How to Watch New Girl from Outside the US with a VPN

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Fox’s single-camera sitcom New Girl ended its seven season run on the network with a graceful, satisfying finale that did justice to the relationships built over the years while revealing the ultimate fate of the loft and its denizens in a surprising and affecting twist.

If you’ve never seen it, New Girl centers on Jess (Zooey Deschanel) a thirtysomething teacher who moves into an LA loft with three guys after catching her boyfriend cheating her. The show follows quirky Jess and her trio of male roommates as they have romances, advance and alter their careers, and idiosyncratically interact with each other, while new characters enter the fold as the seasons progress.

The great thing about New Girl is that it remained strong throughout its run and never overstayed its welcome. Many sitcoms don’t know when to call it quits, but New Girl stayed focused on its characters and their relationships, maintaining its light tone and level of quality without jumping the shark. At a manageable seven seasons, New Girl is a great show to stream after a hard work day, ingesting a couple of episodes when watching something heavy and violent seems unendurable.

This begs the question: where can New Girl be streamed?

Where to Stream New Girl

Streaming New Girl is kind of complicated: the whole series is not available in one place. Seasons one through six can be found on Netflix, but not season seven (although it is is rumored to debut on the service in Spring, 2019).The seventh and final season is currently only available on the Fox Network website and Hulu.

The route you go with to stream the show will depend on whether or not you are already subscribing to one of the above mentioned services, and where you’ve left off in the series. If you haven’t seen one episode of New Girl, and need to start from the beginning, Netflix is the clear choice, while if you just have the final season remaining, Hulu or Fox will suffice.

For those who haven’t already subscribed to any of these streaming services, here are the basic details: Netflix costs $11 a month for the most popular plan that allows you to stream from two devices, simultaneously, while Hulu goes for $7.99 a month with ads, or $11.99, ad-free. Both services offer one-month free trials, so you can cancel without paying anything if you aren’t satisfied with the service, or if you are able to finish New Girl before the trial period is through.

Streaming the last season of New Girl on the Fox website is free, but you’ll have to sign in with information about your TV provider, which is near impossible if you don’t have one.

Why Use a VPN to Watch New Girl 

If you live outside of the US, streaming New Girl can be tricky: many countries outside of the US don’t carry the show in their local Netflix library, due to regional restrictions, while Hulu is unavailable outside of the US, altogether. Furthermore, Fox requires US TV provider credentials in order to stream the show, which a resident of a country other than the US is unlikely to have.

Luckily, there’s a workaround that will allow to stream New Girl on either Hulu or Netflix, no matter where you live, and it involves subscribing to a VPN. A VPN (virtual private network) routes your internet connection through servers around the world, lending you a local IP address that makes it appear that you are logging on to the internet from the country in which the server is located. This allows you to access content and media unavailable everywhere else.

In regards to New Girl, using your VPN to log on to a US server will unlock both the US Netflix library (by far the largest) as well as Hulu, so you can stream the show without issue on either service.

How to Purchase Hulu from Outside the U.S.

Even after subscribing to a VPN, those outside the US hoping to stream the seventh season of New Girl on Hulu will encounter one more issue: the service only accepts US credit and debit cards as forms of payment.

However, there’s a simple solution: Walmart sells $25 and $50 Hulu gift cards that you can use to pay for the service in lieu of a US credit card. Once you buy the card from their website, they’ll send you a code via email that you may use during the Hulu signup process.

How to Stream New Girl from Outside the US with a VPN

  • Buy a subscription to a solid VPN with a large array of US servers (our top choice is ExpressVPN)
  • Download and install the VPN app on your digital media player, computer, or your preferred device for streaming video.
  • Connect to a United States server using the VPN app.
  • The next step depends on where you prefer to stream New Girl, and whether you have an account to that service yet, or not:
    • 1. Hulu: Go to the Hulu website and sign up. If you don’t have a US credit or debit card, be sure to buy a Hulu gift card from Walmart to complete the subscription.
    • 2. Netflix: If you don’t have a Netflix account, head to the website and sign up. You won’t need your VPN on to sign up for the service (unless you live in China, where the service is unavailable).
  • Download and install the Hulu or Netflix app on the device you plan to watch New Girl on.
  • Making sure that your VPN app is connected to a US server, enter Hulu to watch season 7 of New Girl, or Netflix to watch seasons 1-6.

Supported Devices

  • Most VPNs have apps available for a ton of devices, including iOS and Android phones/tablets, digital streaming devices, video game consoles, and select models of TVs. Check every VPN’s list of supported devices to ensure yours is included before subscribing.  
  • Hulu is supported on a slew of devices, including Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, IPhone, Ipad, popular web browsers, Blu-Ray players, gaming consoles, and a number of TV models. Check the full list here.
  • Netflix has the longest list of compatible devices of any streaming service. It includes Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android, iOS, web browsers, Blu-Ray players, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 3 & 4, Xbox 360 & One, and certain TV models. Scope the complete list here.

The Top Five VPNs for Watching New Girl 

1. ExpressVPN

  • 2000 servers in 148 cities around the world, including 20 U.S. locations
  • High-end 256-bit data encryption
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No connection or activity logs
  • Works great with Netflix and Hulu
  • Top-rated 24-7 live online customer support
  • Works best for China
  • $8.32 a month with a one-year subscription

2. PureVPN

  • 2000+ servers in 140 countries, including dozens in 13 US locations
  • Able to use with both Hulu and Netflix
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • No bandwidth or download limits
  • Split tunneling feature
  • No activity logs
  • Automatic kill switch feature
  • 31-day money back guarantee
  • $2.95 a month with a one-year commitment

3. NordVPN

  • More servers than any other VPN: Over 5000 in 60+ countries, including 1926 in the U.S.
  • Six simultaneous connections
  • Doesn’t keep activity logs
  • 24/7 live chat customer service
  • Excellent security: kill switch and end-to-end encryption
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Plans starting at $2.99 with a three year subscription

4. Cyberghost

  • Over 3000 servers worldwide, including over 500 in the United States
  • Great for a family: 7 simultaneous connections with one subscription
  • Easy-to-use app with one-click connection
  • 256-bit AES data encryption
  • No bandwidth restrictions
  • Kill switch feature
  • DNS and IP leak protection
  • Plans start at $3.50 a month with the purchase of an 18-month subscription

5. Ivacy VPN

  • 1000+ Servers in 100+ countries, including 15 servers in the US.
  • High-end 256-bit data encryption
  • No bandwidth restrictions
  • Advanced IPsec & IKEV protocols
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Automatic internet kill switch
  • Accepts Paypal, Alipay, Bitcoin and other alternative payment options
  • Only $2.25 a month with the purchase of a two-year subscription

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