet usage data. For instance, IPVanish was caught sharing information about users with the FBI and lied to its users about having a no-logs policy. Although IPVanish changed its privacy policy after this news became public, it is important to consider options outside the 14 Eyes alliance for greater privacy.

Extra security features

VPN services need to include added layers of data encryption by using a double VPN or other features and the ability to mask users’ IP addresses with one of their own. A secure VPN also needs to operate on OpenVPN or Wireguard while offering DNS leak protection, split tunneling, and a kill switch in case their VPN services are interrupted or shut down. All these layers of security need to function while not impacting video quality and internet speed.

Firestick allows users to set up Kodi, which allows users access to other third-party streaming services which offer users paid content for free by circumventing copyright laws. However, Europe and US are beginning to pass more laws providing copyright holders with more legal actions to take against people who access their copyrighted material illegally. There are international agreements in place, such as the 14 Eyes Alliance that calls for countries to share information about users’ online activity upon request.

Additionally, copyright holders could use copyright laws to demand that ISPs provide them with a user’s personal information in order to take action against them in civil court.

There are many additional benefits to having a good VPN for firestick on top of unblocking every streaming service and circumventing geo-restrictions. There are free VPNs that use the Wireguard and open-source VPN code to run their VPN, but these services offer far less than the best VPN services, which offer added features like:

  • covering almost all operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, iOS for iPhone, Linux, and Android, on devices like smart TVs and routers, which offer functionality on devices that don’t have a VPN app available, and working with streaming apps including Disney +, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Hulu
  • being able to pay using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, most credit cards, and other online payment options
  • having fast speeds while maintaining a secure connection and also preventing ISPs from throttling users’ internet
  • providing a 30-day money-back guarantee or more
  • offering responsive customer support by email or phone available around the clock

When looking for the best VPN for an Amazon fire tv stick, it is important to consider their additional levels of security, a consistent VPN connection while not slowing connection speeds, where the VPN provider’s headquarters are located, and how many servers in their server network, the number of allowed simultaneous connections, and how much it costs monthly.

1. ExpressVPN

Our top pick!
  • Always evades internet control in the PRC
  • Keeps ahead of the Netflix VPN detection algorithm
  • Benchmark tests show excellent speed

ExpressVPN is from the British Virgin Islands and has over 3,000 servers in more than 94 countries. Many ExpressVPN reviews say that it’s the fastest VPN because it does an excellent job of preventing ISPs from slowing your internet connection. Users can also install Express VPN on their router so that it can be used over wifi without having to install the Express VPN app on all devices.

Express VPN’s cheapest plan is $6.66 per month for 15 months, and 5 devices can use it at a time.


  • Installs on routers
  • Simultaneous connection allowance of five devices
  • Split tunneling
  • Large choice of server location
  • Very strong connection encryption


  • One of the most expensive VPN services
  • China blocks its main website (but not functionality)
  • Live chat support is not always responsive

2. Surfshark

  • Smart DNS service, understands the technology
  • Comprehensive security add-on package.
  • No data throughput limits and has a no-logs policy

Surfshark is located in the Netherlands and provides more than 3,200 servers stationed in 65 countries. Surfshark maintains similar internet speeds to ExpressVPN, but some servers on their network have been found to be slower than others. A key selling point of Surfshark VPN is that it allows users to have unlimited concurrent connections, which is great for users who have Amazon fire TV sticks on many TVs.

Surfshark’s cheapest plan is two years for $2.49 a month.


  • A long list of locations in the USA
  • Dodges the Great Firewall of China
  • Virtual servers to access India
  • Add-on cybersecurity protection package
  • Smart DNS option for fast streaming
  • Unlimited devices can be connected simultaneously per account


  • 7-day free trial only available on mobile apps
  • Not as many VPN servers as NordVPN
  • Runs static IP servers but doesn’t sell dedicated IP addresses
  • Can’t get into BBC iPlayer or Hulu

3. NordVPN

  • More US city locations than its rivals
  • Includes malware protection
  • No-logs policy

NordVPN is located in Panama and maintains more than 5,200 servers in over 59 countries. Nord VPN offers additional security features like double VPN and Onion, which increase users’ encryption level and their level of anonymity while using the internet. The additional security doesn’t take up too much bandwidth but might sometimes slow Nord VPN’s connection speeds.

NordVPN’s cheapest plan is two years for $3.29 a month, and it can be used on six devices simultaneously.


  • A large number of servers
  • Threat protection with a proprietary security system called CyberSec
  • Split tunneling
  • Obfuscated servers for China and other locations where VPNs are discouraged
  • No-logs policy
  • Automatic wi-fi protection


  • Parts of the server network have poor download speeds
  • No servers in India
  • Onion over VPN can be slow

4. CyberGhost

  • Precise locations
  • Very large VPN server network
  • Offers a 45-day money-back guarantee

Cyberghost is headquartered in Bucharest, Romania, and offers 7,600 servers in over 90 countries. In addition, Cyberghost’s service includes a password manager, alerts whenever there is an email data breach, and additional security for Windows users like anti-virus protection, malware, privacy intrusions from Microsoft, etc. Cyberghost provides a 45-day money-back guarantee which is longer than most other VPNs.

CyberGhost’s cheapest plan is two years for $2.37 per month, allowing for seven simultaneous connections.


  • The cool VPN app design
  • A larger number of servers than most of its rivals
  • Split tunneling options
  • Proprietary nospy server technology that can avoid detection in places like China
  • A strict no-logs policy
  • A 45-day money-back guarantee


  • Some server locations are spoofed – the CyberGhost servers aren’t really where they say they are
  • The VPN has to be manually set up on routers
  • Not as fast as advertised

5. Mullvad VPN

  • Three-hour free trial
  • No registration, even for paid members
  • Accepts anonymous payments

Mullvand VPN is headquartered in Sweden and offers 895 servers in 39 countries. In addition to working well with firestick, it is regarded as the best torrenting VPN because of its use of AES-256 encryption and its quick download speeds. Mullvad’s slogan is “Privacy is a Universal Right,” so they have a lot of additional privacy features to protect users’ personal data.

Mullvad’s monthly payments are always 5 Euros regardless of the year plan and can be used on up to 5 devices at the same time.


  • Three-hour free trial
  • No registration, even for paid members
  • Accepts anonymous payments
  • No logs
  • Solid security and doesn’t leak DNS
  • Simple UI, cross-platform client
  • Unblocks Steam US libraries
  • Allows P2P and up to five simultaneous connections


  • No native mobile apps
  • Didn’t unblock Netflix or BBC iPlayer in my tests

6. ProtonVPN

  • Proton VPN gives access to the Tor network
  • The Proton VPN package includes a secure email service
  • The free version of Proton VPN provides an excellent secure VPN service

ProtonVPN has its headquarters in Switzerland and offers more than 1800 servers in over 65 countries. ProtonVPN also offers a free email service alongside a free VPN service which has three server locations. Its paid plan’s speed tests were similar to other paid VPNs’ speed, but the free VPN’s speed was significantly slower, especially when streaming content online.

Besides the free VPN, the lowest cost plan is two years for $4.99 a month and can be used on ten devices simultaneously.


  • The free plan is great
  • Simultaneous connection allowance of ten devices
  • Bundle plans offer secure file storage, email and calendar as well
  • Private mini-Tor
  • Connects to Tor network
  • App for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Manjaro, and Arch Linux


  • Connection profiles and threat models are complicated
  • The free version only gets three server locations
  • No browser extensions

7. Private Internet Access (PIA)

  • More locations in the USA, aims to provide a server in every state
  • Makes excluding apps and sites from the VPN very easy
  • Real customer service, not just a chatbot

PIA is headquartered in Iceland (not a member of the 14 Eyes Alliance) and the USA, which has over 3300 servers in over 80 countries. One of the few drawbacks is that it performs poorly on speed tests if you don’t set up an OpenVPN, but its website offers a step-by-step guide on how to set one up. In addition to their VPN, Private Internet Access offer security features such as malware, tracker, and ad blockers, as well as additional antivirus protection.

Its least expensive plan is $3.33 a month, allowing ten simultaneous connections.


  • PIA is one of the few VPNs to have a server in China
  • Security features include malware, tracker, and ad blocker
  • Good choice of dedicated IP address locations
  • Antivirus add-on
  • A strong no logs policy
  • Easy to use VPN app functionality


  • Can’t get into Amazon Prime or Hulu
  • Doesn’t state how many servers it operates


  • Lifetime free plan available
  • Port forwarding available
  • Certified zero logs is located in Malaysia with 2000 servers in 47 countries. has a great free VPN service that is free of ads and provides 10GB of data monthly with five server locations. The free VPN does not cap your bandwidth which is great for surfing the internet, but a paid plan is necessary for users who frequently access streaming services, listen to music, or play games online.

Its cheapest option is $3.84 per month for 24 months and can be used on ten devices simultaneously.


  • Lifetime free plan available
  • Port forwarding available
  • Certified zero logs
  • Independent from any government interference
  • Supports modern security protocols
  • Outstanding speeds
  • Applications for mobile devices available
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Complexity in setting up simultaneous connections
  • Number of servers may not sufficiently handle heavy traffic
  1. Once you have chosen the right VPN for Amazon fire TV stick, go to that VPN’s website and subscribe to the payment plan that best suits your needs. Remember that there is a 30 day money-back guarantee or more to decide if that VPN is right for you.
  2. Installing a VPN on Firestick can be tricky if your that VPN does not provide a specific Firestick VPN app. A recommended workaround is to install the VPN on your router to make sure all the devices on your network are covered by your VPN. NordVPN offers a firestick VPN that can be installed onto your Firestick while it is plugged into your hdmi port.
  3. If your VPN provider doesn’t offer firestick or router specific VPN, download the app “Downloader” and install. Then, enter the website of your chosen vpn, search for the app download for android, and download the APK file. Once the file finishes downloading, install the APK file and check if your VPN is working.
  4. After opening your VPN, find a server in the country where the content that you want to unblock is available and enjoy.

Is it worth getting a VPN for Firestick?

Yes, it is! A VPN allows firestick users to avoid ISP throttling, protects users’ privacy by having extra layers of data encryption, and provides users with more content by circumventing geo-restrictions in different countries.

What are some characteristics of the best VPNs for Firestick?

The best VPNs should be compatible with other devices besides firestick, especially routers, not collect users’ data or share users’ personal data with third parties, and provide many ways to mask users’ identity while using firestick or other devices.

What are some risks of not having a VPN for firestick?

Not having a VPN and streaming free content instead of paying for it is the same as downloading a torrent or stealing copyrighted material. Copyright holders can contact ISPs to uncover information on users who are illegally streaming their content. Thankfully, VPNs keep users’ information confidential while they are using free apps from Kodi on firestick.